Monday, January 20, 2014

Have you Heard?

Brown Suga Café...........

Let me know if I can get you ladies anything else. (Justin)
Thanks Justin, we will. (Amber)

Can I get you some dessert Marie?  (Justin)
I don't want anything now, but I may get something when Megan gets here. (Marie)
Alright, just let me know.  (Justin)

I'm surprised to see you here! (Brandon)
Oh yea, and why is that?  (Justin)
I thought you'd be at the hospital with your wife. (Brandon)
My wife isn't in the hospital.  (Justin)

No, your brother in-law is!
The cops are crawling all over his place.
I heard he was assaulted or something. (Brandon)

Hey Dad, can you watch the front of the Café for me? (Justin)
Sure, is something wrong? (Sebastian)

I don't know.  (Justin)
Who are you calling? (Sebastian)
Tara.  (Justin)
Wait, tell me what's bothering you first. (Sebastian)

Brandon just told me the cops are crawling all over Tariq's studio.  (Justin)
You don't think Tara is at the studio do you?  (Sebastian)
No, and I don't want her going over there either. (Justin)
Then don't call her. Go home!  (Sebastian)

Markz Restaurant..........

Thank God, I've been looking all over for you!  (Bradley)
Whatever it is Bradley, save it until Monday. (Megan)
This can't wait until Monday.  (Bradley)
My Mom has been at the café for over an hour, I've got to go. (Megan)

Aarons been arrested!  (Bradley)
That's not funny Bradley. (Megan)
I'm not laughing.  (Bradley)
Start talking! (Megan)

John called wanting to know what time Aaron was leaving for the airport.
I told him he already did. Then I remembered you saying something about Tariq.
I tried calling Aaron on his cell but he didn't answer so I drove to Tariq's.
 When I got there the street was blocked off and the cops were everywhere.
I saw them put Aaron into a police car. (Bradley)


Bradley I swear to god if this is some kind of a joke. (Megan)
I'm not joking Megan, I saw it with my own two eyes. (Bradley)
Alright, I'm going to call the station first.
If all this is true I'll need to call Aarons lawyer and his Mother. (Megan)
What should I do? (Bradley)
PRAY! (Megan)

 Markz Family Estate.............

BrrRing, BrrRing, BrrRing.

Hello, (Ariel Markz)
Is this Mrs. Markz?  (Megan)
 Yes this is Mrs.Ariel Markz.
Hello, Mrs. Markz, this is Megan.  (Megan)
Yes Megan, how are you? (Ariel Markz)
I'm fine. (Megan)
I hope you aren't calling to tell me my son isn't coming home again!  (Ariel Markz)
I'm sorry Mrs. Markz, Aaron wont be coming home because he's been arrested.  (Megan)
HE WHAT! (Ariel Markz)

Yes Dear that's correct Roger Sterling is our family lawyer.
Make sure Roger goes down to that station himself.
 Don't let him send one of his flunkies. I'll call Roger myself if I have too. (Ariel Markz)

Yes, go ahead and send the jet, Apple and I will be ready when it gets here.
Don't worry you did the right thing. We will see you in a few hours. Ta Ta 
(Ariel Markz)
What's going on Mom? (Apple)

Aaron's been arrested. We're going to Grace's Grove. (Ariel Markz)

You've been here for seven hours are you sure you don't want something to eat or drink?
(Ofc Garrett)
No. (Aaron)


  1. Love your choice for Aaron's mom very pretty and distinguished lady. Can't wait to see how everything plays out. Still waiting to find out what Taj discovered about Aaron in his investigation.

    I am glad you enjoy my remarks! I look forward to your stories weekly!

    1. Isn't she beautiful AG! As soon as I saw her I said that's Aarons Mom. My husband said you know you got issues right? I just laughed, and started saving my penny's so I could buy her. Taj has been pacing back and forth in his apartment for days. I'm going to see what's bothering him just for you.

  2. I concur, nice choice of dolls that represent mother and sister. Love the colors of the estate room. So many people affected by the actions of one or a few. Surely a few of your loyal followers are glad to see Aaron behind bars. I am not one of them. Besides, he just too cool to allow steel bars to blow his cool. Tariq pushed his buttons. Let the chips fall where they may. Mom is coming to town. This gonna be good.

    1. Thanks for tuning in Dienerman. Aaron is a very special man you either love him or hate him. Tariq was hating him the day of the fight. Stay tuned I think things are about to be better then good.

  3. Oh BTW... Aaron makes that jail house jump suit look good. Must be his color!

    1. Dienerman I thought you knew, Aaron can make a potato sack look good.

  4. Why wont Aaron eat or drink? We have to get to the hospital and check on Tariq! Love the café. :-)

    1. Grandmommy, Aaron is angry drinking and eating is the last thing on his mind. And he's too good for jailhouse food.

  5. I can't wait to see what happens next! The jail picture is very realistic, love the policeman :-).

    1. Hi Nymphaea, Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you like the jail and policeman I don't think Aaron does.

  6. Girl, this good!! The picture of Aaron the jail suit is priceless!! I love new characters especially his mother. She appears to be wealthy. I love her looks.

    Looking forward to next week. I am curious to see how Aaron gets out of this one. Money he probably won't be there long.

    1. Hey Georgia Girl, Aaron can make anything look good doesn't he. Aarons Mom is very pretty and snooty looking. Thank you for coming back again and again.

  7. I want to take that last picture, blow it up poster size, frame it and put it in my kitchen so I can look at it while I enjoy my snacks.

    Hahahaha, Aaron's in jail, lol!!! This is the best day ever.

    Now that I got that out of my system, I love his mom! She is very swanky and so is her pad. I love how she says, "Ta Ta." So refined.

    1. Stop that Muff! Your suppose to be feeling bad for Aaron not celebrating. Aaron's swanky Mom is going to get you for messing with her baby.

    2. ROFL! Muff you are too much! I don't care for Aaron either, but I hate to see a black man in jail. In real life and play life. I'm sure his mom will make it all better.

  8. I love the mom and Bradley is one of my favorite dolls. He doesn't get much camera time over here, so it's nice to see him. The orange jumpsuit is a great touch and using the Powerteam bunk beds is the perfect choice for the jail beds.+

  9. Aarons mom is pretty shes my first Fashion Royalty doll I bought her as a bday present to myself. And I was happy to get the bunk bed and jumpsuit they were both a perfect touch