Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time to make change and a visit.


Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh.
(Julian making airplane noise)

Julian, have you finished your homework? (Nia)
Swoosh, I can't my stomach hurts. (Julian)
You look fine to me. (Nia)
Swoosh, I just started feeling better. (Julian)
Good, how far did you get with your homework? (Nia)
Swoosh, I don't know. (Julian)

Julian, you haven't done anything! (Nia)
Yes I did, I wrote my name. (Julian)
That's not good enough mister and you know it. (Nia)
Its not my fault my stomach started hurting. (Julian)
Get your butt in that chair. (Nia)

Don't get up until your homework is finished. (Nia)
Alright. (Julian)
Clean this room up too. (Nia)
Alright. (Julian) 

I'm going to kill your nephew. (Nia)
What'd he do this time? (Nikki)
He was suppose to be doing his homework. I found him playing instead. (Nia)
That sounds like business as usual to me. (Nikki)
What's that suppose to mean? (Nia)
That boy does whatever he wants whenever he wants. (Nikki)

No he doesn't. (Nia)
Yes he does. He's been playing you like a fiddle. (Nikki)
What are you talking about? (Nia)
You've been trying to make up for his kidney issues
 by allowing him to get away with murder. (Nikki)
He's sick Nikki. (Nia)

He has a kidney problem he isn't dying. (Nikki)
Nikki! (Nia)
Don't Nikki me. We got him the best doctor in the world
that little monster ain't going nowhere.
Stop treating him like he'll break if you tell him to do something. (Nikki)
I just want him to be happy. (Nia)
He used a sharpie to draw smiley faces on his bathroom wall,
I'd say he's very happy! (Nikki)

 I forgot about that. He is getting a little out of hand isn't he? (Nia)
If that's a little, I'd hate to see a lot. (Nikki)
I need to make some changes. Huh? (Nia)
Yes, you do and soon! (Nikki)

I want to make a stop before I go to work.
 Can you watch him until Katie gets here? (Nia)
Sure. (Nikki)
 Thanks Nikki. (Nia)
Yea, yea, go before I change my mind. (Nikki)

Where's Nia rushing off too? (Erin)
She's stopping off somewhere before work. (Nikki) 
Are we still going to the movies?  (Erin)
Yes.  (Nikki)
Please don't tell me were taking Julian with us. (Erin)
We're not, his sitter will be here in a little while. (Nikki)
Thank god, that boy has turned into a terror. (Erin)


Nia and I just had a conversation about that. (Nikki)
Good, cause I was about to whoop that butt myself. (Erin)
She said she's going to handle it, lets hope she does. (Nikki)
Did you get a hold of Janay? (Erin)
Yes, she was on her way to the hospital. She'll be here when she's done there. (Nikki)
What's she going to the hospital for?  (Erin)
I don't know. (Nikki)

Tariq, are you asleep?  (Janay)

Janay?  (Tariq)
Hi. (Janay)
What are you doing here?  (Tariq)
Tara called. (Janay)
My sister has a big mouth.  (Tariq)
That's not nice. (Janay)

What's in the bag?  (Tariq)
I bought your favorite toiletries and a pair of pajamas. (Janay)
You didn't have to do that.  (Tariq)
I know. They're just some of the things you left at the condo.  (Janay)
Oh!  (Tariq)
Pictures of the studio have been on the news all day.
I didn't realize anyone got hurt until Tara called.  (Janay)
I'm sorry you had to hear about it like that. I should have called and told you myself.  (Tariq)
Don't apologize, you aren't obligated to call me.  (Janay)

Excuse me Mr. Moyer, I need to check you vitals and give you your pain medication. 
(Nurse Brandy)
Can you do that later? I have a visitor. (Tariq)
I guess so..... (Nurse Brandy)
That won't be necessary, I have another engagement I need to get to. (Janay)

Do you really have to go?  (Tariq)
(KISS) Yes, I'll try to give you a call tomorrow.  (Janay)


  1. I know Tariq isn't feeling abandoned by Janay's quick in and out. Janay threw him a little shade with the "they're just some things you left", clarification lol. I like Julian's room but do tell Ms. Nia to pull that belt out. Nevermind I'll send her a switch, she'd better get a handle on him before that Markz pops out of him.

    1. I thought I was the only one that appreciated Janay's shade towards Tariq, she played it real cool didn't she doll Crazy? I think Nia heard Nikki loud and clear she doesn't want Nikki to step in with Julian. I'm sure she plans to handle the problem head on.

  2. Ugh Nikki gets on my nerves so bad, it almost sound like she doesn't even care about her son, whoops I meant nephew and her friend Erin is so over the top rude for what she said about Julian and plus it's not even her business at all. Speaking of Julian aww poor baby I feel so sorry for him. Oh it seems like Tariq is still have some tip of feelings for Janay, it was sweet of her to go see him after how he was to her. But as always wonderful exciting story.

    1. I ain't got no words for Nikki I'm still trying to figure that heifer out. I don't think Erin was rude though. Wait lets clarify for a minute. You do realize that Erin lives with Nikki and Nia right. Heid does too. Erin is being free with her comments about Julian because she helps Nia with him too.

  3. Your sets are very nice. Nia better put Julian in check before it's too late. He seems like a little pistol.

    I love Janay's attitude. She played it very cool with Tariq. It seems like he was expecting something different.

    1. Nia doesn't want Nikki interfering with Julian, I'm sure she will come up with a plan to turn things around. And yes Janay was very smooth with Tariq wasn't she?

  4. I always like your room settings. I agree with the above comments about them all but I'm loving the outfit that Janay has on. Where did it come from?

    1. Hey Kat, that dress is cute right! I got it on eBay for one dollar and free shipping.

  5. Great story! Your dio's are wonderful. Loved Julian's bed, desk and bookshelf. I am on the fence about Nikki's comment. He just seems to be acting like a normal little boy. Yes, Nia should discipline him but some compassion is necessary as well. She just needs to find balance. Definitely do not let him find out she cuts him slack because of his health issues or he'll play her for what it is worth. Nikki is just cut and dry hard core baby! By the way are Nikki and Nia twins? Have a great week!

    1. Yes Nikki and Nia are twins and you are right about Nikki she does not sweat the small stuff. Nia knows she has to get Julian in check or Nikki will.

  6. Where did you find Julian's outfit? Those jeans are very cute. Thanks.

    1. Julian is wearing mini brats clothes. The jeans had some netting inside the legs and a small elastic cord for gathering around the waist. I just removed that. The shirt sleeves are a little short but it still works.

  7. Julian has a great room. Tariq looks fragile in that hospital bed with his bandages and band aid, I feel a bit sorry for him, especially on the last picture :-).

    1. That was a cute picture. Janay was being very sweet. LOL

  8. Julian's room is adorable. Love the colors. Poor Tariq and Janay. I feel sorry for both of them. Janay still has deep feelings otherwise she would not have dropped by. I foresee them getting back together in the future. The hospital room is perfect. Great details.