Sunday, March 9, 2014

Don't you just hate INTERRUPTIONS?

Ding Dong
Now who could that be this early in the morning? (Barbara talking to herself)
Ding Dong, Ding Dong.
Just a minute. (Barbara)

Good Morning! (Barry)
Your up awfully early this morning. (Barbara)
Didn't you tell me to be here at seven on the days you work at the zoo?  (Barry)

Yes, but I'm not working at the zoo today. (Barbara)
Then why did I save today's date in my Barry calendar?  (Barry)
Because I was going to work there today, but I ended up working late last night. (Barbara)

What did you do with Barry?  (Barry)

Katie was watching Julian at Nikki's so I just dropped him off over there. (Barbara)
You could have called me. (Barry)
I did. (Barbara)

I don't have any missed calls or messages from you. (Barry)
I called the boarding house. I talked to Edna. (Barbara)
Well that explains it. I  haven't been there since lunch time yesterday. (Barry)

I'm sorry, I didn't think to call your cell you can stay if you want. (Barbara)
No thanks, I better go.  (Barry)
What are you going to do at seven in the morning? (Barbara)
Go home and get some rest. I worked late last night too. (Barry)
You can come upstairs and rest with me. (Barbara)
If I go upstairs with you. We won't be resting.  (Barry)
I sure hope not. (Barbara)

 Barbara, I haven't had sex in over a year you need to be VERY sure about this.  (Barry)
I am VERY, VERY sure. (Barbara)

Let's go! (Barbara)
Wait....... I don't have any condoms. (Barry)
I do. I bought them two weeks ago. (Barbara)
You've been planning this? (Barry)
Yup. (Barbara)
Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong.

Don't answer that.  (Barry)
If I don't. They're going to call the house and then my cell. I'll get rid of them. (Barbara)
You promise?  (Barry)
Yes. (Barbara)

I've got jumbo coffee rolls. Get them while there hot! (Janay)
Well your in a good mood this morning. (Barbara)
Yes I am. Wait tell I tell you...... (Janay)

Good morning Janay.  (Barry)
Good morning Barry. (Janay)
 Janay? (Barbara)
Can I have some coffee? (Janay)
Sure, I'll put some water on. (Barbara)


How are you?  (Barry)
I'm fine thank you. (Janay)
Have you seen Tariq?  (Barry)
Yes, I stopped by the hospital yesterday. (Janay)
That's good. (Barry)
 Barbara, I'm going to use your bathroom. (Janay)
You know where it is. (Barbara)

Janay likes the Jamaican blend right?  (Barry)
That's right. (Barbara)

Here you go.  (Barry)
Thanks, Do you want a cup?  (Barbara)
No thanks, I'm going to go.  (Barry)
Don't go she won't be here long, She has to open the office.  (Barbara)
She didn't come here to see me. (Barry)
But we. (Barbara)
 Will rest together some other day.  (Barry)

Barbara. (Janay)
Yes. (Barbara)
Are you okay? (Janay)
Yes, I just need to get some rest. (Barbara)

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  1. I could just choke Janay lol J/K but I feel Barbara's struggle. I like her setting.

  2. Janay, Janay, Janay what bad timing! Lol!

    I love Barbara'm home. It is bright and cheerful!

    Happy Sunday!

  3. i was hoping barbara and barry would finally get together bad timing. maybe next time.

  4. Barbara should have kicked Janay to the curb. Cup of coffee my eye. lol! Love what you did to the house.

  5. ... and Barbara was so well prepared, what a disappointment Janay showed up :-D!!!

  6. What a cock-a-doodle doo blocker! I've been wanting Barbara and Barry to get back together since 2012 and here this trick comes wanting some dang coffee. I knew I didn't like her!

  7. Awe man....I was rooting for Barbara and Barry. I would have pulled her to the side and told her this was not a good time. I think Janay would have understood....if she is a friend. Love the french doors.

  8. Hmmmm Janay just might have planned this all along... hahahha

    By the way, I have nominated your blog to the Liebster Blog Award.. I hope you could join in the fun :) Please check out my post about it below..