Monday, March 31, 2014

The bribe and your not the one.

Alright Mr. Sporting what is this about. (Tara)
Have a seat. (Justin)


You know I love you right? (Justin)
Yes I know. (Tara)
Well...... I need you to start listening to me. (Justin)
I listen to you. (Tara)

No..... you don't. And it needs to stop. (Justin)
Justin. (Tara)
Let me finish..... When I express my opinion about your safety or well being I'm not trying to control you, I'm trying to keep you safe. I love being your husband, I love being the father of your children. I want to take care of you, please let me. (Justin)

You can take care of me anytime. (Tara)
I'm serious Tara. I want you to stay away from the studio. (Justin)
And what are you going to do for me Justin Sporting? (Tara)
I'm glad you asked. I'll be right back. (Justin)

What's that? (Tara)
A bribe. (Justin)
You got bribe's hidden around the house? (Tara)
Yup. (Justin)

Oh Justin, they're beautiful! (Tara)
Are they the right ones? (Justin)
What do you mean? (Tara)

Do you remember that weekend we spent in Washington? (Justin)
How could I forget.  (Tara)
Well, I wanted to get you something to remind you about that weekend. (Justin)
And these are the shoes I saw in that shoe store window? (Tara)
Yes. (Justin)

Oh, Justin I can't believe you remembered that. (Tara)
I remember every moment I spend with you. (Justin)

Tara, When I told you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you I really do. (Justin)
I know you do. (Tara)
If you get hurt I won't be able to do that. (Justin)
I'm sorry Justin. I didn't think about it like that.
I'll try to consider your point of view before exercising mine. (Tara)
That's all I can ask. (Justin)

Can you help me put my bribe I mean my shoes on? (Tara)
Of course. (Justin)

How do they look? (Tara)
Did I tell you how much I love your legs? (Justin)
Will you please focus. How do the shoes look? (Tara)
There nice. (Justin)
Oh never mind. I'll look myself, move. (Tara)

These are so beautiful!
I can't believe you bought me a pair of Red bottoms. (Tara)

Does that mean you like them? (Justin)
I don't like them. I love them! (Tara)

Thank you for loving me. (Tara)
Does that mean we can go to the studio without you? (Justin)
Yes, but hurry back. I want to see how my new shoes
look with lingerie. (Tara)

 Down the road a piece..................

Hello. (Nikki)
Nikki! What are you doing here? (Taj)
I came to see if you were alive. (Nikki)
Why wouldn't I be? (Taj)

I've been calling but you haven't returned any of my calls. (Nikki)
I've been busy. (Taj)
Doing what? (Nikki)

Taj......... your out of bubbles. (Chandra)

Hello. (Chandra)
Who are you? (Nikki)
I'm Chan....... (Chandra)

What's wrong Chandra? (Taj)
Your out of bubbles.  (Chandra)
I'll be right back. Nikki. (Taj)

Do you want us to leave?  (Chandra)
No, why? (Taj)
She looks pissed off.  (Chandra)
She wasn't invited, you were. (Taj)
Are you sure?  (Chandra)
Yes, go take your bath.
There's another bottle of bubble bath in the hall closet.  (Taj)

Who the hell is that and why is she using my bubble bath. (Nikki)
Lower your voice. (Taj) 
Who is she, Taj? (Nikki)
None of your business. (Taj)

Oh you not going to answer me!  (Nikki)
She isn't important. You being here without an invitation is. (Taj)
I have a key. I have an open invitation. (Nikki)
Not anymore. (Taj)

Alright, what's going on here Taj? (Nikki)
What do you want me to say? (Taj)
How about its been fun Nikki, but its time to move on. (Nikki)
I can do that......Nikki, It's been fun but its time for you to move on. (Taj)


Is this a joke? (Nikki)
No. (Taj)
You really gonna do me like this. (Nikki)
 I was good to you Nikki. I don't owe you anything else. (Taj)

I don't understand. (Nikki)
I thought you were the one. Your not.  (Taj)
Look at me. (Nikki)
Go home, Nikki. (Taj)


  1. Love this story! I really do not know where to start. Justin gets major points for being a smooth talker. Bribes stashed around the house, not to mention them being red bottom shoes. Tara would be a fool to let that man go. Well %@&# Taj, revenge is a dish served cold huh? Nikki seems to like her men arrogant with a side of jerk you may actually be turning her on.

    Also, I received the doll she is beautiful. Thank you.

    1. I'm glad Justin has stolen someone else's heart. It's good to know I wont be the only one getting the stink eye from Tara.
      I've decided to wait and see what happens concerning Taj he is in love.

  2. Also I thought it was cute when Tara had to lie down to see her shoes. I can related to that during my pregnancy. I bet she will look cute trying to be sexy with her shoes, lingerie and baby bump.

    1. Tara is working that bump. LOL and I'm glad your doll found you. Thanks for letting me know you got her.

  3. Justin has stolen my heart! Red bottom shoes without having to ask for them....he is definitely a keeper!

    I am mad at how Taj is treating Nikki. He is a total jerk! If her key was not going to work anymore, he should have been decent enough to tell her.

    1. Georgia Girl, Justin is the man he can take care of me anytime.

      Taj is truly in love that's all I can say.

  4. Justin is sooo.... Sweet! He's definitely a keeper. I think Taj has a right to his feelings. However, I think he should let her know why he's done with her. She's been no angel.

    1. Hey Veda, you are so right Justin is very sweet I love visiting him and Tara. Taj is on his own personal roller coaster he will get it together I hope he does it before someone does it for him.

  5. Dang, Taj! That is cold. And to let the new lady use Nikki's stuff. That's just wrong. How about you sit her down, and get your key back, before you move on. On another note, he and Chandra would make a cute couple.

    I love the red bottoms. They are super cute.