Sunday, February 9, 2014

SNITCHES! (little airplane tour)

Have you heard anything from Mr. Sterling? (Apple)
Yes, he called before we left the house. (Ariel)
What did he say? (Apple)

Not much, he prefer's to talk in person. (Ariel)
Mom, don't lie to me. Tell me what he said. (Apple)
Apple, I.... (Ariel)

Excuse me ladies. Can I get either of you anything? (Gia)
No thanks, Gia. (Apple)
What time will we be in Graces Grove? (Ariel)
Were scheduled to land at three PM.  (Gia)
Can you confirm that a car will be waiting at the airport for us. (Ariel)
Right away, Mrs. Markz.  (Gia)


Mom, What did Aaron do?  (Apple)
The Police believe Aaron assaulted Tariq and Juanita. (Ariel)

Hello Megan, this is Gia. (Gia)
Hi Gia, what's up? (Megan)
I'm sorry to bother you, but Mrs. Markz asked me to confirm airport transportation. (Gia)
 Bradley will be at the airport to collect Apple and Mrs. Markz. (Megan)
Thanks Megan, I will let Mrs Markz know. (Gia)

Apple, what are you thinking? (Ariel)
I'm thinking that Aaron had to be pretty angry to assault Tariq. (Apple)
He didn't just assault Tariq sweetie, he attacked Juanita too. (Ariel)
That's even more unbelievable. (Apple)


Apple, I know you love your brother.  
I hope you always do, but please understand that he's not perfect. (Ariel)
I know he's not perfect. I still don't believe that he assaulted anyone. (Apple)
You don't know your brother as well as you think you do sweetie. (Ariel)
I know him better then you. (Apple)
Oh, I seriously doubt that little girl (Ariel)
   Whatever, Mom! (Apple)


Apple Marie Cornelia Markz come back here.
I'm still speaking to you! (Ariel shouts)

Grace Grove Jail/Police Station.

Do I know you?  (Benny)
No! (Aaron)
Are you sure? I know everybody.  (Benny)
Go away. (Aaron)
Hey, I do know you! Your that restaurant guy, Andy, Adam no Aaron Markz!  (Benny)

I said go away. (Aaron)
What you gonna do, beat me up Pretty Boy? (Benny)

I've been locked in this cell for over 20 hours. I lost the woman I love.
And I've humiliated my family. 
 Beating the crap out of you would be the bright side of my night and day. (Aaron)
Alright, alright, calm down man. I was just playing!  (Benny)

Is everything alright in here? (Officer Samuel Webb)
Can you move me to another cell? (Benny)
Why? (Officer Samuel Webb)
I'm scared of him. (Benny whispers)

Good afternoon Ladies. (Barry)
Afternoon Chief. (Officer Daisy Force, Bethany Levi)
Chief, can I speak to you? (Officer Bethany Levi)

What's up Bethany?  (Barry)
FBI Agent Taj-Ma Hall is in your office. (Officer Bethany Levi)

How long has he been here? (Barry)
Max said he stopped by last night. And returned earlier this morning.
We asked him to wait out here but he refused. (Officer Bethany Levi)
Thanks Bethany, I'll handle it from here. (Barry)

Are you comfortable? (Barry)
It's about time you showed up. (Taj-Ma)

Did we have an appointment? (Barry)
No, I heard you had Markz locked up in the back. (Taj-Ma)
Why does that interest you? (Barry)
I have something for him. (Taj-Ma)
What? (Barry)
I want you to add that envelope to his personal effects. (Taj-Ma)
Where'd you get this? (Barry)
A little bird gave it to me. (Taj-Ma)
Why? (Barry)
Let's just say someone thought I should know about Markz and Nikki. (Taj-Ma)

 Thank you for calling Grace Grove police department.
This is Officer Daisy speaking how can I help you? (Officer Daisy)

I thought you cared about Nikki.  (Barry)
I did, I do.  (Taj-Ma)
This file doesn't say that. (Barry)
Did you know about them? (Taj-Ma)
BUZZ BUZZ (intercom)
Yes Daisy. (Barry)
Chief, I have a tip line caller that wants to speak to you. (Officer Daisy)

Hello, this is Chief Little speaking. (Barry)
Hi Chief Little. (Tip line caller)
May I ask who I'm speaking to. (Barry)
I want to remain anonymous.  (Tip line caller)
We have to call you something. (Barry)
Call me A. G.  (Tip line caller)
Alright A. G, what would you like to tell me. (Barry)
Aaron Markz assaulted Tariq Moyer and Juanita Dayton.  (Tip line caller)
How do you know this A.G. (Barry)
I saw him.  (Tip line caller)
You saw Aaron Markz assault Tariq Moyer and Juanita Dayton. (Barry)
Yes, I mean no, I only watched him go inside the studio.  (Tip line caller)
How do you know it was Aaron Markz? (Barry)
I'd recognize that swagger from three miles away.  (Tip line caller)
I'm going to need a little more then your swagger radar A.G. (Barry)
 I was walking my dog FiFi down main street when this fancy red car came
rolling down the block and stopped in front of the studio.  (Tip line caller)
What kind of car was it A.G? (Barry)
I think it was a red Corvette wait it may have been a Ferrari. 
 Aw hell I'm not really sure about the car's make.  (Tip line caller)
Don't worry about it A.G, what else can you tell me? (Barry)
I know he was wearing a two hundred dollar pair of shoes,
a four hundred dollar pair of jeans
and he smelled like Gods gift to women.  (Tip line caller)
Do you remember the time of day? (Barry)
It was between four and five.  (Tip line caller)
Did you see anyone go inside the studio with or after Aaron. (Barry)
No, FiFi had done her business by then,
so I picked her up and walked back to my house. 
(Tip line caller)
Your an asset to the community A.G. (Barry)
Do you really think so?  (Tip line caller)
Yes, I do. Thanks for calling. (Barry) 

SNITCHES. We can't live with them and we can't live without them. At least that's what I heard, right AG Lanc?........Hey I finished my Airplane I got the idea from William of 1/6 point of view. Check out Gia's little tour of the Markz 640 below.

This is the Markz 640 passenger airplane cabin.
Seven passengers can travel on this airplane very comfortably.
Mustiwait used cardboard, fabric, scrapbook paper, lots of glue and plastic odds & ends she found laying around the doll room. There are two bedrooms and a galley kitchen fully stocked with the Markz family's favorite snacks and drinks. Breakfast lunch and dinner is prepared by Aaron Markz personal chef and delivered to the plane just before take off. (just kidding). (Gia)

This is the front of the airplane cabin.
Here you can  partly see the front door, a large flat screen TV and a small shelving unit. (Gia)


This is the outside of the Markz 640 airplane.
 It was painted (duck taped) in Aaron Markz favorite color.
Thanks for showing your airplane in your blog story William.
I love being Aaron Markz personal stewardess.
 I would still be living in my box if Mustiwait hadn't decided to make this airplane.
I hope you like it.



  1. AWESOME PLANE! Yeah for the snitches! lol Taj-ma- freaking- funny is that!! ahaha love it love it!

    1. That plane is nice isnt it Grandmommy I had a good time creating it. I gather from your laughter that you have sided with my sons father on my choice of name for my first born. I have to say that naming himTaj-Ma Hall has definately been an attention grabber for me and him, he is now 23.

    2. his last name Hall? I think a nickname of Taj or Tajji would be really cute!

    3. Yes Grandmommy First name Taj-Ma which means the crown of a king and last name Hall. We do call him Taj for short he knows he is in trouble if I call out the whole thing.

  2. Good work on the plane. It looks very life like. Am I the only one who thinks Taj should get out of his feelings and be more professional. I don't care if it's Louis V or Channel, Miss Nikki got way too much baggage for Taj. He needs to drop her like Derèon duffle bag hunny. Life goes on, he needs to deal with Miss Nikki on a personal level and Aaron professionally. DNA, baby mama-daddy drama isn't his territory.

    1. Thanks Doll Crazy it was fun but challenging to make. No you are not the only one that thinks Taj should mind his own business. Someone needs to stop him he is letting his power take control.

  3. Amazing sets! I just want to come to your house, sit in a corner and watch you work while I take notes.

    Taj-Ma is a man scorned. I am seriously shaking my head at him.

    Someone is doing their civic duty, but in my neighborhood, the saying is "snitches be $&!@hes!" That person better stay on the down low.

    1. Im with you Muff Taj is out of control and as much as you hate to see someone get hurt you'd hate to be the next victim. Thats why people keep their heads down when they witness crimes.

  4. First I want to say I am absolutely in love with that plane. I have been eyeing the Barbie Jumbo Blue Plane for a while now but it pales in comparison to yours. Did 1/6 point of view offer a tutorial? You also did a fantastic job with the Police department. The shot of Barry's office from the outside of it added such realism. Loved everything!!!! Secondly, you had me rolling with my anonymous tip, I did not see that coming. Hey someone had to step up to Aaron. Lolololololo.

    1. AG I am so glad you were tickled by the snitch. After I read your comment last week I had to change the story to include a snitcher. You had me on my toes too I created that police station just for you. Me and my cardboard got real friendly last week 90 percent of the furniture in that Dio was made from cardboard. I'm sorry but William did not have a tutorial of the plane he just featured the one he made in his story. I created the plane using the same technic Froggy Stuff used to make a movie theater and house. We can talk about it in more detail if you'd like just let me know.

  5. Nice job on the plane -- inside and out! The police station and jail too. I just love your dios! This story just keeps getting better.

    1. Thanks Phyllis, your visits to my blog are the reason I do what i do.

  6. Love the plane and thanks for the shout out!!

    1. The plane that i constructed was kinda quickly assembled. Your plane looks cool. Im very honored that you were inspired by me to make this....thank s agian.

  7. The plane is awesome! The scene in the jail is my favourite, and aha! An anonymous tipper! What will come next, I'm very curious :-). Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thanks Nymphaea You have a great weekend too

  8. Love that plane, inside and out. I also love the police station. I am a fan of shows like Law and Order, so the police station was right up my alley. Hmmm, interesting to see men act like hurt little girls. The snitch is funny. They had everything down to the last detail. If I were the police, this would cause me to raise an eyebrow or two. Almost sounds like a set up against Aaron.