Sunday, January 12, 2014

After the fight.

Outside of 214 west 7th street

We're leaving Garrett.  (EMT Robin Green)
Alright Robin, thanks for you help.   (Ofc Garrett Walker)
Your welcome, don't forget to report your suspect refused medical attention, Rookie.
  (EMT Robin Green)
I won't Green Giant, have a good night.  (Ofc Garrett Walker)

Hey Chief, long time no see.  (EMT Robin Green)
That's the way I like it. (Barry)
I know that's right.  (EMT Robin Green)

Chief Little.  (Ofc Garrett Walker)
 Officer Walker. (Barry)
I'll talk to you two later. (EMT Robin Green)
Alright Robin. (Barry, Garrett)
What do we have here Walker? (Barry)

I'm not sure Sir, I didn't find any signs of forced entry, but there's broken furniture and blood everywhere. 
  (Ofc Garrett Walker)
So our assailant just walked in on the victims.  (Barry)
It looks that way.  (Ofc Garrett Walker)
Alright, let's start from the beginning. (Barry)
I was responding to a 911 distress call placed by a female.
When I arrived I noticed the lights were on but I didn't see any movement inside the building.
I checked the front door and found it unlocked so I drew my weapon and entered.  (Ofc Garrett Walker)

When I entered I found the blood covered male suspect holding the female.
I ordered him to put her down and move away.
I cuffed the suspect at this point.
While checking the female I noticed she was unresponsive but breathing, I didn't see any visible trauma.
 But that's when I called for EMT.
   (Ofc Garrett Walker)

I found the second victim, a semi conscious male laying here.
Blood was all over his face and hands.
He also had a large gash in his head.
 This broken vase maybe the source of that injury.  (Ofc Garrett Walker)

 Did you get any statements?  (Barry)
No, the female was still unconscious and the male was in no condition to talk.
He was beaten pretty bad.  
I removed the suspect from the scene when EMT arrived. (Ofc Garrett Walker)
Do you have the victims names? (Barry)
No Sir, but if you'll notice there's a purse on the couch where the female was found. (Ofc Garrett Walker)

Did you ID the suspect, did he say anything?  (Barry)
No, he refused to talk and be treated by the EMT.   (Ofc Garrett Walker)
Where is he now?  (Barry)
In my squad car.   (Ofc Garrett Walker)
 Good job Rookie, now go get him.  Lets see if the monster will talk to me. (Barry)
Yes Sir.   (Ofc Garrett Walker)

 Barry starts looking around the studio.......

I can't believe this. This is one hell of a way to start the new year!


Tariq's photo studio...... no cash....
violent altercation......broad daylight.......
unidentified victims.....what kind of monster would do this? (Barry's thoughts)
Here he is Chief.  (rookie Garrett Walker)



  1. Great episode!! Mustiwait, you have outdone yourself on this one. That last picture is the best. Lol! Aaron can dish it, but he can't take it. I have a feeling that this is going to snap Juanita back to reality. I am anxiously awaiting the next episode.

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl I really enjoyed putting this together. Just think it aint over yet!

  2. What kind of monster, indeed.

    You know, I got a bad feeling that absolutely nothing is going to happen to Aaron because he is just that slick.

    1. Aww come on Muff, what would you do if you went to see a friend and your BOO was half dressed?

    2. Pshaw! Friend, my left butt cheek. Aaron did not go over there as a friend. He went over there to be nosy about why Tariq was leaving and what that would mean to him. And as much strange as he gets on the daily from his numerous hunnies he shouldn't even say boo much less be concerned about his Boo gettin' some.

      Ohh, he makes me so mad!

    3. What you said Muff! The type of man Aaron is doesn't consider what he has going on with other chicks, it's just what his is his period. He sure wasn't going on a "friendly house call", he was being messy as always.

  3. Can't we all just get along? Nice drama as usual. Or should I say great graphic portrayal of violence. Aaron is as Aaron does. That's all I gotta say about that. Hope it works out for all parties in the end. Love the detail.... Who gonna clean up that mess?

  4. Great crime scene pictures. The green giant comment had me cracking up. I have to agree with Muff. Aaron had no business even coming over to the house. Juanita hasn't been his boo in a minute and when she was his boo he treated her like crap, so she should have been moving on any way.