Monday, November 5, 2012

A bit of what happend during and after the social

 Justin can I speak to you for a moment. (Lindsey)
What is it Lindsey? (Justin)
How is Justine? (Lindsey)
Justine's fine, didn't my Mom tell you? (Justin)

Who is Justin talking to? (Juanita)
I don't know I've never seen her before. (Tara)
He doesn't look comfortable talking to her. (Juanita)
No he doesn't I'll ask him about her later. (Tara)
Look Tariq got us a table, lets go. (Juanita) 
EB said you guys needed to talk to me. (Danielle)
Are you still practicing law. (Tariq)
No I was disbarred you know that I sent you a letter. (Danielle
I don't remember getting a letter to that effect. (Tariq)


Well I sent one to all my clients. I'm sorry you didn't get yours.  I've been disbarred for at least a year why are you asking about it now? (Danielle)
The Grace's Grove foundation is very low on funds. Tariq and I didn't make a donation to the foundation this year. The money was never released from our trust fund.
As a matter a fact the foundation didn't receive any donations from contributors that were client's of yours. (Tara)

That can't be right any and everything concerning that foundation was handle at the same time every year.
I personally reviewed, revised, copied and filed that paper work with the county clerk myself. (Danielle)
How could you handle the foundation paper work if you were disbarred? (Justin)
The foundation paper work was filed way before that. (Danielle)

Then why are we almost out of money. (Tara)
I don't know. Everyone of those transactions should have gone off like clock work. (Danielle)
Well somebodies clock broke and it ain't ours, where is our money? (Juanita) 

Time out sister girl I don't have your money.
I don't know what happened but I will find out. Trust me! (Danielle)
We did trust you and look what happened. (Tara)
Look I need you to trust me a little longer okay?
Tariq is your studio still located on main street? (Danielle)
Yes. (Tariq)
I need to check into a few things can I meet you all there on Monday around 2 o'clock. (Danielle) 
Sure, what else have we got to lose. (Tariq)

That went better then I thought it would. (Justin)
She looked concerned about the missing money. (Tara)
That girl is a lawyer a very good one at that. They can lie with a straight face. (Juanita)
Come on you guys we've come this far lets not convict her until after we talk on Monday. (Tariq)

That man really hates me. I don't think he is ever going to let me love him again. (Lindsey)

Do you want the entire foundation committee at the studio on Monday? (Juanita)
I don't know about that Danielle can get pretty feisty. (Tariq)
 Yea, she may lash out like a caged animal if she feels ambushed. (Juanita)
Lets just find out what she has to say then go from there. (Tariq)

Its been a long day are you ready to go home? (Justin)
Yes I'm ready. (Tara)


Ive been looking all over for you. (Ty-Juan)
Can you take me home? (Lindsey)
Your crying, what happened? (Ty-Juan)
I'm fine, I've just had enough socializing for one day. (Lindsey)

Hombre my man! Can I get two glasses and a bottle of your best champagne? (Aaron)
Sure thing Mr Markz I'll be right back. (Hombre)
Excuse me, can I talk to you for a minute? (Heidi)

Well if it isn't Ms. Stand me up Calder. (Aaron)
I came to apologize about that. (Heidi)
Don't worry about it. I'm sure it was for the best. (Aaron)

No it wasn't I still want to see you. (Heidi)
Then what kept you from me? (Aaron)
My best friend and a tire. (Heidi)
Sounds messy but forgivable. (Aaron)
Can I interest you in a late night snack? (Heidi)


I was disappointed Ms. Calder, second chances require more then snacks. (Aaron)
I'm willing to offer you whatever you want Mr Markz. (Heidi)
Did you say WHATEVER! (Aaron)
Yes I did, just say what, when and where. (Heidi)
Call the restaurant Monday my assistant will give you all the details. (Aaron)

Lord have mercy that's a pretty Kitty! (Aaron to himself)

Here you go Mr Markz. (Hombre)
Does this cover it? (Aaron)
Let me get your change Mr Markz. (Hombre)
Call me Aaron and please keep the change. (Aaron)

Thank you Mr Markz I mean Aaron. (Hombre)
Your welcome have a good night Hombre. (Aaron) 

 Tara and Justin have made it home.

Was Justine still awake? (Tara)
WOW!!!!!! (Justin)
I bought it for you do you like it? (Tara)
I love it ............but I need to talk to you. (Justin)

Lets talk up stairs. (Tara)
Tara please let me talk to you first. (Justin)
Okay............. this must be serious. (Tara)
I was engaged to be married before you and I met. (Justin)
Alright so I wasn't your first fiancee whats your point. (Tara)

The woman I was engaged to is here in town. (Justin)
I didn't know anyone from your hometown besides your Mother lived in Graces Grove. (Tara)
My Mother is the only one she invited her to live here with her. (Justin)

What!!!! Why would your Mother do that? (Tara)
My Mother wants this marriage to end, Lindsey wants to get back together. They've decided to help each other. (Justin)
Does she know you already have a Wife and a child? (Tara)
She knows but my Mother lead her to believe that our marriage was in trouble. (Justin)

Is this marriage in trouble Justin? (Tara)
NO.....Tara I love you and Justine more than life itself. (Justin)
Then we have nothing to worry about now do we? (Tara)
There's more. (Justin)
Oh god I'm listening. (Tara)
Lindsey works at Nana's and she's been here for a month. (Justin)

 I'm going to bed. (Tara)
Tara, turn around and talk to me please. (Justin)
Get your hands off of me! (Tara)
 I'm sorry, I was hoping she would just go away. (Justin)
Good night Justin. Please sleep in the guest room. (Tara)

See you all next Monday. I hope Justin wakes up in the morning Tara was pretty calm to me what did you think?


  1. Oh Aaron. Does that mean Juanita didn't see him with Heidi? Scandalous! LOL!

    Poor Tara. Now that beautiful nightie is all a waste. Note to Tara.... When your husband's momma and ex-fiancee are trying to break you up, the last place you want to send him is to the guest room. I'm just sayin'.

    1. Hey Vanessa, No Juanita did not see Aaron with Heidi she was in another part of the Bee Hive. Aaron always seems to have luck on his side. LOL

      Poor Tara is right, I'd like to think she sent him to the guest room for his own safety.

  2. I concur ....last place to send Justin is on an island (bedroom) away from herself.

  3. Wow, why did that mob gang up on Danielle like that? Maybe they could have found a better time and means to approach her. Cash rules everything I suppose. She's a lawyer, and from what I am reading, a good one. Hopefully the committee treads lightly. Ok, so you can tell me...did she get disbarred and take the money? Inquiring minds wanna know. We all know lawyers can be quite sneaky.

    1. I guess they could have waited until Monday to track her down but were talking about alot of money here. Tariq is a very cool cat He will keep everyone in their place. We all will have to wait and find out what happended to the money Danielle said she is on it.

  4. Mr. Markz. One smooth operator. A SNACK? Please! That brotha not doing any buffet either. A la cart.... his way!

    1. Mr Markz is very smooth. Lets hope he dosent choke or slip on anything trying to have everything his way.

  5. Hello from Spain: I like the costumes. Tara is wearing a very sexy nightie. Is a pity that Justin does not face his mother ... We keep in touch. The story is very exciting.

    1. Thank you Marta Tara did look sexy didnt she. I guess she will have to save that nightie for a different nite

  6. What the heck is Juanita's story that all this stuff with Aaron can go down in front of her and she has no comment except for the occasional glare?

    It took long enough for Justin to tell her. He's been sitting on this info for a month and I think it's perfectly acceptable for Tara to take one evening to herself to think things through.

    1. Yes Justin dragged his feet on this one. I'm surprised Tara didnt try to slap the taste out his mouth. I would sleep with one eye open if I was Justin though.

      Juanita and Aaron's story is hard to explain. I promise to find the time to share how the relationship got to where it is today.

  7. Great episode! I am happy that Justin has finally had that talk with Tara. Lindsey better watch out, Tara is not one to be played with. Aaron needs to sit down. Lol! Heidi obviously has not learned her lesson. He is a blatant play boy. Love their costumes!

  8. Wow I agree with Marta,Tara is indeed wearing a sexy nightie!!:)Nice drama you created!:)

  9. wow drama and more drama this is really getting good can not wait til Monday!