Sunday, April 28, 2013

To P or not to Be.......leaving!!!!!!

Do you want another glass of water? (Trichelle)
No, thank you. (Tara)
Do you want me to call Justin? (Trichelle)
No, I just need a minute. (Tara)

We've been in here for twenty minutes. Tell me whats wrong. (Trichelle)
I think I'm pregnant. (Tara)
Justin's been back in the house less than two weeks you can't be pregnant already. (Trichelle)

Yes I can. (Tara)
Are you telling me this isn't Justin's baby! (Trichelle)
PLEASE!!!! I stopped serving him breakfast.
 That doesn't mean I wasn't serving him lunch and dinner. (Tara)
Then whats the problem? (Trichelle)

 We just got back together. And we never talked about having more children. (Tara)
Justin loves the ground you walk on. And he loves Justine more then life it self.   (Trichelle)
That doesn't mean he wants another baby. (Tara)
He never said he didn't. (Trichelle)

He's going to think I asked him to come home because I'm pregnant. (Tara)
Tara that's ridiculous and you know it. Go home and talk to your husband. (Trichelle)
Go and talk to him about what? The fact that I may or may not be pregnant.  (Tara)
I can help you with that. (Trichelle)
How? (Tara)

Here, take this. (Trichelle)
What is it? (Tara)
It will tell you if your pregnant or not. (Trichelle)
Why do you have a pregnancy test? (Tara)
Don't asking questions.....Go pee. (Trichelle)

How long does this take.  (Tara)
Three to five minutes.  (Trichelle)
Talk to me. (Tara)
About what?  (Trichelle)
Tell me why you have a pregnancy test. (Tara)
Tell me when and where you found time to be with Justin.  (Trichelle)
Never mind.  (Tara)
That's what I thought.  (Trichelle)

What does it say? (Trichelle)
Your suppose to get a plus or a minus. Right? (Tara)
Yes. (Trichelle)
Well, I got an X. (Tara)
Let me see that. (Trichelle)

I did something wrong! (Tara)
No you didn't. (Trichelle)
Then why do I have an X? (Tara)
It's telling you it doesn't matter. (Trichelle)
That's not one of the choices! (Tara)
It is in your case, Justin loves you go home and talk to him. (Trichelle)

I still want to know why you have a pregnancy test in your purse.!!!
 (Tara shouts) 

A short time later....................

Hey! (Barbara)
Shh...... He's still opening and closing his eye's. (Barry)
Fighting sleep. As usual. (Barbara)

I'll take him up. (Barbara)
I'll go get his dinosaur out the car. (Barry)
Okay. (Barbara)

He is worn out.  (Barbara)
We had a good day.  (Barry)
I'm glad.  (Barbara)
Do you want these toys in the box or on the dresser. (Barry)
The box please.  (Barbara)

Thanks for taking care of him today.  (Barbara)
It was my pleasure. I don't want to miss any time with him or you . (Barry)

What do you mean. We haven't spent any time together. (Barbara)
Not because I don't want to. (Barry)
You want to spend time with me?  (Barbara)
I want to kiss you right now. (Barry)
Then kiss me.  (Barbara)

MOMMY!!!!!! (Barry Jr.shouts from his room)

That was nice. (Barbara)
MOMMY!!! (Barry Jr.)
Yes it was. (Barry)
MOMMY!!!! (Barry Jr.)

I'm coming Barry. (Barbara)
He sounds upset. I'll call you tomorrow. (Barry)
Don't go. I'll be right back. (Barbara)
MOMMY!!!! (Barry Jr.)
Go to him. I'll call you tomorrow. (Barry)


  1. Great scenes as usual. I love your dialogue. Tara and Trichelle's back and forth reminded me so much of me and my best friends, very well written

    1. I was thinking the same thing Toni. The convo made we wish I was sitting in a room with all my Bff's

  2. Well now, lot of things to consume in this piece right here. Nice work in the presentation. Nice story as well. Left us hanging once again this week. How can such a small community have so much drama. Young and the Restless meets Grace Grove.

    1. Sorry Dienerman, I wish I could tell it all too but then I wouldnt get to reply to your comments every week.

  3. Tara thinks too much. If she would talk more often instead of reacting all the time then her relationship might be better.

    Yay for Barry getting his lip lock on!

    1. I think Tara is suffering from a case of: My mother- in-law is always in my business so I dont believe in my relationship sickness.

  4. The infamous "X" XD

    That was the most amusing back and forth... and I wonder why she had a test in her purse too, lol!

    1. I dont know Heather sounds like Tara needs to spend some time with her best friend.

  5. I'm with Muff. Tara should be happy. Hmmmm. I have no idea what the X is. Guess I will have to wait or ask Heather. LOL! I'm so happy for Barry and Barbara. They seem like a really nice couple.

    1. Im thinking the X means the test was past its expiration date LOL. I am happy about Barry and Barbara too. Cant wait to see where they go from here.

  6. Another great episode that's got me on edge 'til next Monday. I'm really curious why Trichelle (one of my favorites) walks around town with pregnancy tests in her possession. The first thing I thought when Tara said "X" was...turn the test around girl, you've got it upside down, LOL. See, that's why I spent a few more bucks and got the digital test that says "Pregnant" or "Not pregnant" saves you from all the guessing. :)

    Til Monday....

    1. I hope tara keeps asking about the test I want to know why Trichelle had it too. LOL

  7. Wow!, Can't wait for the next one, Great work I Love the Constant rambling between the two and how they can keep secrets. Just Wow!

  8. Hello from Spain: I love Barbara's house. The porch is very nice and real. I also like outfits. Barbara and Barry are a loving couple. Keep in touch