Sunday, March 2, 2014

Time just keeps on Slipping.

I'm going to check on Julian. (Nikki)
Okay. (Erin, Danielle)
Bring me a cookie. (Heidi)
Go get it yourself. (Nikki)

Do you need some help? (Nikki)
No. I got it. (Julian)
Did you finish your homework? (Nikki)
Yes. (Julian)

Have you done everything your Mom asked you to do? (Nikki)
Yes. (Julian)
 Good, come here so we can have a talk. (Nikki)
 Did you know that you're the most important person in your Mom's life? (Nikki)
No, I didn't know that. (Julian)
Well you are. (Nikki)
Does that mean she's not mad at me anymore? (Julian)
She's not mad at you. (Nikki)
How do you know? (Julian)
Cause she told me to come in here and make sure the tickle monster came to see you. (Nikki)
Tickle Tickle
Hee, Hee, Hee. (Julian laughs)

Katie's here. (Erin)
Hey Julian, Hi Ms.Nikki. (Katie)
Hi Katie! (Julian, Nikki)

Do you remember where everything is? (Nikki)
Yes, Ms. Nikki. (Katie)
If he wants a snack he can have it, just make sure he brushes his teeth afterwards. (Nikki)
Alright Ms. Nikki see you later. (Katie)
See you later Katie, Good night Julian. (Nikki)
Good night Aunt Nikki. (Julian)

It's about time you got here. (Nikki)
I told you I had to stop by the hospital.  (Janay)
What for? (Nikki)
I dropped some stuff off for Tariq.  (Janay)
What's Tariq doing at the hospital? (Nikki)
He was assaulted in his studio. (Janay)

 What!? Was he hurt? (Nikki)
 He has a couple stiches, a sprained wrist, and bruised ribs. (Janay)
Do the police know who did it? (Nikki)
 I didn't ask.  (Janay)

The police arrested Aaron at the scene. (Heidi)
What did you say?! (Nikki, Erin, Danny)

The police arrested Aaron. (Heidi)
How do you know? (Nikki)
Peeta told me. He was at the precinct when they brought Aaron in. (Heidi)
Why would Aaron assault Tariq? They've been friends for years. (Nikki)
Peeta seems to think it has something to do with that Juanita chick. (Heidi)

Are you saying Juanita was at the studio during the assault? (Nikki)
Yup. (Heidi) 
That's ridiculous, Peeta is lying. (Nikki)
Why would he? (Heidi)
I don't know, but I'm going to find out. (Nikki)

Where do you think your going?  (Janay)
To find out what happened at Tariq's. (Nikki)
You don't care.  (Janay)
Yes, I do and you should too. (Nikki)
Let's take this conversation outside. (Janay)

I can't believe you just blabbed that in front of Janay. (Erin)
What does Aaron have to do with Janay?  (Heidi)
You just told her Aaron and Tariq were fighting over Juanita. (Danny)
No I didn't. (Heidi)
YES YOU DID! (Erin, Danny)
Okay I did, but I wasn't saying Tariq and Juanita........Oh my goodness! (Heidi)

What's going on Nikki?  (Janay)
I want to know what happened at that studio.  (Nikki)
Are you messing with Aaron again? (Janay)
I told you if you started that mess again this friendship was over.  (Janay)
I'm not messing with him.  (Nikki)
Don't lie to me.  (Janay)
I'm not, I swear I'm not.  (Nikki)

Look at me....... you can not go to him. (Janay)
He may need someone to talk to. (Nikki)
You can't keep being there for him after what he did to you.  (Janay)
Don't you want to know what they were fighting about? (Nikki)
No, it'll probably make me hate Tariq and I don't want to.  (Janay)
Aaron makes me look stupid and weak doesn't he? (Nikki)
Only when you run to him. (Janay)



I'm going to take your bag upstairs Mom. (Juanita)
Alright baby. (Barbara)
 Well aren't you a site for sore eyes. (Nana)
I hope that's a compliment, (Barbara)
You know it is. (Nana)

Alright Nana, give it to me straight. (Barbara)
What do you want first the good news or the bad news? (Nana)
Start with the good. (Barbara)
The doctor says Juanita has regained ninety percent of her memory back. (Nana)
Who or what parts of her life is she still missing? (Barbara)
She remembers everyone and everything except what happened yesterday. (Nana)


Are you telling me my baby can't tell me what happened yesterday? (Barbara)
I'm afraid so.  (Nana)
That explains why she didn't want to talk during the ride home. (Barbara)
The doctor think's she's blocking it because she was the cause of it.  (Nana)


What do you think happened? (Barbara)
I believe Tariq and Aaron got into an argument. (Nana)
So, they've been friends for years. I'm sure they've disagreed before. (Barbara)
Yes, but not over her.  (Nana)
What do you mean? (Barbara)

                                     My godson has had a crush on my niece for years. (Nana)
Tariq and Juanita? No way. (Barbara)
I'm serious. Tariq told me how he felt about Juanita the week before her wedding.  (Nana)
Tariq has known Juanita since they were kids if he wanted to be with her he could have. (Barbara)
He was afraid she didn't feel the same way.  (Nana)
Does she? (Barbara)
She does. Her skiing accident gave her the courage to explore those feelings.  (Nana)
Let's say all this is true. It still doesn't explain why they would be fighting about it now. (Barbara)
That's why your here. The Doctor said we have to help Juanita face whatever made all this happen.  (Nana)
Lord give me strength. I'm too old to be messing with my daughters head. (Barbara)

Speaking of daughters..............

 HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY Synquis. I love you!!!!




  1. (... into the future! fly like an eagle...) The story is getting deeper and deeper! The clothes are sharp, I love those chairs nana and Barbara are sitting on and they are watching scandal...well,do tell.

  2. Hey Grandmommy, that's the 1978 Barbie Dream House furniture I spray painted it and recovered it in a different fabric. It came out good didn't it.

  3. Yes it did! Mattel needs to pay attention! Oh yeah and Happy Birthday Synquis!!

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! Nikki was very sweet with Julian! Heidi has loose lips :-). The living room is awesome, I love the outside view too! Great post.

  5. Aw, Happy Birthday to your daughter! Hey, do you know how I can view your videos using an iPad? I don't always use my desktop because it's so slow but when I do, it's the only time I can view your videos. Heidi is something else, lol...she sure runs her mouth a lot. I love Nikki's relationship with Julian. Can't wait to see what happens next week. :-). By the way, your dios look amazing. Do you make the furniture yourself?

  6. Great story. So when Nikki asked Julian if he knew he was the most important thing to his mom was she referring to herself? Glad Janay was able to keep Nikki grounded. Didnt realize Janay was in on Nikki's dirty little secrets.

  7. Juicy episode! Aaron has all of these women in Graces Grove sprung out. Lol! Nikki seems to be the most intelligent one. Juanita was cool before the loose mouth. Where is Aaron's mother?

    Love your scenes as always!

  8. Happy birthday, Synquis! Boy, Aaron must really be packing. LOL! Poor Nikki. It's hard to let those bad boys go. I just love that Barbara doll.

  9. Ooo this story just keep getting better!