Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good Morning GRACES GROVE!!!!!!

Tariq's Morning:

What are we doing today Uncle Tariq?  (Justine)
 I just told you on the way over here. (Tariq)
I forgot. (Justine)
No you didn't. You just like hearing me talk. (Tariq)

Good Morning Tariq and Justine. (Nia London)

Good Morning Nia. Are we late? (Tariq)
No you're fine. I saw you drive up so I came out to meet you. (Nia)
Oh okay I thought I made you late for work or something. (Tariq)
Hi Ms. Nia, where's Julian? (Justine)

Julian will be out in a minute. How are you? (Nia)
I'm fine. Do you know you look like Ms. Nikki. (Justine)
Probably because she's my sister. (Nia)
I wish I had a sister. (Justine)
 Take Julian home with you instead. (Nia)
Okay! (Justine)

I'm ready! (Julian)
Hey Julian! (Justine)
Julian. You did not finish that room that fast! (Nia)
Yes I did! Hi Justine. Hi Mr Tariq. (Julian)

You behave yourself Julian. (Nia)
I will Mommy. (Julian)
Nikki is suppose to take him summer shopping so drop him off to her tonight. (Nia)
I thought Nikki was in New York. (Tariq)
She was suppose to come home last night. If she's not home, leave him with Janay.
I'll call and let her know. (Nia)
Alright, see you later. (Tariq)

 Janay's Morning:

Hello. (Janay)
Good morning Janay, this is Nia. (Nia)
Hey, whats up?  (Janay)
I hope you don't mind, but I told Tariq to drop Julian off to you if he cant find Nikki. (Nia)

What did you say?  (Janay)
Tariq has Julian, I told him to leave Julian with you if he can't find Nikki. (Nia)
Why is Julian with Tariq? You know I don't mind watching him for you.  (Janay)
They went fishing. And I'm working over so I won't be home until late.  (Nia)

Does Nikki know she's watching Julian? (Janay)
Yes, I talked to her yesterday. Janay is something wrong? (Nia)
Tariq and I are kind of on the outs. (Janay)
I'm so sorry Janay, I didn't know you two were having problems. (Nia)
Don't worry about it. One of us will bring Julian home tomorrow.  (Janay)

I wonder if Tariq's going to bring Julian here? (Janay talking to herself)

 Nikki's Morning:

Good Morning, This is Grace speaking how may I help you? (Grace)
Can I speak to Aaron Markz?  (Senator Williams)
I'm sorry, Mr Markz isn't in the office today. May I take a message? (Grace)
Can you ask him to call Senator William's office?  (Senator Williams)
I sure can. Is there anything else I can help you with? (Grace)
No that's it. (Senator Williams)
Thank you for calling MARKZ ENTERPRISES have a great day. (Grace)

Welcome to Markz Enterprises how can I help you? (Sonya)
Good Morning, I'm Nikki London. Can I see Aaron Markz. (Nikki)
I'm sorry Ms. London, Mr. Markz isn't in today. (Sonya)

Hello Nikki. (Megan)
Hi Megan, how are you? (Nikki)
I'm fine, was there a problem with your Tea Party bill? (Megan)
Oh no the bill was fine. I wanted to talk to Aaron about something. (Nikki)
I'm sorry, he isn't in today. Would you like to make an appointment? (Megan)

That won't be necessary. (Nikki)
Sure it is. Let me just move a few things around. (Megan)
Megan please don't go through any trouble. (Nikki)
It's no trouble. How does tomorrow at 1:00 sound. (Megan)
That's perfect, Thank you. (Nikki)

 Elaine's Morning:

Good Morning.  (Marcus)
Marcus, how are you? (Elaine)
I'm fine thanks.  (Marcus)

Have a seat. (Elaine)
No thanks. (Marcus)
What can I do for you then? (Elaine)
Can you give this to Danny for me? (Marcus)

What is it? (Elaine)
The money I took from her. (Marcus)
I think you should give this to her yourself. (Elaine)
I would but I don't feel like answering a bunch of questions. (Marcus)
Marcus. (Elaine)
Save the lecture I got to go. (Marcus)

Now how are we going to explain this to the IRS.  (Elaine speaking to herself)


  1. Love Janay's bedroom. Was this another Froggy inspiration project? Both of your Top Model Nikki's are beautiful. Who is Julian's father, if I may ask such a fwd question? :)

    1. Hey AG, This one was all me. Whenever I am inspired by another I make every effort to shout them out at the end of the post so you will always know where the credit belongs. I love your questions you have made me stop and think what should happen next a few times. I dont know who Julians father is we will find out together.

  2. Mustiwait, girl your dioramas are always on point! I LOVE Janay's room! Very nice! I also love Elaine's office. What furniture is that? Oh, and how can I forget Tariq's vehicle...I haven't seen that one before. You have a nice collection of cars and play sets. So Marcus decided to do what was right? Great.

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl when I decided black was Janays favorite color I got alittle concerned when it was time to make her a bedroom......But I think it turned out FANTASTIC. I should have know being that BLACK is beautiful;) The dresser is an old silverware holder I just covered some of the slots with spare wood and paper. The dressing table is a disney princess set that I painted and the bed is an plastic office bin turned on its side. I know I know ridiculous!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Becka, And Welcome to my blog. I saw your videos I think I have 5 more to watch. I Like them very much.

  4. Love all your dios. Very creative use of office supplies in Janay's room. I love seeing people get creative! So glad Marcus decided to return the money.

    1. Thanks Vanessa. My husband thinks I'm nuts, when I walked into his office and saw that bin in the corner, I said there's Janay's bed he just rolled his eyes and shook his head. When I finished the room and asked him to come see it his jaw just dropped.

  5. Look at all those great sets! You are so darn creative and oh my goodness look how many books you made!

    I know people don't say bomb diggity anymore, but they should, 'cause you are the BOMB DIGGITY!

    1. Hey Muff saying I'm the BOMB Diggity made my WEEK. Those books are in Aarons Markz Enterprises reception area you know he had to be fully stocked. Thank you!

  6. Mornings are a great way to start the day. So it may appear. So many nice sets, impressive room arrangement and detail. Looks like everyone in Grace Grove has something to look forward to today. Wonderful piece of story writing and presentation.

  7. I really love your setups, there is just so much detail in them... they come together beautifully!
    (I love the story too... but those sets just steal the scene! XD )