Sunday, November 3, 2013

What I Deserve.

Hey Tariq! (Nia)
Hi Nia is it too late to talk. (Tariq)
Not at all please come in. (Nia)

Can I get you something to eat or drink?  (Nia)
No thanks, Is Julian still up?  (Tariq)
He's up, have a seat and I'll go get him. (Nia)

Hey Dad! (Julian)
Hey little man.  (Tariq)
It's almost time for bed can you stay over? (Julian)
I don't think your bed is big enough for me.  (Tariq)
Heidi and Erin ain't home we can sleep in their beds. (Julian)

I don't think we should use their beds without permission.  (Tariq)
Are you sure you can't fit in my bed. (Julian)
Yea, I'm pretty sure.  (Tariq)
Aww man. (Julian)

Hello.  (Nikki)
Hey Nikki, Hey Aunt Nikki  (Tariq, Julian)
Did you make that mess in the kitchen little man?  (Nikki)
Yes, but I was trying. (Julian)
No but's get back in there and fix it.  (Nikki)

I got to go Dad. (Julian)
Later Dude.  (Tariq)
Are you here to feed my sister and nephew the same bull you fed my girl.  (Nikki)
You saw Janay today!  (Tariq)
Yea so!  (Nikki)
I've been calling her all day. How is she?  (Tariq)
I don't think that's any of your business.  (Nikki)

Nikki why are you being rude to Tariq?  (Nia)
Let him tell you.  (Nikki)
What's going on Tariq?  (Nia)

I took a job on a movie set, so I'm leaving Graces Grove.  (Tariq)
What about Julian?  (Nia)
Well I asked Justin and Barry to stand in for me when you need help or just want a break.
And I was hoping you would bring him to the set during the holidays.  (Tariq)

What am I suppose to do about my job.
And lets not even talk about the cost of a hotel and the plane ride.  (Nia)
Everyone is entitled to vacation time Nia, and It would be my pleasure to pay for everything.
I want you to bring Julian to me whenever possible. We can talk on the phone and Skype in between visits.
 I want to be emotionally and financially responsible for him from this moment forward.  (Tariq)

 Tariq, I'm going to need a little time to think about all of this.  (Nia)
Nia, I  want  to be a part of Julian's life. Please don't take that away from me.
I promised him, and now I'm promising you.  (Tariq)
I'm going to check on Julian. You have a good night Tariq.  (Nia)

That didn't go the way you hoped, now did it? (Nikki)
No it didn't and I hope you don't plan to make it any worse.  (Tariq)
You hurt my girl. Am I suppose to stand around and let you hurt my nephew too?  (Nikki)
I adore Julian I wouldn't be here if  he wasn't important to me. (Tariq)
I'm sure you told Janay the same thing a time or two.  (Nikki)
Nikki, let Nia decide. Please!  (Tariq)


 Tariq arrives home twenty minutes later............

(Janay's machine)
Janay, I've called you at least 50 times today. I know your upset. I just want to know if your okay.
Call me please. (Tariq)

Am I getting what I deserve? (Tariq)


  1. Tariq is getting exactly what he deserves! I feel bad for Janay. I hope that Aaron claims his woman so that Tariq can be a wounded puppy and truly get his due.

    I love Tariq's room by the way.

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl. Tariq needs to empty is mind its too crowded in there!