Monday, November 12, 2012

Get ready to Rumble Sporting VS Sporting

Good Morning Pumpkin, When did you get here. (Tara)
Daddy picked me up. I have ballet class today. (Justine)

I cut some grapefruit for you. (Justin)
Thanks but I'm not hungry. (Tara
How about a piece of toast. (Justin)
No thanks, Justine go wash your face so we can get going. (Tara)
Okay Mommy. (Justine)

Do you want to have lunch together today. (Justin)
No thanks I have alot of errands to run. (Tara)
Oh come on Tara, How long are you going to be mad? (Justin)
OH......... I think a month should do it! (Tara)

Later in the Cafe............

Excuse me sir. Would you like some more coffee? (Gabrielle)
Yes. Thank you. (Gordon Draine)

Guess I better pack these up and get them back home.

We have alot of specialty coffee orders.
I better increase our stock for the upcoming holidays. (Justin)
Come in. (Justin)

I'm about to head out. Do you need anything before I go? (Theresa)
Did you inventory our speciality coffee? (Justin)
I did that yesterday. I left the spreadsheet on your desk. (Theresa)
Thanks Theresa your the best. Enjoy the rest of the day. (Justin)
I will, see you tomorrow. (Theresa)

Excuse me are you Gordon Draine? (Liz Newton)
Yes I am.  Are you the Realtor? (Gordon Draine)

Hello I'm Elizabeth Newton, but please call me Liz (Liz Newton)
Then please call me "G" (Gordon Draine)

 Meanwhile across town...........

Hi Tara (Theresa)
Hey Theresa and before I forget Congratulations (Tara)
Oh thank you. I really appreciate what you and Justin have done for me. (Theresa)
We didn't do anything.  You earned that promotion. (Tara)

Thank you Tara I really like working in the cafe but I'm going to love managing it. (Theresa)
I'm sure you will. I'll talk to you later. (Tara)
Mommy can I push the cart? (Justine)
Only if you promise to be careful? (Tara)
I will, I will. (Justine)

Hello Tara (Rosie)
Rosie (Tara)
I see you still have that chocolate milk thing going on with your skin. (Rosie)
And I see your still hiding from the sun. (Tara)
Yes us older women should moderate the amount of time we spend in the sun. (Rosie)
Thanks for the tip I'll try to remember that when I get older. (Tara)
Do you think Justin will stop by my house today?
He's been spending alot of time in the garden with me and Lindsey. (Rosie)

I doubt it. He's probably home cooking my dinner. (Tara)
Your probably right. He usually shows up for lunch, or after dinner but before desert.
He's always had a sweet tooth. (Rosie)
Yea he does. He just cant get enough brown sugar. (Tara)
Are you sure I thought he fancied the sugar in the pink package. (Rosie)

Look we can do this all day, but I've got better things to do. What is your problem? (Tara)
Your my problem. You are an opportunist, My son was hurting and you took advantage of him. (Rosie
When I met Justin he was quiet, maybe homesick but he wasn't hurting . (Tara)
He was lovesick not homesick you twit. You should have sent him home to me. (Rosie)
You were the last thing on Justin's mind when we first met. (Tara)

So you admit that you seduced my son. With that booty dance you people do. (Rosie)
Look I didn't approach Justin he came to me. Again and again and again. (Tara)
 Justin only married you because you got pregnant. (Rosie)
He didn't know I was pregnant until after we got married. (Tara)
Are you sure about that or is that what you keep telling yourself. (Rosie)

Listen you CHUNKY HEFFER I have had just about enough of your BULL. (Tara)
Mommy. (Justine)
Leave me and my family alone or I will beat your chunky A......
MOMMY! (Justine raises her voice)

What is it Justine! (Tara)
Mommy can Grandma have Thanksgiving dinner at our house? (Justine)
I'm sorry sweety but Grandma doesn't know how to give thanks. (Tara)

Excuse me Ryan. (Tara)
Hi Tara. (Ryan)
Hi, I'm not feeling well so I left my cart in the frozen food section.
 Can you charge my account and have the grocery's delivered to my home. (Tara)
How will I know which cart is yours? (Ryan)
Ask my Mother in law, I'm sure she is rummaging through it as we speak. (Tara)

JUSTIN SPORTING! are you in here? (Tara)

Can I play Mommy. (Justine)
How did those get here? (Tara)
Can I please Mommy? (Justine)
Go ahead, just put them back when your done. (Tara)

Hmmmm......Whats this?
Two tickets for tomorrow nights Basket Ball game.
I'm Sorry Love Lindsey. (Tara reading)
LOVE LINDSEY! (Tara repeats)
Your not sorry, but you will be Lindsey. (Tara to herself)
Come on baby we have to go. (Tara)
OK but I got to put the toys back first. (Justine)
That's okay let Mommy do that for you. (Tara)

What the hell?!?!?!?!?

This doesn't look good. Where did Tara go and what is she going to do? See you all next Monday.


  1. LOLOLOLOL for ever!!! Get'em Tara!

    1. I hope Justinm, Rosie and Lindsay have their life insurance paid up

  2. Hello from Spain: I like the store that you create. I love all your stuff. You have many lovely details. What about Tara? What will you do with so much clutter Justin?. Hard job. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta and thank you for checking in.

  3. Good episode! Lol!! Tara is fed up with MIL! Lol! Too funny! Rosie and Lindsey better watch out. I don't think Tara is playing this time around. Looking forward (anxiously) for next week's episode.

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl and you are right somebody better watch out Tara is on the war path now.

  4. Poor Justine! I hope her parents can get it together soon. I wouldn't even waste my breath talking to Rosie. The chance of her ever accepting Tara is slim to none.

    1. I'm with you Rosie isn't worth the time of day.

  5. Hmm... to much drama. Well, maybe not too much. Let's get ready to rumble! Next episode ...this aught to be good.

  6. I have been reading the story line but never commented. I can't stand Rosie for the record!!!! Waiting for Tara to giver her the BUSINESSSSSS~