Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day!

Hey Julian, Did you know today was Daddy's Day. (Justine)
Nope. (Julian)
Do you have a Daddy? (Justine)
I don't think so. Cause I've never seen him. (Julian)

Do you want one? (Justine)
Yea, I guess. (Julian)
Let's ask my Uncle Tariq to be your Daddy. (Justine)
 I don't think it works like that Justine, (Julian)

Uncle Tariq. (Justine)
Yes Justine. (Tariq)
Can you be Julian's Daddy? (Justine)
Excuse me. (Tariq)

Julian doesn't have a Daddy so I told him you can be his Daddy. (Justine)
Julian, Is this true? (Tariq)
Yes, but you don't have to be my Dad if you don't want to. (Julian)
Come here. (Tariq)

Do you want me to be your Dad? (Tariq)
Yes. (Julian)
Are you sure? (Tariq)
Yes. (Julian)
Alright,  I'll talk to your Mom about it tomorrow.
If its okay with her then I'll be your Dad. (Tariq)
Thanks Mr. Tariq, I mean Dad. (Julian)

Hey Tariq! (Barry)
Hey, I was beginning to think you forgot. (Tariq)
Nah, Someone couldn't decide if they wanted to go. (Barry)
Hey Little Barry. (Tariq)

Come on Uncle Tariq! (Justine)
Yea, come on Dad. (Julian)
We're coming. (Tariq)

Someone's in a hurry. (Barry)
You mean bossy. (Tariq)
How was your week?  (Barry)
Terrible! (Tariq)

What happened ?  (Barry)
Problem with Janay but it's all good now. (Tariq)
Made up huh?  (Barry)
Nope, Julian asked me to be his father. (Tariq)
Say what!  (Barry)

Julian said he wanted a Dad and I said yes. (Tariq)
Congratulations.  (Barry)
Thanks and by the way Happy Fathers Day. (Tariq)
Same to you my friend, same to you.  (Barry)

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! That was so nice of Tariq wasn't it? I hope Julian's mother doesn't get offended by his sweet gesture.  See you all next Monday.


  1. That was super sweet. Wouldn't it be nice if it really worked that way? Tariq will be a great dad? I love your stories!

    1. Thanks Veda, I thought it was sweet too. If it worked like that more children would be happy to be alive.

  2. Love the shot of the kiddies walking away. Like their grown! Hmmm, so the beautiful Ms. London has not revealed the paternity of her child yet. Interesting. Could it be Aaron? The Mayor? I suppose time will tell.

    1. I loved that shoot too AG they were acting like they were going fishing with or without them grown men.

  3. Very sweet story! The shot of the kids walking away was my favorite shot of sweet : ). Tariq is a good guy.

    I agree, more kids would be happier if it worked like that.

    1. That was a good shot and Tariq is a good guy.

  4. I agree with all the other comments. This was a very nice and definitely sweet episode. Julian almost brought a tear to my eye for wanting a daddy.

    1. You better watch yourself around Julian Muff. He will steal your heart.

  5. Great shots. Awww, Julian and his little waist pack. My favorite shot is Justine and Julian in the back of the truck. Very nice Father's Day story.

    1. Thanks Vanessa, Justine and Julian are grown!

  6. Hello from Spain: I love this story of parents and children. In my country, Father's Day is celebrated on March 19. It is a family day. Children paint drawings parents. I really like your children. They are very cute. Nice pictures. Happy Father's Day! Keep in touch

  7. Hey Marta, thanks for sharing the difference's in our countries.

  8. I got choked up reading the exchange between Julian and Tariq. That was so sweet!