Sunday, August 4, 2013

They Don't Know About Us

There nice glasses............ what do they have to do with me? (Aaron)
You gave them to Heidi. (Nikki)
Did I? (Aaron)

Yes, you gave me a similar pair seven years ago. (Nikki)
So. (Aaron)
I know what the glasses symbolize. (Nikki)
Do you? (Aaron)

I won't let her play second to Juanita. (Nikki)
Are we talking about Heidi or you? (Aaron)

You selfish bastard!!!! (Nikki)
If you hit me, I'm going to hit you back. (Aaron)

Let me go!!! (Nikki)
Calm down and I'll think about it. (Aaron)
Let me go!!! (Nikki)

What are you doing?!? (Nikki)
Securing your arms. (Aaron)
Please don't!!!! (Nikki) 

Now say your sorry. (Aaron)
Let me go!!! (Nikki)
Say it! (Aaron)
Alright, I'm sorry. (Nikki)
If you try that again. I'm going to spank you. Do you understand? (Aaron)
Yes. (Nikki)
I'm not playing Nikki! (Aaron)
I heard you!  Can you get this off me now? (Nikki)

Can I have my jacket back? (Nikki)
When were done. (Aaron)

I'm sorry I tried to hit you, but you pissed me off. (Nikki)
What did you expect?  My personal life is PERSONAL.
You of all people know this. (Aaron)

Yes I do, this meeting was a waste of time. (Nikki)
Probably, but I'm willing to talk if you are. (Aaron)
What do you mean? I was talking. (Nikki)
No, you were accusing. You haven't offered me anything for my cooperation? (Aaron)
What do you want? (Nikki)
The truth. (Aaron)

I don't want Heidi waiting for something she will never get. (Nikki)
And whats that? (Aaron)
You. (Nikki)
You know how I operate, everyone and everything has its place. (Aaron)

Yes, but that doesn't stop a girl from dreaming. (Nikki)
Is that why you told me you were pregnant, were you hoping to get me all to yourself? (Aaron)
That was six years ago and I didn't come here to talk about me, I came to help Heidi. (Nikki)
I'll consider it if........... (Aaron)
If what? (Nikki)

If you take her place. (Aaron)

 Somewhere across town........

Nikki I'm home.
Nikki ............are you here? (Taj)

Hello. (Heidi)
Hey Heidi, is Nikki home? (Taj)
Nope, she left a few hours ago. (Heidi)
Can you tell her I called. (Taj)
Will do. (Heidi)

Who was that? (Erin)
Taj, he was looking for Nikki. (Heidi)
I thought she was at his place. (Erin)
Me too, should I call her cell? (Heidi)
Nah, he's probably calling it now. (Erin)


  1. Wow! That Aaron is really sleazy! Why do the ladies always fall for the guys that treat them badly? Things are really getting lively! Can't wait to see what happens next.

  2. Wow! I Had to read that twice, what a great story. I Hope juanita keeps falling for Tariq. She deserves better than Aaron.

  3. Looks like Nikki still has Aaron in her system! Hmmm, I thought Aaron was Julians dad. I did not see the Nikki thing coming. Good story. So was Nikki at one time pregnant with Aarons child? What became of the baby?

  4. Also it was a little steamy how Aaron was able to handle the fiery Nikki. You could feel the passion between them.

  5. I must admit I love a confident man! Aaron, however, crosses the line into arrogant. So I dislike him, yet I am totally feeling him right now. Poor Nikki.....she better run and hide! Lol
    Btw, I love your settings too! Very creative and fun!

  6. I just knew Aaron and Nikki had a thing!!

  7. OMG, I almost threw up when he said she should take Heidi's place. *makes retching noises* He reminds me of Victor Newman from Young and The Restless so much. Never in the history of television (or dolldom) have I hated two characters more.

    Girl, you certainly weave a wonderful, engaging story! Got me all involved, lol!

  8. Okay, I'm all caught up now! lol The scene with Nikki and Aaron had a 50 Shades of Grey thing going on. Given, I read summaries to the books but not the books. (Folks will probably boo me for that.) Haha! I can see it now...."50 Shades of Aaron". Most of them are going to be black and blue shades because he is all up in way too much business. And I know a lot of people hate him, but I still find his character, and all the potential dark secrets he has, riveting. And I don't think Nikki is as into Taj as he is into her. Maybe she is attracted to the dark bits of Aaron where the other women are wooed by his fake charms. Not sayin' they are a match, but it is definitely interesting. Oh, and did Juanita and Tariq sleep together in Paris, was that the one night stand he couldn't shake?

  9. OMG...did this guy break all the rules for the "PLAYERS" Never saw that coming. Nikki played herself that is. Aaron rules, she just didn't want to play his game. So she made it appear. You can sense the passionate tensions. Trust he will keep his office a "safe zone". Likewise, Tariq needs a ice shower in the previous episode. Please, I don't wanna know what'saout to take place. no I am lying. Nikki's gonna open up like Kindle. Aaron knowledge of her chapter! FYI: very nice creative rooms and decor. I'm sure as usual all personal creations. Keep up the great work. Drama guaranteed.

  10. Love your decor as always!!

    Aaron is an arrogant (but handsome) jerk. Lol. I was feeling (just a little) sorry for him for Tariq trying to steal his girl, but someone needs to put him in his place. What he needs is a new hot chick to come and give him a run for his money...someone he's not familiar with who is willing to get in his pockets.

    I am curious also, what happened to the baby? What he/she given up for adoption?

    Love love your stories!!! ; )