Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lets go out.

Ding dong, ding dong (door bell)
(Janay is practicing her karate and doesn't hear the door bell)
knock, knock, knock (door)

Hello. (Tariq)
Hey. (Janay)
I hope you don't mind me letting myself in.(Tariq)
Your fine, I didn't hear the bell.  (Janay)
Are you almost done your workout? (Tariq)
Just about.  (Janay)

I forgot how good you look when your working out. (Tariq)
You know I look like a wet dog. Hand me that towel. (Janay)
No you don't. Here. (Tariq)

Thanks. (Janay)
How was your day? (Tariq)
Fine, I stayed in all day. (Janay)
Do you want to go out? (Tariq)
Do you want to go to a movie? (Tariq)
I thought we were going to talk. (Janay)

Water? (Tariq)
Thanks, (Janay)
I know we need to talk and we will, but Julian called and he wants to go to a movie. (Tariq)
Nikki told me you two sort of adopted each other. (Janay)
Yea we did. He's a good kid. (Tariq)

 He's a great kid. Go to your movie. We can talk tomorrow.  (Janay)
I want you to go with us. (Tariq)
 Julian may want you all to himself.  (Janay)
  I'll call Tara and ask if Justine can go too. It can be a double date. (Tariq)

  Ha Ha, like your gonna let Justine date. (Janay)
I'm willing to do whatever it takes. (Tariq)
Alright, but I need a shower. (Janay)
Take your shower and I'll go get the kids. (Tariq)



What time were they suppose to be here? (Trichelle)
Six o'clock. (Chase)
It's ten minutes after, can we go now? (Trichelle)
No, they will be here. (Chase)
I don't know why! I'm not apologizing. (Trichelle)
No one is asking you to. (Chase)
Good, cause I'm not. (Trichelle)

Whats wrong?!? (Justin)
Nothing. (Tara)
Tara?!? (Justin)
Tariq called, he wants to take Justine to the movies. (Tara)
So, he takes Justine out all the time. (Justin)
He should be out with Janay not his niece. (Tara)
What did  I say to you earlier? (Justin)
Stay out of it. (Tara)
Well? (Justin)
Alright, Alright. (Tara)

Sorry were late. (Justin)
No problem, (Chase)
Speak for yourself, I'm starving. (Trichelle)
Your always starving. (Tara)
Come on you two, play nice. (Chase)
Have a seat, I'll get the waitress. (Justin)

Welcome to Apple's Barrel can I take your order? (India)
Can you send a waitress over to our booth. (Justin)
Right away sir. (India)

A short time later............

Who let the dogs out?
Who, who, who, who, who?
Who let the dogs out?
Who, who, who, who, who?
Who let the dogs out ? (Julian singing)

Who let the dogs out? (Julian singing)
Ain't no dogs in here Julian! (Justine)
Ha Ha Ha (Nia/ Tariq laughing)
Don't quit your day job Julian. (Tariq)
Don't pay them any mind baby, go ahead and sing. (Nia)

What are you doing here? (Julian)
Uncle Tariq is taking us to the movies. (Justine)
I didn't know you were going. (Julian)
You don't want me too? (Justine)
I do, I just thought..........never mind. (Julian)

What time do you get off? (Tariq)
We close at midnight. But you can bring him to me when the movie is over.  (Nia)
Are you sure? (Tariq)
Yea, he'll be fine. My office has everything he needs. (Nia)
Okay, I'll bring him to Apples after the movie. (Tariq)

Can I have another piece of gum Dad? (Julian)
Me too, me too. (Justine)
I don't think I have anymore. (Tariq)
I think I have some in my purse. (Janay)

Aunt Janay!  (Justine/Julian)
Hey guy's. (Janay)
Are you ready to go, cause I'm ready. (Julian)
I'm ready if you are. (Janay)

I can't wait to get there, I'm gonna get a large soda and a large pop corn.  (Julian)
I want a pretzel.  (Justine)
You not gonna get a soda? (Julian)
I don't know yet. (Justine)
Thanks for agreeing to this. (Tariq)
Your welcome. (Janay)


  1. Hmmmm not sure how to feel about this...LOL! Is Tariq deflecting?

    1. I don't think Tariq is deflecting I think he's buttering Janay up for what he has to say.

    2. This is the one time I wish Janay would have shown some attitude. There is no way I would have went when he has been MIA so long. "No Tariq, come back when you are ready to talk." If I don't like what you say, I am going to issue you one of these side kicks I have been practicing, right to the head!!! JK about the head.

  2. I must have missed something too! I thought someone else held his heart, but I like him and Janay together. I hope they work it out!

    1. You did'nt miss anything Tariq is preparing Janay for the hard talk.

  3. I'm with AG Lanc. Tarig probably should have taken Julian to the movies alone, and then hooked up with Janay, considering the distance between them and their need to talk.

    1. Tariq is trying to move in for the kill slowly.

  4. What is Tariq up to? Is he afraid of being alone with Janay and have the kids around to soften the situation (a diversion to keep Janay from showing out by having the kids around)? I really like them together too.

    I love the Apple Barrel. Nice setup.

    1. Definitely a diversion. And thank you those apples are poppin'.

  5. I am so confused. But nonetheless I truly enjoy your creativity.