Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Day After part 2

TRICHELE!  (Tariq)

What's up?  (Trichele)
Can you please tell me why these clothes are still here? (Tariq)
I haven't had time to take them to the cleaners. (Trichele)
This was the first thing I've asked you to do in weeks.
 I don't understand why you wouldn't have time to do it. (Tariq)

Schools back in session. We've just finished taking Senior portraits.
Were about to take the secondary school photo's and
Were trying to get all those photos developed before families start making appointments for Christmas. (Trichele)

Correct me if I'm wrong but you work for me right?  (Tariq)
Yes, but. (Trichele)
No but's. I have no problem with you helping Tara,
provided it doesn't keep you from handling my business. (Tariq)

If I sat around here waiting for an assignment from you I would be stir crazy. (Trichele)
Would you like me to start paying you per assignment,
 I'd save myself a ton of money! (Tariq)
Are you questioning my job performance or worth? (Trichele)

Trichele, can you excuse me and my brother for a minute. (Tara)

Why did you interrupt us?  (Tariq)
 I was trying to keep you from putting your foot in your mouth. (Tara)
Trichelle works for me not you. (Tariq)
Trichelle doesn't work for either of us she just works. (Tara)

I was trying to talk to her about her work.  (Tariq) 
Are you stupid or have you just lost your mind?  (Tara)
What the heck are you talking about?  (Tariq)
TARIQ! The great fashion photographer may have started Studio It, 
but Trichele and I are Studio It.  (Tara)

This is my studio and you two wouldn't be spit without me.
I know I haven't handled the day to day functions in years,
 but that doesn't mean I'm going to let you two take my baby from me! (Tariq)

(Tara shoves Tariq to get his attention)

You listen to me and you listen good.
We love you and would never take this studio from you. 
What you need to do is find out where you left your head and heart.
Your going to loose everything you ever cared about if you don't. (Tara)

Have I been that bad? (Tariq)
Your a mess and it's starting to effect your personal and professional life.  (Tara)

I don't know what to do. I'm so confused. (Tariq)
What are you confused about? (Tara)
Where my heart is. (Tariq)
Start by spending some time by yourself.
 Step away from the person or person's that confuse you. (Tara)

You know I love you, right? (Tariq)
I love you too.  (Tara)
Will you apologize to Trichele for me. (Tariq)
No need, I stopped you just in time. (Tara)

Still coming over for dinner?  (Tara)
I wouldn't miss it.  (Tariq)
Woof Woof  (Rico)
I'll see you later Rico.  (Tariq)

Did I just get fired? (Trichelle)
Child please, if he fired you he'd have to fire me too.  (Tara)
I'm serious Tara! (Trichelle)
Everything is fine don't worry.  (Tara)

Tariq has never talked to me like that before.
What is going on with him? (Trichelle)
I wish I knew. This one is above our pay grade. (Tara)

Will he be alright? (Trichele)
Yup, I think our little boy is about to become a man. (Tara)

Spent the weekend in Frostburg with my baby girl. And we still found time to post this story. That's love and dedication right there. I had a great time Synquis as always. Keep up the good work. I love you!   


  1. Tariq needs to get it together with a quickness. Messing up your love life is one thing. Messing up your business?! That's just stupid. Maybe he needs to go on a man-retreat and stay away from all women for a long while.

  2. Is it me but Tara seems to have a lil baby bump going on!!! Totally agree with Muff about Tariq.

    1. Where you been at Becka everybody knows Tara is expecting the doctor visit episode will be posted shortly.

  3. Tariq done lost his mind, LOL. I LOVE your episodes! It's gettin' juicy. Thanks for taking time out to load a Sunday episode. :)

    1. Hey Tracy, Synquis didn't mind sharing her time so I posted. LOL

  4. I agree Tariq needs to get it together. He keep this eratic behavior up and he could loose it all.

    Looking so forward to Tara's pregnancy. Great episode!!

  5. Great episode. Poor Tariq. Those heart matters can mess a person up. I think many of us have been there. You can't concentrate on anything. Tara's a great sister. Hopefully he takes her advice to heart.