Sunday, December 2, 2012


Are you ready to start the meeting. (Danielle)
Yes, everyone that needs to be here is here. (Tariq)
Good, I hope you don't mind but I asked Elaine to join us. (Danielle
We don't mind.  Can I get you anything before we get started? (Tariq)
I could use a small table to work on. (Danielle)

I asked Tariq to get us a little table to work on. (Danielle)
Good idea. (Elaine)
I hope this table is good enough. (Tariq to himself)
Let Mommy sit with you baby. (Tara to Justine)
Here you go Juanita. (Justin)
Thanks Justin. (Juanita)

I believe you all know Elaine? (Danielle)
Hello (everyone)
Because she is your accountant I asked her to help me retrieve your missing money. (Danielle)

As you can see from the paper work I just handed out everything was filed timely and correctly.
However after reviewing the paper work with Elaine,
We found I mistakenly transposed the last two digits of the foundations bank account number.
Your money has been sitting in an unclaimed funds account at the bank. (Danielle)


Elaine and I took it upon ourselves to claim the funds and deliver them to you all in person.
You will find a total of 50 thousand dollars in this briefcase.
We both understand that if the money had posted correctly you would have earned interest totaling a little over 2 thousand dollars. We are working with the bank to ensure that you receive that as well. (Danielle)

Does anyone have any questions. (Danielle)
Are you sure? (Danielle)
I know the loss of this money caused you to cancel this years camp out and I am truly sorry about that.
Please know I believe in The Grace Grove foundation whole heartedly and I will do anything to insure its continued success. Please don't hesitate to call me should you have any questions. (Danielle)

Thank you both so much for finding our money! (Tara)
We were just doing our job. (Elaine, Danielle)
Will you be practicing law again? (Tara)
I will be taking the steps to have my license renewed right after we leave here. Danielle)
Good, cause we need you. (Tara)
Thank you I needed to hear that. (Danielle)

Can you believe it, I thought this money was gone forever. (Tariq)
What are you going to do with it. (Justin)
I'm going to the bank first thing in the morning. (Tariq)
I'm sure the bank manager will be happy to see you. (Justin)

ten minutes later.........

I know that look, whats wrong? (Tariq)
You don't think this was all a little too easy. (Juanita)
No, I wanted my money. I got my money. End of story. (Tariq)
Come on Tariq you are not that easy...... are you? (Juanita)

Here you go Rico. (Justine)
(lick, lick) (Rico)
Do you like that? (Justine)
(lick, lick) (Rico)
HEE HEE HEE (Justine)

Across town at Elaine's office..........

Are you okay? (Elaine)
No, I just gave my life savings away! (Danielle)
Well yea, but you'll get it back. (Elaine)
I don't know Elaine, Marcus is obviously slicker then oil.
He isn't going to give the money back without a fight. (Danielle)

You did the right thing trust me. (Elaine)
I know. If I had my head on my work instead of my heart this wouldn't have happened. (Danielle)
Do you want to tell me about him? (Elaine)
I did, he's SLICK! (Danielle)
I'm sure there's more to it then that Danielle. (Elaine)

Excuse me I'm looking for E...... (Marcus Rutledge)
Where's my money you SLIMY SNAKE! (Danielle lunges for Marcus)
Danielle don't! (Elaine grabs)
What the heck is wrong with you woman! (Marcus) 

Danielle you are being very unprofessional right now! (Elaine whispers)
He stole my money! (Danielle whispers)
If you cant control yourself I will be forced to conduct this meeting without you. (Elaine whispers)
Oh I ain't leaving. I'm keeping all four of my eyes on him for now on. (Danielle whispers)

I'm sorry about that Mr. Rutledge please take a seat. (Elaine)
I see your still a wild cat Danny. (Marcus)
I'm glad you remember. (Danielle)
It's more attractive behind closed doors. (Marcus)
Whatever! (Danielle)

Mr Rutledge I understand you did piece work for Ms. Loren,
 whenever she was indisposed. (Elaine)
If you mean whenever she was serving time for contempt of court.
Then yes many times why do you ask? (Marcus)
Well Ms Loren left some documents that needed to be filed on behalf of Graces
Grove foundation. She states she gave the paper work to you on July 9. (Elaine)


If Danny asked me to file some papers I filed them. (Marcus)
I know you did I have copies of them right here. (Elaine)
Then whats with all the questions. (Marcus)
When we compared the copies you filed with Ms Loren's originals
the account number for the deposit is different. (Elaine)


Let me see that. (Marcus)
I thought you cared about me. I can't believe you would steal from me? (Danielle)
I don't remember filing these and I certainly didn't make any changes to them. (Marcus)
Are you calling me a lier? (Danielle)
Your name is on those documents not mine
therefore the problem is yours. (Marcus)

THAT'S IT!! I'm going to whip your butt with my size 8/12 shoe. (Danielle)
I came here to see you Ms Hinton not this Seton Hall Pirate.
Keep that South Jersey brawler away from me. (Marcus)
Let me go Elaine he deserves to walk out of here with my size 8 1/2 up his butt. (Danielle)
You need anger management Danny. I'm out of here!!!! (Marcus)

How are we suppose to get your money back if you cant keep yourself under control? (Elaine)
I'm sorry but he practically called me a lier. (Danielle)
So what. You need him to tell you what happened to that money. (Elaine)
I know and he will I just need to figure out how. (Danielle)

DAMN I didn't think she would be onto me this soon.
I need a new plan. (Marcus) 


Looks like Danny's love interest took the Grace Grove foundation to the cleaners. But she paid the tab. What do you think he did with all that money and how will she get it back? Things that make you go HMMM.

 See you all next Monday. 



  1. Hmmm. I would not do business with Danielle again. "We" know that the money was stolen from her, but based on the explanation she gave the group, even admitting to transposing some numbers would have me questioning her. This is a sticky situation!

    I saw Justin giving Tara a little back hug!

    Did you make the sette that Marcus is sitting on? I like it a lot.

    1. Hey Muff, Yes the situation is very sticky I believe that Danielle will have to come clean at some point if to just save her rep. And yes I made the sette LOL that was my first try at making my own furniture! I've made adjustments to existing pieces but that one was all me. I was so proud of myself.

  2. Hello from Spain: often problems with the stolen money ... I love Justine's mascot. The briefcase with money I really like. Is Mattel's original? We keep in touch.

  3. Hey Marta the money and brief case are not mattel originals. I printed the money from they have all kinds of things you can printoff for free and the briefcase is really a nintendo DS cartridge holder that I modified. I can show you one that I havent changed if you like.

  4. Wow! Things that make you say...."What the =%$#! was I thinking when I..... Trust, such a hard thing to restore when it is broken. Justin/Tara. Danielle/Marcus. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY....lot of cash! So much temptation.

    1. I know thats right Dienerman but unfortunately not trusting makes life hard not for the person that broke it but for you. Thanks for checking in.

  5. Girl, this was good! Let me start from the top. I was happy to see the first pic of Justin's hand on Tara's waist. Yay! They are my favorite couple in your dollyworld. Your attention to detail is really good. Justine is too cute sharing her snack with the puppy. I was on the same page as Juanita about the money...something just was not right. Danielle and Marcus cracked me. My favorite pic was the one where Elaine had to grab Danielle as she called him a "slimy snake". Lol! Then after I stopped laughing at that, Danielle threatens to put her size 8 1/2 up his (beep). Lol! Yes, Danielle does need anger management, and Marcus "thinks" he is slicker than grease, but you can't outslick the slicker. I can't wait to see how this all unfolds.

    Great episode friend!

    1. Hey Georgia Girl, I'm glad your enjoying my playtime. Danielle is trully wild. I laughing everytime I put her into an episode because the Danielle I know is the exact opposite. I love them both though. LOL

  6. Hmmm is right. I didn't originally question the transposing of the numbers, but I did question the decision to bring $50,000 cash to a meeting. That did make me pause. Poor Danielle. I don't blame her. I would have been all over Marcus. He wouldn't have known what hit him. I have to say Marcus is a cutie pie, though. LOL!

    1. Poor Danielle is right cause ain't he cute. Can u help me bring up he's cuteness by telling me where to get some hands for him? LOL I didn't see any on monkey depot.