Sunday, October 6, 2013

The day AFTER.

Are you sure you want to take him home with you?  (Barbara)
Yup, you look like you got your hands full. (Barry)
It has been a bit crazy around here today.  (Barbara)
Down Mommy, down.  (Barry Jr.)

Have you given any thought about the camping trip.  (Barry)
Do you really want us to go?  (Barbara)
Yes, I want to show you and Barry my home away from home. (Barry)
Can I give you my answer tomorrow?  (Barbara)
Only if it's a yes. (Barry)


GLUB, GLUB, GLUB.  (Barry Jr.)
Woof ,Woof! (Daisy the dog)

What is he doing?  (Barry)
Congratulations, your son is now a fish. (Barbara)
Ha, Ha, I guess I better take Nemo home.  (Barry)

How are you doing today?  (Janay)
Glub, Glub, Glub.  (Barry Jr.)
You are so right. Clean water and regular feeding makes a fish happy.  (Janay)

Janay. I thought you were sick.  (Barbara)
All better now, how are you Barry?  (Janay)
I'm good, I'll be even better tomorrow.  (Barry)
And why is that?  (Janay)
 Say goodbye to Aunt Janay Barry!  (Barbara)

Did I say something wrong?  (Barry)
Yes, I mean No, I don't know. I'll tell you tomorrow.  (Barbara)
Alright, don't work too hard and call me when you get in. Please?  (Barry)
 Alright, Sheriff.   Good night sweet pea. (Barbara)
Glub Glub.  (Barry Jr.)


What are you doing here?  (Barbara)
I work here. I also own the place.  (Janay)
Very funny. What's going on?  (Barbara)

Janay are you in here? (Nikki)
Nikki?!? (Janay)

What are you doing here?  (Janay)
You called, I came.  (Nikki)
I called last night.  (Janay)
Oh, sorry.  (Nikki)

It doesn't matter. I'm survived.  (Janay)
Alright Janay, start talking. (Barbara/ Nikki)
Tariq ended our engagement last night.  (Janay)
He what?!?   (Nikki)

I am so sorry sweety. (Barbara)
Thanks Barbara.  (Janay)
Who is she and where does the heffer live?  (Nikki)
I didn't say anything about a she. (Janay)
You know there's a she and she's about to get this Roach bag upside her head.  (Nikki)
Violence is not the answer Nikki.  (Barbara)
Don't pay her any attention Barbara, she wouldn't swing that five hundred dollar bag to save her own mother.  (Janay)


To be continued..................


  1. Glub glub glub! LOL, Kids so do stuff like that, pretend to be a fish all day.

    I know she had to call her posse, but I hope they don't get up to no good and that Barbara focuses on Barry.

  2. Roach bag...that is hilarious!!! Lol that is a good sign that Janay is back at work. Tariq's bald head self will be back. Lol!

    I like Barry and Barbara together. I hope they are able to work their issues out.

  3. Janay is handling it well. Barry is so cute. Glad to see Barry trying to get his family back. And Barbara needs to stop being so unsure about everything. He wouldn't have asked you to go if he didn't want you to.