Sunday, February 2, 2014

Can you answer a few questions?

You've been here all night, aren't you tired? (Tariq)
Nope, so stop trying to get rid of me. (Tara)

Good morning. (Barry)
Morning Barry  (Tariq, Tara)
How you feeling?  (Barry)
Better then expected.  (Tariq)
Can you answer a few questions for me?  (Barry)

Tara. (Tariq)
I know you aint asking me to leave! I want to know what happened too. (Tara)
I already told you.  (Tariq)
You haven't told me anything. (Tara)
I'll tell you later.  (Tariq)
You better! (Tara)

I was expecting you last night.  (Tariq)
You weren't in any condition to talk to me last night. (Barry)
How's Juanita?  (Tariq)
Better than you. What happened?  (Barry)
I'm not sure, I think I fell down the stairs.  (Tariq)
You think you fell down the stairs and got blood all over the studio.  (Barry)

Yea, it was a bad fall.  (Tariq)
Was Aaron in the studio when you fell? (Barry)
I don't remember.  (Tariq)

Do you remember how Juanita got hurt?  (Barry)
She was probably trying to break my fall.  (Tariq)
Really.  (Barry)
Yea, really.  (Tariq)


My officer found Aaron holding Juanita when he arrived on the scene. She was unconscious. (Barry)
That's probably a good thing.  (Tariq)
For who, you or Aaron?  (Barry)
What are your trying to say?  (Tariq)

I think Aaron walked in on you and Juanita. And decided to hand out a butt whipping  (Barry)
Are you asking or telling me?  (Tariq)
I'm asking.  (Barry)
I don't know what Aaron did yesterday.  (Tariq)

I know you three are very close.
You've been involved in some sort of love/hate triangle,
since your friendship began.
You can tell me if it finally came to a head.  (Barry)
There's nothing to tell.  (Tariq)


 Tariq, I'm your friend but I'm also the Chief of Police.
 People are depending on me to keep them safe.
 I can't do that if my friends and the towns most prominent citizens,
 can't keep their hands to themselves. (Barry)


My head is starting to hurt. Can we finish this later?  (Tariq)


 A few minutes later..........

Your still here!  (Juanita)
Of course. (Nana)
I thought you were going home.  (Juanita)
I will in a little while.  (Nana)

Good Morning Ladies. (Barry)

Good morning Barry.  (Juanita, Nana)
How are you feeling today Juanita?  (Barry)
I feel good.  (Juanita)
Good enough to talk about yesterday?  (Barry)
Sure.  (Juanita)

Can you give us a minute, Nana? (Barry)
Sure,  Juanita I'm gonna call your Mom and let her know your alright. (Nana)
Thanks Nana. (Juanita)
You can start whenever your ready.  (Barry)
To be honest with you, some parts of yesterday are a little fuzzy. (Juanita)
Just tell me what you remember.  (Barry)
Lets see. I arrived at the airport grabbed my luggage and walked to the pick up zone.
When I got there I didn't see Aaron or Tariq so I called Tariq's cell phone.  (Juanita)
Wait, who did you think was picking you up? (Barry)
Tariq was suppose to pick me up. (Juanita)
Alright, go on. (Barry)
Tariq walked up behind me while I was leaving him a message.
He made sure I had all my luggage then we walked to his car.
 We got in and he started driving towards the studio.
I told him about my trip during the drive.  (Juanita)

Alright, tell me what happened when you got to the studio.  (Barry)
We never made it to the studio.  (Juanita)
So you didn't go to the studio yesterday?  (Barry)
No, I woke up here.  (Juanita)
Did you see Aaron yesterday?  (Barry)
No, have you seen him?  I've been calling him all night.  (Juanita)

If I see him I'll let him know your looking for him.  (Barry)
Thanks. (Juanita)
Have you talked to Tariq since you've been here?  (Barry)
No, the nurse said I couldn't .  (Juanita)
That's all the questions I have for now, try to get some rest.  (Barry)
I will.  (Juanita)

Do you know what happened yesterday?  (Barry)
I've heard rumors.  (Nana)
Do you plan to share them with her?  (Barry)
Nope. (Nana)
Good idea.  (Barry)

What's wrong honey?  (Nana)
I think something bad happened yesterday, but I don't remember it.  (Juanita)
Aww honey, don't worry about it, everything's going to be alright.  (Nana)

 Mean while................

Welcome aboard Mrs. Markz. (Gia the Markz family personal flight attendant)
Thank you Gia. (Ariel Markz)
Can I get you anything before we take off. (Gia)
Can you bring me some water and two aspirin, my head is killing me.  (Ariel Markz)


  1. I admire Tariq's "No Snitching" policy but I wish he'd give some clarity to the situation. I think Aaron has enough coming to him though. Poor Ladybug, her memory is on the fritz again

    1. Alright Dollcrazy you got to help me out here, to whom and what should Tariq clarify. These Dolls keep trying to leave me in the dark, but I aint having it. If you know something I don't please share.

    2. His butt whooping by Aaron. I mean the night with Juanita was innocent enough. Aaron was feeling froggy, hopped to conclusions and then went HAM.

  2. Snitch Tariq...Snitch! LOL wondering if Aaron is over there snitching on his own self. lol

    1. Stop that Grandmommy, you know Snitches get stiches. LOL

  3. I just knew it! Aaron's gonna get off scott free and Juanita is going to go back to him because she wont remember that she was all hot for Tariq. Someone hit her in the head again!

    I'm not mad at Tariq for not being a snitch, but I predict his sad behind is still heading off to do that movie for a year so he can lick his wounds. He just bet not go back to Janay and mess with her head.

    1. Muff I know you aint surprised! We all know Aaron is a smooth criminal. LOL

  4. Hi, it must be frustrating for Barry not to find out everything that happened. PS: I'm half way with the catching up reading, and am getting to know the different personages much better. You put so much work in every post, and the story lines are very well thought out, my compliments!

    1. Thank you Nymphaea, It love making things and creating rooms for my dolls. It's really nice to see my thoughts become reality. I'm glad your enjoying my visions.

  5. Nice bright cheerfully designed hospital rooms. Shame the chief is caught between his job and his friends. Like he said, he is the law in Grace Grove and he has a job to do. He apparently is on point with his unofficial analysis of the situation. No witnesses to corroborate his theory Aaron could walk. Will Barry man up and push the issue? Seems Tariq is okay with his a$$ whipping. Juanita "clueless". Tara gonna be on his butt, and Aaron gonna have a surprise visit arriving to adjust his collar. Turn on the lights! This town has much going on in the darkness. Dramatics!

    1. Dont worry Dienerman, the lights are definatly on in Graces Grove if they weren't things would be alot worse.

  6. No one should be surprised if Aaron gets off. The rich always get off scotch free. I guess I need to change always to usually. Bernie Madoff didn't fair so well. Love the hospital scenes and I'm looking forward to the interaction between Aaron and his mother.

    1. Thanks Vanessa the hospital was fun to make and update. Aaron is a mess so his Mom probably is too this should be a hoot.

  7. Uhmmmm.....unless Tariq is planning on catching Aaron in a dark alley and returning the stomping he just got he should be talking! If he won't, I will. Hello operator, may I have the Graces Grove Police Department. I have an anonymous tip involving the recent assault on Tariq.

    1. AG you know you aint right. Wait a minute are they offering a reward for information? That woud make all the difference in the world.

  8. I think I am the only one who kinda/sorta like Aaron. Lol! I predict that he will get off because of who his family is. The hospital rooms look great!