Sunday, January 26, 2014

Somethings.....You just dont want to know.

Just a minute.  (Taj-Ma)

How's everything at the office? (Taj-Ma)
Quiet. (Scully)
The D. A. finally stopped calling every hour on the hour huh?  (Taj-Ma)
Yes, thank god. (Scully)
If he calls again tell him I died. (Taj-Ma)
Like that's going to make him stop harassing me. (Scully)

Are the fella's behaving themselves?  (Taj-Ma)
Only because they think your mad at them. (Scully)
Mad at them, why would I be mad at them?  (Taj-Ma)
You've been out of the office for two weeks, you've never done that before. (Scully)
There's a first time for everything......You want some coffee?  (Taj-Ma)
Sure. (Scully)

What's all this? (Scully)
The information you gave me on Markz and Nikki.  (Taj-Ma)
I thought you were finished with it. (Scully)
I was, but I keep getting the feeling that I missed something.  (Taj-Ma)

Are you looking for a reason to end your relationship with Nikki? (Scully)
I don't think so.  (Taj-Ma)
Well.....every time you look at these files I'd say you are. (Scully)
I still love her, even after seeing this.
I just need to know that it's really over between the two of them. 
If I go thru these files with you can I take them with me when I leave? (Scully)
Yes.  (Taj-Ma)
Lets get started. (Scully).



Bing Bing Bing Bing! (Video game noise)
Are you watching Mommy? I'm about to beat Daddy's high score. (Justine)
I'm watching. (Tara)
Beep Beep Beep Beep!  (Video game noise)

Awww man, It's your turn!  (Justine)
 Let me put this back in the dryer first. (Tara)

Tara.  (Justin)

Hey baby your home....... (Tara)
Hello Tara. (Rosie)
Rosie!? (Tara)

Did you talk to Tariq today?  (Justin)
No........ why? (Tara)
Hey Daddy, Hi Grandma.  (Justine)
Hi Sweetie. (Rosie)

Hey Squirt, Guess what?  (Justin)
What?!? (Justine)
Grandma Rosie's going to take you to her house for the night.  (Justin)
REALLY!  (Justine)
Yes, really. (Justin)
Come on sweetie. Show Grandma where your room is. (Rosie)

What's going on Justin?!? (Tara)
Come here.  (Justin)
No! Tell me what's going on first? (Tara)
Do you promise to remain calm? (Justin)
I'm calm, What's going on? (Tara raises her voice)
Tariq's in the hospital.  (Justin)
Why? (Tara)
Someone attacked him in the studio......... they beat him pretty bad.  (Justin)
(Tara starts to stumble backwards, but Justin catches her)


Why would someone do that to him?!
(Tara cries)

A short time later.............

Paris, France May 28  (Scully)
 I got that one too.  (Taj-Ma)
Alright, according to my data that's where the affair ends.  (Scully)

Are you sure you don't see anything in Markz file that says he was in Germany? 
Markz was never in Germany when Nikki was there and you know it.  (Scully)
That data can't be right something's got to be missing.  (Taj-Ma)


Are you listening? The last time Markz saw Nikki was on his wedding day.  (Scully)
See that's the part that doesn't make sense.
Why would he go to her on his wedding day?  (Taj-Ma)
He cared about her. She probably just called,
 said she had something important to say.
So he jumped in his plane and went to her.  (Scully)
Yea but what did she say? He went to Paris saw her then left an hour later.  (Taj-Ma)
So, Nikki got on a plane and went to Germany two hours after that. 
I think your looking for something that isn't there. (Scully)

That's a long way to go for nothing, don't you think?  (Taj-Ma)
Whatever it was didn't keep them together so it wasn't a big deal.  (Scully)
Wait a minute.  Did you have a chance to pull the info on Nia I asked for?  (Taj-Ma)
Yea, Its in my brief case.  (Scully)
Let me see it. (Taj-Ma)

I know its in here somewhere.  (Scully)
Come on Scully. I may have found what isn't there. (Taj-Ma)
If you say  (Scully)

Thanks.  (Taj-Ma)
What does Nia have to do with this? (Scully)
I want to know if she went to Germany to see Nikki.
Hey you got Julian's birth certificate.  (Taj-Ma)
Did you know Nia was a marathon runner?  (Taj-Ma)
No.  (Scully)
Well she was. As a matter of fact she ran one in Germany
 the year Nikki took her hiatus there.  (Taj-Ma)
So.  (Scully)
So, the German Marathon took place two months before Nikki left Germany.  (Taj-Ma)
So!?  (Scully)
So, when that race was over Nia left Germany with a two week old baby boy. 


But, but, but.........  (Scully)
But nothing, here's a photo of Nia winning that race.  (Taj-Ma)
She doesn't look pregnant.  (Scully)
That's because she wasn't.  (Taj-Ma)

If she wasn't pregnant, then who.......  (Scully)
I'll give you one guess.  (Taj-Ma)
RING RING RING  (Scully's cell phone)

Hello.  (Scully)
Scully this is Big Dog are you with the Captain? (Gordon)
Yea, your on speaker.  (Scully)
A little bird just told me Markz might be going down for assault charges.  (Gordon)
No way!  (Scully)
Way! (Gordon)
Thanks Big Dog.  (Taj-Ma)
Anytime. (Gordon)

Do you want confirmation on Markz?  (Scully)
Yes call Barry. Ask him to share whatever he can as soon as he can.  (Taj-Ma)
Taj?  (Scully)
Yes Scully. Nikki is Julian's Mother not Nia. And I bet Markz is his father.  (Taj-Ma)


Do you think Markz knows about Julian?  (Scully)
No, Markz is too arrogant to hide a child.  
His arrogance would double if he produced a Son.  (Taj-Ma)
OMG! (Scully)
Here take these. (Taj-Ma)
What do you want me to do with them?  (Scully)
Burn them, I found what I was looking for. (Taj-Ma)

Where are you going?  (Scully)
To let Markz know I found something he doesn't know he lost. (Taj-Ma)

In my Florida Evans voice.......DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! AG Lanc,  I believe you were the first one to pick up on this possibility..........your too good for me:) See you all next Monday.


  1. Props to AG Lanc, but are folks jumping to conclusion, as may Special Agent Taj? What's a harmless flight to Paris...even for an hour? Donald Trump flies to Scotland for a 2 hour golf outing. Why folk gotta turn over other folks rocks? Glad to see Rosie...maybe not? Drama in GG... Nothing new. Nice twist to the world of Aaron Markz. Is this guy connected to everyone? The Victor Newman of the doll underground.

  2. ...oh I didn't ignore the insinuation that Aaron may be a father of Julian. Families are about to be shaken, entire households maybe. Lives will changed. I hope this isn't the case. All coincidence.

    1. SHAKEN did you say shaken Dienerman? I think familes are about to be steam rolled over.

  3. I knew Nikki was the Julian's mom. In Shanaenae voice, "Oh My Goodnesss". This is some messy boots right here hunny. Juanita you've outdone yourself here with Nikki and Nia's jet hopping skeletons in the closet back story. Smh.

    1. I can hear Shanaenae too Doll Crazy lol. This is definately a mess.

  4. Uh,oh!, It is about to get real! Taj Ma seems to be hurt. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next. Markz is a very busy man (shaking my head).

    Tara looks pretty with her baby bump.

    1. I thought Taj-Ma was bothered I didnt think he was hurt. Guess he got it bad for Nikki.

      And Tara does look cute doesnt she.

  5. I think that Taj Ma needs to stay out of it. He is overstepping the bounds of his investigation to even tell Aaron that he suspects that Julian is his child. As much as I detest Aaron, it aint about it him. It's about Nikki. That's who he should be talking to, or better yet, who he should be getting over. She don't want to marry you, she stepping out on you with Aaron while she knows good and well that he's kicking it with her friend Heidi and based on what you know now, she stepped out on her own kid. Just let her go man, she triflin'.

    1. I knew you would lay some knowledge down Muff, so preach honey preach. Are you listening TAJ-MA!

  6. I need to read every previous post before next Monday, I want to find out everything that happened before!!! Your stories are real page-turners (so to speak, haha). By the way, I think Aaron resembles the actor Eriq La Salle, one of the doctors in "E.R.". Is that my imagination? So, I know what to do this week (and I'm looking forward to the catch up reading!)

    1. Don't hurt yourself Nymphaea trying to read all those post I like having you tuned in.

  7. Wow...this is deep! I am like Nymphaea...I need to do some back checking. You had me cracking up sounding like Florence Evans ahahaha

    1. What else could I say Grandmommy. It looks like Aaron's problem just got bigger

  8. I am brand new to your blog, and clearly I have got some serious catching up to do! Time to make a cup of tea and sit down for some serious reading before next Monday!

    1. Can I have a cup of tea too. I think I'm going to need it. Thanks for joining my blog.

  9. :) I did suspect Nikki and Aaron were the parents of Julian. I have enjoyed watching you play this out! Now the questions are will Taj tell Aaron? Will Taj confront Nikki? Will Nikki fess up? If Aaron finds out will he seek full custody? The possibilites are endless.....LOVE IT!

    1. I feel like closing the doll room and running for the hills as you said this can now go in soooooo many directions it aint even funny.

  10. Again, I'm with Muff. How is this any of his business? Why on earth would he tell Aaron? Nikki made a decision that was best for her and the baby at the time. Taj doesn't have the right to interfere. It was great seeing Rosie again.

    1. My best guess would be that Taj is mad and wants someone else to be.

  11. I just started reading your blog I started from the beginning working my way up. The stories so good I can't stop reading and I'm 40 years old.