Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's get to work!

Good Morning Nana. (Lindsey)
Morning Lindsey, Coffee's ready if you want a cup. (Nana)
Thanks Nana, I'll get some after I put my bag away. (Lindsey)

Can I help you with these books? (Lindsey)
Thank you. (Nana)
Are you packed? (Lindsey)
I can finish now that you are here. (Nana)
Okay. (Lindsey)

I'm leaving now. (Nana)
Have a good time. (Lindsey)
Are you sure you can handle this? (Nana)
 Everything will be fine. Don't worry. (Lindsey)
Alright, call me if anything happens. And I mean anything. (Nana)

  Meanwhile at ESU.............

Hey you. (Liam)
Hey. (Marissa)
You ready to study? (Liam)
Nope. But someone has to do it. (Marissa)

We've been working on this problem for two hours and I still don't get it. (Liam)
You're not the only one.(Marissa)
The professor makes it look so easy. (Liam)
I need a snack. Do you want something? (Marissa)
What do you have? (Liam)

I have pudding, yogurt and orange slices. (Marissa)
Bring the orange slices. (Liam)
Okay. (Marissa)

Excuse me. (Marissa)
What did you do...... fart? (Liam)
Very funny.  Move light bulb head. (Marissa)
That's not nice! (Liam)
Move so we can get back to work. (Marissa)

Look at line 8 Liam?  Is that an X or a Z? (Marissa)
Its an X. (Liam)
Make it a Z. (Marissa)

Oh My God! That's it! (Marissa)
I can't believe it took us two hours to see that one little mistake. (Liam)
My Mom always said little things are just big things in small packages. (Marissa)
I need to stand up. (Liam)

Are you okay. (Marissa)
My back hurts. (Liam)
I told you not to sit on the floor. (Marissa)
Yea, Yea I know. (Liam)
You need some help? (Marissa)

Can you rub just above my hand. (Liam)
Right here? (Marissa)
Yea right there! That feels good. (Liam)

Did you tell Trey I was coming over here? (Liam)
No, because it isn't any of his business. (Marissa)
Is that him? (Liam)
I don't know. (Marissa) 

 Back in Graces Grove..........

Good Morning. (Barbara)
You mean Good Afternoon. (Janay)
It's not that late. (Barbara)
Yes it is. (Janay)

These flowers are pretty.(Barbara)
What is Taffy doing here again? (Janay)
Tiffany was standing out front with her. (Barbara)
She gave her candy again didn't she? (Janay)
Probably......Whats the flowers for? (Barbara)

I was going to ask you. (Janay)
Why would I know?  (Barbara)

Because Barry dropped them off twenty minutes ago. (Janay)
Really?!?! (Barbara)
Yup, now take your stethoscope, and grab Taffy.  We got work to do. (Janay)

Nana's taking a road trip? Without her babies!!!!!! Someone's ringing Marissa's door bell. I hope its pizza. Flowers for Barbara? That must have been a really, really nice kiss......... Hey Synquis I know your busy studying and taking finals but I hope you also found time to pack cause Momma's on her way to pick you up and I can't wait to see you! See you all Next Monday!!!!!!!


  1. I loved the study session. Her little place looks lovely. Love the colors. I hope it's pizza, too. LOL! Have a wonderful trip. I know it will be wonderful spending time with your daughter.

    1. Thanks Vanessa I mirrored Marissa's place after my daughters Dorm decor and her bedroom at home wanted her to know I was thinking of her and miss her very much.

  2. Does Liam have a crushy crush? That pet center is huge!

    I like how you always have multiple scenes and sets going on.

    1. Yes Liam dose have a crush unfortunately Marissa cant decide what way to go. Glad your not offended by the multiple scene thing I got alot of ideas in my head and I need to see them LOL.

  3. Your dio's are really looking good! Love the pet shop. The little dog houses are adorable. : )

    Uh oh, I don't believe it's the pizza delivery guy.

    Have a great trip!

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl I keep trying to freshing things up I intend to keep getting better and better.