Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dinner at MARKZ part 1 and 2

Aaron, the Senator's here. (Megan)
Thanks Megan. I'll be right down. (Aaron)

Good evening Senator. (Aaron)
Good evening Aaron.  (Senator Williams)
Who is this beautiful creature? (Aaron)
This is my wife Penelope. (Senator Williams)
Hello (Penelope Williams)
Hello, lovely lady. Welcome to Markz. (Aaron)
Welcome to Markz, how can I help you? (Megan)
Hi, I'm Sebastian Sporting. (Sebastian)
Chicken Alfredo for five right? (Megan)
That's right. (Sebastian)

Is everyone ready to order? (Mac)
Do I know you? (Senator Williams)
If you've dinned here before. I may have been your server. (Mac)
Never mind, my wife and I would like the salmon. (Senator Williams)
Excellent choice. And for you Mr Markz? (Mac)
Give me the flounder. (Aaron)
I'll be back shortly. (Mac)

So what do you think of our little town. (Juanita)
It's way bigger then I thought. You have everything here. (MiAsia)
We aim to please. When do you start your new job? (Juanita)
I report to the news station tomorrow afternoon. (MiAsia)
Do you have any interviews lined up. (Juanita)
Well, I was hoping you would introduce me to Aaron Markz. (MiAsia)

Aaron this food is delicious! (Penelope Williams)
Thanks Penelope. (Aaron)
When will you be in Washington again? (Senator Williams)
Two weeks from today. (Aaron)
Will you have time to visit my campaign office? (Senator Williams)
Have your assistant check with Megan.  (Aaron)

Megan is Aaron here? (Juanita)
Yes, he's having a dinner meeting. (Megan)
Oh okay.  (Juanita)
Do you want to join him. (Megan)
No, I can wait.  (Juanita)

Honey, I think I've had enough for one evening. (Penelope Williams)
Alright I'll take you home. (Senator Williams)
Stay and finish your business. Anthony can take me. (Penelope Williams)

Let me help you with your wrap.  (Senator Williams)
Thank you honey. It was nice meeting you Aaron. (Penelope Williams)
Same to you Penelope. (Aaron)

Will you gentleman be having dessert? (Mac)
No thank you.  I will ring the kitchen if we need anything else. (Aaron)
Very well. (Mac)

It's just you and me now. So spit it out. (Aaron)
I forgot how much you hate Pomp and Circumstance. (Senator Williams)
I'm not one of your lackies Michael. (Aaron)
Relax Aaron, having dinner with an old friend isn't a crime. (Senator Williams)

We stopped being friends along time ago. What do you want? (Aaron)
I need to borrow $200,000.00. (Senator Williams)
Very funny. (Aaron)
I'm serious, If I don't have it in 48 hours I'm a dead man. (Senator Williams)

Chief!?!? (Megan)
Megan, Is Aaron having dinner with Senator Williams? (Barry)
Yes but... (Megan)
FBI Special Agents Hall and Sculley. Where are they? (Taj-Ma)
First dinning room on the right. (Megan)

Everyone please remain calm and stay seated. (Officer )
Oh my god it's a raid?!?! (Patron squeals)
This looks serious I'm calling the news tip line. (Patron)
If your after that mob looking guy he just left with a pretty lady. (Patron)  
To apologize for the inconvenience, dessert is on the house. (Megan)

Excuse me Mr Markz. (Mac)
Yes Mac. (Aaron)
The FBI is here. (Mac whispers)

Senator Michael Williams? (Taj-Ma)
Yes. (Senator Williams)
I'm Special Agent Taj-ma Hall and this is my partner Marion Sculley. (Taj-Ma)
How may I help you folks? (Senator Williams)
We need you to come with us. (Taj-Ma)

For what? (Senator Williams)
We have a warrant for your arrest. (Marion Sculley)
Your joking right? (Senator Williams)
No, were not. In addition, we are executing a search of your home. (Marion Sculley)
Chief Little who's running things in this town?  (Senator Williams)

They are at the moment, they have a warrant. (Barry)
A warrant for what? (Senator Williams)
As the Agents said, to search your home and for your arrest. (Barry)
 I'm Senator Michael Williams. You don't want to mess with me! (Senator Williams)

This badge says I can. Cuff him Sculley. (Taj-Ma)
Please put your hands behind your back. (Marion Sculley)

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? (Marion Sculley)
YES. (Senator Williams)
With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”
 (Marion Sculley)
(Senator Williams)

Megan can you call my wife and ask her to call my lawyer. (Senator Williams)
Right away Senator Williams. (Megan)
Do you have every police agency in the state waiting out there? (Senator Williams)
Senator please, it's best you keep quiet. (Chief Little)

Was that Nikki's man Taj-Ma? (Erin)
It sure was. I'll call her in a minute. (Heidi)
Girl, I know your not shooting a video? (Erin)
I'm putting this on YouTube. It's better than Hotlanta Housewives! (Heidi giggles)

Well, that was awkward. (Aaron)
Sure was. (Mac)

You want some more? (Aaron)
Sure. (Mac)
Yeah, take that thing off. You look ridiculous. (Aaron)
No I didn't. (Marcus)
Yes you did. You made my stomach hurt every time you came to the table. (Aaron)
Why? (Marcus)
I was trying not to laughing. (Aaron)

Thanks Aaron. (Marcus)
For what? (Aaron)
For helping a brother see the light. (Marcus)

It ain't over yet. (Aaron)
I know. (Marcus)
Aaron, can I come in. (Megan)
Yes. (Aaron)
Are you okay? (Megan)
I'm fine. (Aaron)
What was that all about? (Megan)
I'll tell you tomorrow. (Aaron)
Alright, Juanita wants to see you. (Megan)

Hey you! (Aaron)
Hey, is everything okay?  (Juanita)
It is now. (Aaron)
Good, come meet my friend MiAsia. (Juanita)
Alright. (Aaron)
Wait, are you dating anyone? (Juanita)
Why, are you interested? (Aaron)
No silly, You know I'm seeing Tariq. (Juanita)
Grrrrrrrrrrr. (Aaron)

Hi everyone I know this story was long but that's because it's this and last weeks story smashed together. I hope you still enjoyed it, see you soon. MUSTIWAIT! 


  1. Loved it as always! I was cracking up at Mac's hair too. Lol! I was like, now who is this character with the bad hair Lol!

    My favorite scene was when Taj Mah pulled out his badge and states "this badge says I can"...definitely a Kodak moment.

    1. Hey Georia Girl Mac's hair was stupid looking wasnt it. And Agent Taj-Ma Hall did exactly what my oldest son Taj-Ma would do. LOL, Alot my characters have been given my actual family and friends names.

  2. Great story. The last scene with Juanita and Aaron cracked me up. For the first time ever, I think I said 'poor Aaron'.

    1. Thanks Vanessa, you arent the only one that cracked up I set the scene up and was grinning while I shot it. Aaron needs to be kept in line.

  3. Oh wow.... that was quite the moment... and Taj Mah's name cracks me up.

    I'm with Vanessa on this one too, first time ever saying, "Poor Aaron" XD

    1. Taj-Ma was throwing his weight around wasnt he? Aaron ain't all that. LOL

  4. Hmm... I feel for the player as well. I hope Marcus is str8 cause Danielle has some competition in the makeup department. The Mac Store will get two for one when they go shopping at the mall. Well that senator must be in deep $%&$#@. Thinking he's above the law. Nice story. Hope Aaron has a bright light to seek in the end.

    1. Hey Dienerman, Danielle has nothing to worry about Marcus is willing to do anything to get from under the senator thats all. And I avoid making guesses about aarons actions I'm never right so I just sit back and watch

  5. Great story! Wondering if Aaron will come on to MiAsia or will he forsake his male ego and stay true to Juanita.

    1. Do you really think Aaron is that stupid. He better not come on to MiAsia if he does he deserves to lose Juanita forever.

    2. No, Aaron is not that stupid but he has a HUGE ego!

  6. LOL, You know that I totally giggle snorted when Aaron got ticked off. Made my night!

    The chairs you made are freakin' fantastic.

    1. I know you did and would laugh at Aaron Muff. Those chairs did come out kind of cute didnt they. Thank you

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  8. Hello from Spain: Aaron is a hustler, I really like the story of the dinner. You are very clever and creative. How much tension ... Your furniture is fabulous. Keep in touch