Sunday, October 27, 2013

Have we made our case?

More Daddy More! (Little Barry)
You have to come closer first. (Barry)

I hope you fellas aren't playing with your rent money. (Scully)
Please tell me you can stop her Captain. (Devon)
Maybe, maybe not. (Taj-Ma)
Can I have another card please? (Emerson)

Big Dog in the house! (Gordon)
Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, (Taj-Ma, Devon, Emerson)

Little Dog in the house! (Andre)
Shut up and sit down Dre! (Scully)

Who's winning? (Gordon)
Scully!  (Taj-Ma, Devon, Emerson)
I know who my next stake out buddy is. (Gordon)
I don't think so! (Scully)

How you gonna let a girl take your money? (Andre)
Can you do better? (Emerson)
Shut up Dre, I took your money two weeks ago. (Scully)
HA, HA, HA, HA.  (Taj-Ma, Devon, Emerson, Gordon)

You should've been here 30 minutes ago where were you? (Taj-Ma)
Tell him Dre!  (Gordon)
I'm not going to tell him you tell him.  (Andre)

Alright, This idiot turned the tracker off thinking it was his alarm clock.
We had to run around town looking for Marcus. (Gordon)
It kept beeping and blinking I was tired. (Andre)
If you stayed home instead of partying you wouldn't be tired!  (Gordon)

Are you trying to tell me you lost my witness? (Taj-Ma)
Relax Capt. Dre knows where Marcus is don't you Dre? (Scully)

He's with that Danielle chick Capt. (Andre)
Do you know our whole case is depending on his testimony. (Taj-Ma)
Yes Captain. I'm sorry it wont happen again. (Andre)
It better not or I will make you eat these dog tags.  (Taj-Ma)

Hey Barry. (Gordon)
What's up" G", How you been? (Barry)
My life was so much easier when we were partners.  (Gordon)
Dre's a little slow huh? (Barry)
The boy is past slow he's straight up retarded! (Gordon)

I'm gonna kill that fool one of these days! (Taj-Ma)
Take a couple of deep breaths so you can start the briefing. (Scully)
Take the bullets out my gun first. Please! (Taj-Ma)
Whatever you say Captain. (Scully)

Scully and I have reviewed all the reports and every ounce of evidence.
If no one has anything else to add, we are ready for court.  (Taj-Ma)
Capt. Did you find anything that makes you want to look at Aaron Markz? (Emerson)
You want to elaborate on that Emerson?  (Taj-Ma)

The Senator has been screaming that Markz was his money man since day one.
I know Markz helped us take him down, But that doesn't mean he wasn't involved. (Emerson)

He did know a lot about the Senators operation Capt. (Gordon)
We've put a lot of hours in on this case, Markz was never a suspect. (Scully)
No he wasn't, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't tip toe thru his tulips.
 If we've been anything were always thorough. (Gordon)

Your awfully quiet over there Barry. (Taj-Ma)
I'm just taking it all in Capt. (Barry)
How well do you know Markz? (Taj-Ma)
I know him pretty well. I grew up with him. (Barry)
Do you think he's playing both sides of the fence? (Taj-Ma)

My gut says no way. (Barry)
What does your head say? (Taj-Ma)
 It says anything is possible. (Barry)

What do you guys think of Markz? (Emerson)
He has some banging food at his restaurant. (Devon)
I never met the guy. (Andre)
I have he's pretty arrogant if you ask me. (Gordon)
Do you think the Captain will let us investigate him? (Emerson)
Good question? (Gordon)


  1. Loved it! Taj-ma's place is really nice and I love his sofa. Scully is cool, nothing like a girl that can hang with the fellas. Looking forward to next week's story. :)

    1. Thanks Tracy, I think Taj's couch was my second attempt of making a couch. Aaron's was my first. Im working on a couch and chair for Barry lets hope I'm getting better. And you are right Scully is super cool.

  2. Your rooms are always so polished looking! Love how you are using the tape, paper and thread spools.

    Yes, please do investigate Aaron even though I get the feeling he's only shady in love, but probably not in business. It would tick him off though, so that's good.

    1. Muff you are so bad. I'm about to move you into Graces Grove. Aaron needs someone to go toe to toe with him. If they investigate him you know he's going to get back at them.

  3. Great episode. Very realistic. Gordon is way too cute! Did you get him recently, or years ago?

    1. Hey Vanessa, I got Gordon from Big lots last xmas. I painted his eye brows and lip hair it was blond. He is cute perfect replica of my borther Gordon.