Monday, July 29, 2013

And the day just keeps getting better.

Megan you can just reschedule me, please don't track Aaron down. (Nikki)
I can reschedule you. But let me try to get him on the phone first. (Megan)
Aaron Markz speaking. (Aaron)
Mr Markz are you in the area?(Megan)
Whats up? (Aaron)
Ms. London is here for her appointment. She was out of town and didn't know we needed to reschedule. (Megan)
I'll be there in ten minutes. Please make her comfortable. (Aaron)
Of course Sir. (Megan)

I can't believe you went through all that trouble. (Nikki)
It was no trouble. Would you like something to drink? (Megan)
Do you have any green tea? (Nikki)
We sure do. I'll be right back. (Megan)

Here you go. (Megan)
Thanks Megan. (Nikki)
Your welcome. Mr. Markz will be here in a few minutes. (Megan)
Okay. (Nikki)


I missed you ! (Tariq)
Really? (Juanita)
 Yea really! (Tariq)
I think you better get that. (Juanita)

Hello. (Tariq)
Are you working? (Janay)
Yes, Are you okay? (Tariq)
I'm okay..................We need to talk. (Janay)
Alright, When and where? (Tariq)
Are you free for lunch? (Janay)
I don't know. Let me call you back. (Tariq)

Do you have plans for lunch? (Tariq)
Not that I know of. (Juanita)
Do you want to have lunch with me? (Tariq)
 It's you this time. (Tariq)
I guess better take this. (Juanita)

Tell whoever it is you already have plans for lunch and possibly dinner. (Tariq)
Alright. (Juanita giggles)

Somewhere across town........

Lets go back to bed. (Justin)
We can't, I need to feed our child and you need to go to work. (Tara)
But I want to stay here with you. (Justin)
Your going to make me burn breakfast. (Tara)

I can finish that if you two need to be alone. (Sebastian)
Good morning Sebastian. (Tara laughing) 
Morning. (Sebastian)
Breakfast will be done in a few minutes. (Tara)
Son, can you please stop nibbling on your wife so we can eat! (Sebastian)
Dad! I know you ain't player hating? (Justin)
No I'm just hungry. (Sebastian)

You are so embarrassing!(Tara)
What did I do?!(Justin)
You called your  Dad a player and he probably thinks we have no self control. (Tara)
Aww come here, he knows I was playing. (Justin)
Go set the table. Your daughter is hungry too. (Tara)

Good Morning Sweet Pea. (Sebastian)
Morning Grandpa. (Justine)
What are you doing? (Sebastian)
I'm playing a game. You want to play? (Justine)

 Back at Markz Enterprises............

Good Morning Nikki, Thanks for waiting. (Aaron)
Good morning and thanks for seeing me. (Nikki)
We've rescheduled this meeting three times. That's two times too many for me. (Aaron)
That was my fault not yours. (Nikki)

What can I do for you? (Aaron)
I want you to stop seeing Heidi Calder. (Nikki)
Excuse me! (Aaron)
I know you don't like being told what to do. I'm just looking out for her. (Nikki)
Did she tell you we were seeing each other? (Aaron)
No! (Nikki)
Heidi's a big girl Nikki. (Aaron)
Yes she's a big girl.  And she's always involved in a big mess. (Nikki)
You have nothing to worry about. (Aaron)
Oh I beg to differ, Aaron. (Nikki)
And why is that? (Aaron)

Because she had these. (Nikki)

 Across town........

This isn't funny Megan! (Juanita)
I know its not and I'm really sorry. (Megan)
What am I suppose to tell Mi Asia. Her first show's today and she doesn't have a guest. (Juanita)
Aaron said he would be happy to do the interview any day but today. (Megan)
What time will his meeting be over? (Juanita)
I don't know. (Megan)
Where is this meeting being held? (Juanita)
I don't know.........Would you like me to push this call to his voicemail.
I'm sure he will call you back as soon as he is available. (Megan)
No!...........and thanks for nothing. (Juanita)

Why are you out here screaming? (Tariq)
Aaron  just backed out on Mi Asia. (Juanita)
What?!?! Aaron knows Mi Asia? (Tariq)
No, at least I don't think he does.
Anyway she was suppose to interview him for her show today. (Juanita)
What happened? (Tariq)
I don't know but I'm going to find out. (Juanita)


  1. Have Juanita and aaron Split or are Tariq and Juanita Doing this behind his back?
    I think Tariq and Janay need to sort out some things.
    And to finnish, Tara and Justin are too cute!

    1. Juanita still has selective amnesia. She does'nt know she's involved with Aaron she believes Tariq is her love interest. Tariq has always had feelings for Juanita so he is just taking advantage of the situation so to speak. Tara and Justin are too cute and Janay but get back in the game.

  2. I think a lot of people need to sort things out, lol! Oh my... things are all coming to a head, so it would seem.

    1. You ain't said nothing I wasn't already thinking. Things are getting out of control.

  3. I think Janay's ship just sailed! She's been put on the back burner. Aaron is gonna choke Tariq! And yes, Tara and Justin make my heart sweet!

    1. Don't say that Veda, Janay loves Tariq she's is just tired of waiting for him to make that final commitment. It sad that she did'nt know Tariq had feelings for Juanita, lets hope she does'nt catch him expressing them.

  4. Did you make Aaron's desk because it is awesome!

    Tariq is starting to worry me with his affection for Juanita. People start slipping with their mate at home is giving them the brush off. Handle yo business Janay.

    I know this will be a very shocking comment coming from me, but Nikki needs to stay out of it. She is not Heidi's mother and if Heidi is going to act a fool with Aaron, that's her mistake. We all know that Aaron is vengeful so he would get with someone just to piss someone else off. Nikki better beware!

    1. Yes I made Aaron's desk. I used the little wooden dressers they sell at the dollar store.
      Tariq always had feelings for Juanita he just kept them to himself. Janay's lack of attention and Juanita's new found interest (due to her amnesia) has the man confused.
      Nikki is very serious about this Heidi/Aaron thing there has to be a reason for it. Nikki doesn't seem like the busy body type to me.

  5. Woah. I think Tariq is making a move. Maybe this whole thing happened to bring them back together. Things happen for a reason and maybe they are better suited for each other. I'm now pulling for Tariq and Juanita. To hell with Aaron. I never liked him anyway. As for Nikki, I can't stand when grown folks want to try to control other grown folk. As my momma would say, "T'aint none of your business."

    1. I think your right Vanessa. Tariq has definitely decided to do something. I hope he is ready for a fight on the back end. Not sure if the punch will be coming from Aaron or Janay or both. Nikki doesn't want this between Aaron and Heidi to happen for a reason. I cant wait to find out what that reason is.

  6. I actually like Aaron and Juanita together and Tariq with Janay. I think Janay will be heartbroken if she finds out what Tariq is up to.

    Tara and Justin are such a cute couple. Is she expecting?

  7. Wow, I need to catch up....what is going on? Who doing who, and why? Back stabbing, creeping, imposing. What is in the drinking water? Justin and Tara need to invest in a Bed & Breakfast. Who needs daytime soaps. Welcome to Grace Grove. Miss an episode.... drama guaranteed.