Sunday, June 2, 2013

Opening Night continues............

Have a seat I'll go get the tickets. (Aaron)
Alright. (Juanita)

Can I have two tickets for the car movie. (Young customer)
Excuse me, Their holding my tickets can I go before you? (Aaron)
Sure Mister. (Young customer)

How can I help you sir? (Cashier)
I'm Aaron Markz, I believe you have two tickets for me. (Aaron)
 Can I see your drivers license and credit card? (Cashier)
Sure. (Aaron)

(Aaron sees Tariq standing at the back of the line)

How many tickets do you have left for What's the Diehl? (Aaron)
We have 25 tickets left sir. (Cashier)
Let me have them and add my man's tickets in too. (Aaron)

Here you go boss. (Aaron)
Thanks Mister. (Young customer)
No problem, you helped me out. (Aaron)

That will be two hundred and ninety nine dollars, please. (Cashier)
Here you go. (Aaron)
Thank you,  enjoy the show. (Cashier)

You ready to go inside? (Aaron)
What about Tariq? (Juanita)
I'll text him.  Lets go find some seats. (Aaron)

I hope, I don't fall. (Juanita)
You wont, I got you. (Aaron)

Hey you two. (Trichelle)
Hi Trichelle, Chase. (Aaron, Juanita)
It's good to see you Juanita. Are you feeling better? (Trichelle)
Much better, thanks for asking. (Juanita)
You working tomorrow? (Chase)
Not unless there's a problem? (Aaron)
No problems. (Chase)
We'll see you two later then. (Aaron)
Enjoy the show. (Juanita)

Are these seats okay? (Aaron)
 Perfect.  (Juanita)
I'm going to get your snacks. (Aaron)
I didn't tell you what I wanted.  (Juanita)
Medium pop corn no butter and a box of goobers. Right? (Aaron)
How'd you do that?  (Juanita)
Lucky guess. (Aaron)

Why do you have all these tickets in your pocket?  (Juanita)
UH, Those are for charity. I have to drop them off after the movie. (Aaron)
Do you want me to hold them?  (Juanita)
Nah, I can put them in my wallet. (Aaron)

Ten minutes later.........

It's getting late, did Tariq text you back? (Juanita)
Nope. (Aaron)
I guess its just you and me. (Juanita)

That's the way I like it! (Aaron whispers to himself)

(SHHHHHHH The movie's starting)


Two tickets for What's the Diehl. (Tariq)
I'm sorry sir that show is sold out. (Cashier)
Your kidding right? (Tariq)
No sir, someone bought the last 25 tickets 20 minutes ago. (Cashier)

 Janay! Where are you going? (Tariq)
Goodbye Tariq! (Janay)
Aww, come on Janay. Don't be like that! (Tariq)

Looks like Aaron is playing to win. Tariq better decide what team he's on and get his head in the game. Froggy caught my eye again and showed me how to make this movie theater. She is AWESOME! Check her out on YouTube if you haven't alright.  See you all next Monday. 


  1. LOVE your theater! The colors are very fitting. My Froggy Stuff is the bomb! I love her creations.

    Your storytelling is so good. Aaron is so vindictive. Tariq may bust him out if he finds out about the ticket gouging and more sonow that Janay is mad at him.

    1. Thanks Georgia girl The theater came out pretty awesome didn't it. I will have to take another pick of the ticket booth with out the customers though you can't really see it in the story. Aaron is off the hook. And Janay will get herself together she just needs a minute.

  2. OMG! Aaron is the jerkiest jerk that ever jerked! He's going to deprive all those people from seeing the movie 'cause he's a jealous douche. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I cant stand him! And Janay's stank attitude isn't winning her any points either.

    Your theater is awesome and I love how you added the swirly black and red fabric to be the stairs.

    1. I agree about Janay, I mean she's cute and everything but she ain't dead fine! Lol. If he's having doubts shes making his decision easier. Tariq is vindictive but it was pretty funny!

    2. Now Now Muff you know how Aaron gets down. Im pretty proud of that theater. I feel like I could make just about anything now! NOT;)

    3. Muff - Somehow I picture you stomping your feet in protest of Aaron. LOL! Your reaction alone was worth it.

  3. Love your theater! I am so not feeling Janay's attitude. If she's behaving like this because he has been distant (and they missed the movie) how does she deal with real conflict? Lose the dramatics sugar or lose your man, he's already conflicted.

    1. Thanks AG that theater is pretty cool isnt it. I think Janay has something on her mind that she hasnt shared with us yet so lets give her minute.

  4. Kudos on the theater! It looks awesome.

  5. The theater is awesome!!!

    Janay was pretty harsh over a sold out show, it's not like it was Tariq's fault! They could have always done something else... that man was ready to take her out on the town!

    And oh my, LOL, Aaron really goes all out, doesn't he? I have to agree with Muff though, it was pretty cruel to deprive everyone in line just because he's a jealous jerk. At least he was nice enough to give the kid a ticket... it would have been justice if the kid hit on his lady, hahahahahaha!

    1. I believe something else is bothering Janay but only time will tell. Aaron is the MAN he wants what he wants when and how he wants it....... didnt you known? LOL

  6. I Honestly don't like Aaron anymore, they way he has been treating juanita and then goes and sleeps with someone else!
    I much prefer Tariq.
    love the movie theater!

    1. Aww come on Aaron is just protecting what he believe's is his. And yes he is very selfish but I believe he really does love Juanita. Tariq is definately the better man up until he kissed Juanita lets hope he can get back on the right track.

  7. Huh? Two hundred plus dollars just to keep Tariq out (of the way)? Wow! I trust they have an enitire section of seating for themselves. Shame Janay and her date missed out on opening night. Maybe good for the two of them. I foresee a potentially horrible conflicting evening if that foursome were have met up. Surely Tariq didn't think ahead. Is he thinking at all? Aaron surely on top of his "game". The theater decor is top notch. Good place for a "prize" fight. Hmm... Juanita is his prize obviously.

    1. Hey Dienerman, Tariq apparently didn't hear the fight bell. Someone better ring it again, cause Aaron's about to knock him off his feet with a right hook and a upper cut.

  8. Great job on your theater and great episode! I love how Aaron has all the tickets stuffed in his back pocket. It's good seeing LIV Jake in action.

    1. Thanks Vanessa. The ticket stuffing was Aaron's idea. He thought it made him look like a Baller! I was suppose to use Jake's body for someone but I cant remember who so he will remain intact until I remember why I bought him.

  9. Ok, I don't know whether I should give Aaron props or punch him out, LOL. I'm sure he loves Juanita but his horns are showing. I fell out when Janay walked away, she was like..."I can't with you right now." LOL, Tariq got some splanin' to do.

    Fabulous theater shots, by the way.

  10. Thanks Tracy, Aaron definitely provokes many feelings. He loves Juanita very much he just doesn't show it very well. Janay strutting away was priceless I guess Tariq forget she could rip the runway with her eyes closed.