Sunday, November 18, 2012

And The Rumble Continues

Gabby was my wife here earlier? (Justin)
Yes, She left about 20 minutes ago.
I told her you would be back shortly but she didn't want to wait. (Gabriella)
Thanks Gabby. (Justin)
Did you see the card I left on the couch. (Gabriella)
No I didn't see it. I'll look at it later. (Justin)


I've already seen your handy work, so pick up the phone and tell me what I did now?
Do you want to tell me in person?
I'll take your silence as a yes. I'm on my way.
(Justin speaking to answering machine)

 Justin arrives home 10 minutes later:

 Why did you trash my office? (Justin)
Why did you marry me? (Tara)
WHAT??? Turn around and talk to me. (Justin)


You've been crying come here. (Justin)
Don't touch me. Answer the question? (Tara)


I married you because I love you. (Justin)
According to your Mother you love Lindsey and apparently she loves you too. (Tara)
Tara, I do not love Lindsey I don't think I ever did. (Justin)
Then why didn't you tell me about her. (Tara)
I was afraid that you would walk away from me. (Justin)

Your damned right I would have. (Tara)
Telling you about her wouldn't have stopped the pain spending time with you did. Spending time with you told me I still wanted someone to love and share my life with. (Justin)
You weren't ready to share your life. You needed time to heal. You needed time to get over her. (Tara)
I got over her the moment I laid eyes on you. (Justin)
Was that before dinner or after the night cap?
Don't answer that. I packed a bag for you please leave. (Tara) 

Are you sure about this? (Justin)
NO, but I need time to think. (Tara)
Where am I suppose to go? (Justin)
I don't know. (Tara)
Will I be allowed to see my daughter. (Justin)
Of course, Call me when your ready to see her. (Tara)

(Sniff Sniff) Please excuse my tears. I know some of you think I've lost my mind.
But Rosie got me thinking about the circumstances surrounding Justin and I meeting.
I didn't know that Justin was engaged and had just been hurt by Lindsey.  But I am now asking myself. Did I see his pain and take advantage of him. Could he have worked things out with Lindsey if I hadn't come along? I love him I really do and he says he loves me. But I'm starting to wonder if he's with me because he's never been with anyone else. Is he here with me because we have Justine?


 A few hours later and it looks like Justin found somewhere to go...........

Hey Justin........ are you alright?  (Aaron)
Aaron my my man you want something to drink? (Justin)
Maybe later, what are you up to?  (Aaron)
Man, I got got women problems can can you help a brother out? (Justin)

No can do. (Aaron)
What you you mean,  No can can do, you like like women right? (Justin)
I love women and I got 99 problems but a woman ain't one. (Aaron)
Damn, then then you really are the man! (Justin)
 I need to make a call stay right here. (Aaron)
I ain't going no no where I ain't got no no where to go.  (Justin)

Across Town.............

I thought this movie came with popcorn. (Janay)
I thought you were making it while I was in the bathroom. (Tariq)
No you didn't I made it last time. (Janay)

Hello (Tariq)
Tariq this is Aaron I'm at the Bee Hive with your brother-in-law. (Aaron)
So he's a grown man (Tariq)
Alright but does said grown man usually consume five glasses of various types of alcohol? (Tariq)
Is Tara there? (Tariq)
I don't think so. (Aaron)
I'm on my way good looking out. (Tariq)

Tariq what what are you doing here. (Justin slurs)
Looks like you need some company. Can I join you. (Tariq)
Sure the more more the merrier. Aaron should be back in a minute. (Justin slurs)
Are all these glasses yours. (Tariq)
Yup Yup, I bought the beers but some lady bought the rest. (Justin slurs)
Did you here me? A lady bought the rest not a woman, Women cause problems. (Justin shouts)
I'm going to order some coffee will you join me. (Tariq)
Sure sure sure I'm almost finish this beer anyway.
Oh yea and ask that that dude why he took my car keys. (Justin slurs)


Is the room spinning? Why is the room spinning?
Whoa........... Tariq better hurry back with that coffee!
Hey, do me a favor and go check on Tara. (Tariq)
Whats wrong! (Janay)
I don't know. Justin's been drinking so I'm going to get some coffee into him and then ask whats going on. (Tariq)
Alright I will call you when I get to the house. (Janay).

Come on Tara I know your in there your car is here. (Janay)
Tara!!!! Please come open the door. (Janay)

Hello (Tariq)
She's not answering, I've been ringing the bell and knocking for twenty minutes. (Janay)
Get the key out the flower pot and let yourself in. (Tariq)
I already thought of that the key isn't there. (Janay)

Alright we just finished one pot of coffee.
I'm going to order another then ask him whats going on.
I'll see you back at the studio. (Tariq)

How's my sister and niece? (Tariq)
Don't worry their fine. I love them and would never hurt them intentionally. (Justin)
What happened? (Tariq)
Tara asked me to leave so I did. (Justin)
Is that all your going to say? (Tariq)
That's all that happened. (Justin)
Alright where you gonna sleep? (Tariq)
In my office I guess. (Justin)
Why don't you sleep at the studio that way I can keep an eye on you until I talk to my sister. (Tariq)
That sounds scary but fair. (Justin)


I don't remember those stairs being so steep. (Justin)
Those stairs don't remember you ever drinking. (Tariq)

Thanks for your help. (Justin)
No problem. (Tariq)
I got you a pillow and a blanket. (Janay)
Thanks Janay, I'm ready to close my eyes and sleep through the rest of this crazy day. (Justin)

I've never seen him like that before, did he tell you what happened? (Janay)
Nope, I think he wants it to remain between him and Tara. (Tariq)
Are you going to let him do that? (Janay)
I will as long as Tara answers the 911 text I sent her.
She has 60 minutes to let me know she is OK or all hell is going to break lose. (Tariq)


(ZZZZZZZZZZZZ) Justin is now sound asleep.

I hope Tara answers Tariq's 911 text within the allotted time.

I'd hate to see Justin take a beat down from a worried brother.

Enjoy the Holiday and see you all next Monday.


  1. I know some might say that Tara is making a mistake but I think she's right to do this for her and her future... which may or may not include Justin.

  2. I feel sorry for Justin. I like them together as a couple. His meddling mother needs to fix this if she wants to have a relationship with her granddaughter.

    Nice episode! Loved it!

  3. Hello from Spain: I understand the anger of Tara. I like Aaron. I love the house with the yellow door. You have many beautiful things. This episode really like ... I'm looking forward to seeing more. Keep in touch

  4. Wow, what a great episode. I hope Tara is able to get some clarification and do what's best for her and her daughter. Looking forward to the next episode.

  5. Hi,I love all the updates about Justin and Tara's life they are a very real couple!! I look forward to what happens next! :) :) Keep in touch!!

  6. Tara had to take the situation to an extreme.,... why? As much as some wrongs have taken place; there is plenty time for healrlng in these matters. They are married. Rosie...get a life!

  7. I will be the one to say in this instance Tara is wrong. She is so not a rebound for Justin. If she were he would've never stepped up to the plate.

    I think she needs to stop letting his mother get into her head. Rosie has the problem. She will get him divorced if she has her way and Tara is helping her whether she realizes it or not