Sunday, April 14, 2013

Flowers Tea and Coffee part uno


I thought you were working today. (Rosie)
I am, I'm on call.  (Lindsey)
Oh. (Rosie)

Hi Grandma!!!!! (Justine)
Justine, how did you get here? 

She's with me. (Sebastian)
Sebastian. (Rosie)
I beat you Grandpa. I told you I'd get here first. (Justine)
You sure did sweety. 

Justin asked me to drop these off. (Sebastian)
They are lovely. Thank you so much. (Rosie)
Don't thank me, thank your son. (Sebastian)I was thanking you for bringing them. 

You look pretty today. (Sebastian)
Thank you. 
How's it going? 
It's been good.. 
Good..........I guess we better get going. 
I guess you better.
Come along Justine. Its time to go. 

Aww Grandpa I'm not ready to go. I want to stay with Grandma. (Justine)
Do you want to walk to the cafe with us. (Sebastian)
Please Grandma, walk to the cafe with us. 
No pumpkin I can't, I need to fertilize my new flowers. (Rosie)
I can do it. (Lindsey)


Excuse me, would you like some more orange juice? (Ernest)
Yes I'd like some more. Me too. (Janay, 
Can I have some syrup for my pancakes? (Barbara)
Yes Ma'am. (Ernest)

Are you sure you got everything out my hair? (Heidi)
Yes I'm sure. 
Does is it smell funny? (Heidi)
Heidi, I am not smelling your hair. (Nikki)

Good Morning ladies. (Heidi)
Good Morning Heidi. (Everyone)

Does anyone want to see that new movie called "Temptation"? (Barbara)
I do. Are you going. (Erin)
Janay and I are going tomorrow. Does anyone else want to go 
Child y'all late I already saw it. (Nana)
How was it? (Danielle) 
The movie was okay but the men were EXCEPTIONAL(Nana)
Nana !!!!! (Barbara) 
Child please? These old eyes still know fine when it sees it.(Nana)
I know that's right Nana. (Elaine, Erin and Heidi laughing)

Excuse me can I have a piece of toast. (Lucy)
Danielle have you heard from Marcus? (Elaine)
Nope and I'm getting worried. (Danielle)
Have you talked to the police. (Elaine)
No ,but I will if he doesn't call or text me soon. (Danielle)

Where is she going? (Nikki)
Where is who going? (Janay)
Probably to the ladies room. 
She better be. 

Ernest. Can can you get me another Mimosa? (Nikki)
Right away Ma'am. 
Yes Ma'am. (Ernest)
I want more Mim then Osa. 
Yes Ma'am. 


Hey Barry, thanks for meeting me. (Taj)
No problem Captain. (Barry)

Barry how many times do I have to tell you to call me Taj? 
Sorry Capt I mean Taj. 
Can I get you two anything? 
I'd like some cake. (Barry)
I'll be right back. 

So whats up Capt I mean Taj? (Barry)
Can I ask you some personal questions? (Taj)
I'm sure you already know everything about me. (Barry)

I don't know what made you think you could be a husband and an FBI Agent. (Taj)
Wow!!!! That's a tough one. (Barry)
Is it? (Taj)

Hi Barry! (Justine)
Hi. (Barry Jr.)
Hello. (Rosie)
Mrs Sporting. (Barry, Taj)

Why does Nikki want more Mim then Osa in her Mimosa? Did Rosie really walk to the cafe with Justine and Sebastian. And why is Taj asking Barry relationship question's. Inquiring minds want to know. See you next Monday


  1. Hmm...I wonder what Heidi shared with Nikki that's got her wanting more Mim than Osa.

    I'm with Nana...that's how I feel about most of Tyler Perry's movies, hot lookin' men in a "so so" film.

    Looking forward to next Monday. :)

    1. The movie was okay Tracy But the entire weekend was AWESOME because I was with my DIVA'S. Thanks for checking in see you next Monday.

  2. I think I see some mini sparks flying between Sebastian and Rosie. ; ). I like her outfit by the way. I can never seem to fund any clothing to fit my fuller dolls.

    Lol @ Nikki wanting more Mim in her Osa! Lol! She seems to be drowning some type of pain. Love, love Nikki (she is my fav Mattel doll).

    Looking forward to next week as always!

    1. The fuller dolls can be a problem. I approach it a few different ways. I use men's clothes and add accessories. I sew regular doll clothes but use stretchy material and sometimes i just sew something onto Rosie. What fuller figure ladies do you have? Rosie and Nana are my only ones.

  3. Love the tea. Everyone looks so nice. The food turned out nice. Lots of unanswered questions.

    1. Thanks Vanessa I think the breakfast turn out pretty good for my first try at making food.

  4. Hmmm, why is Nikki so suscipious of Heidi? Why is Heidi acting more aloof than normal. Is Rosie really going soft? What happened to all of Danielle's missing money?

    Thanks for the tip on the Power Team doll!!!!

    1. These are all very good question's Ag. But I can't answer them. We will have to find the answers together as time passes so just hang on.

  5. This will probably sound ridiculous, but it looks like Rosie is loosing weight, lol. I'm sure it's just the outfit, but now that Sebastian is around she seems to be wearing more flattering clothes.

    1. She might be Muff we woman do crazy thing's when we really like someone.