Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Tea continues with a meeting in the LADIES ROOM

Hello. (Heidi)
Hi. (Woman)
Are you here for the tea? (Heidi)
No, I work in the kitchen. I just finished my shift. (Woman)
Oh I'm sorry. I thought you were one of the Diva's. (Heidi)
That's okay. (Woman)
Whats going on with you today, you've been quiet all morning? (Janay)
I've got a lot on my mind. (Nikki)
You want to talk about it? (Janay)
Can I have a rain check. (Nikki)
Sure. (Janay)

Are you leaving? (Erin)
No, I'm going to the ladies room. (Danny)
Do you want me to go with you. (Erin)
Nah, I'll be right back. (Danny)

Tara, you are tearing that food up! (Lucy)
Its really good. (Tara)
The last time you ate that much, you were pregnant with Justine. (Lucy)

What did you say? (Tara)
The last time I saw you eat like that, you were pregnant. (Lucy)
Oh My God! (Tara whispers)
Tara are you okay, did I say something wrong? (Lucy)
 I think I need to use the ladies room. (Tara)

Where have you been? (Tara)
I was in the kitchen with Chase.  (Trichelle)
You missed breakfast. (Tara)
That's okay.....Are you alright? (Trichelle)
Can you take me to the ladies room. (Tara)

Danny walks into the ladies room.

Hello. (Marcus)
Hi. (Danny)
I've been waiting for you all morning. (Marcus)

Excuse me?!?! (Danny)
Hi Wildcat. (Marcus)
Marcus!!! (Danny)

Marcus, I've been so worried. (Danny)
Didn't I tell you not to worry. (Marcus)
Where have you been? (Danny)
Here and there.  (Marcus)

Why are you dressed like a woman? (Danny)
It's a disguise. (Marcus)
Marcus, please tell me what's going on. (Danny)
Alright, I'll tell you, but not here. (Marcus)

Ladies can I have your attention. (Nikki)

I know we only gather like this once a year.
But I want you all to know, that you
are a very important part of my life EVERYDAY.
Thank you all for another beautiful TEA.
See you next year Diva's! (Nikki)

I cannot believe Marcus is wearing a dress and did you see that hair. What did Mustiwait do to get him to wear that get up. Sounds like Tara may be expecting. I thought she was separated from Justin. If so, how can she be pregnant? See you next Monday!!!!


  1. LOVE that ladies room you created. Marcus and his get up had me weak!

    1. Hey AG that bathroom turn out very well didnt it? I'm still smiling about it and I made it two weeks ago.

  2. That ladies room is amazing! You even made stalls! Just freaking fabulous.

    LOL, Marcus in disguise is cracking me up.

    1. That was too funny wasnt it Muff. My husband suggested a video tour of the bathroom what do you think?

    2. I think your husband is right! Video Tour!!!

  3. Jesus take the wheel! LOL...I fell out laughing when I saw it was him. I'm so hoping Kara has a little bun in the oven although maybe I should see how she feels about it.

    That bathroom is amazing!! I love the colors and your idea for sinks, swanky! This was a nice Sunday night treat. Can't wait 'til next Monday. :)

    1. Thanks Tracy, I'm rather fond of that bathroom too and Marcus had me cracking up when I was preparing him for this story he gave many reasons why he should not be wearing a dress and as you probably guessed I shot all his reasons down.

  4. Phew, I just discovered you earlier this morning and I went back and read EVERY story. I'm in love, lol. And I love that your first story was a trip to Rod and Danielle's wedding. I was so sad to have discovered Norristown right after the wedding. I pray there is another I've one or some large event soon..hint hint Vanessa. Lol. And I love your mentions of My Froggy Stuff and Print mini. it's wonderful being part of the small mini community isn't it? Lmao

    1. *Morristown, silly phone :-)

    2. Toni - Don't worry, Toni. There will be more events that you can attend in Morristown. Hang in there.

    3. Hi Toni that Morristown wedding created a lot of buzz so many doll bloggers were talking about it I just had to show my doll dressed up and ready to attend the wedding. Vanessa made it worth the effort too the wedding was beautiful. Welcome to my blog do you have a blog I would love to become a follower.

    4. I started one a while back but got derailed when I lost my job and moved, hoping to get it going again by summer :-) !

  5. Hilarious. When I saw those muscles on that 'lady', I didn't know what was going on. LOL! Glad to see Marcus is okay. Love the bathroom. Nice and modern with a great color palette.

    1. Thanks Vanessa the bathroom turned out very well. I even got the executive head nod from Mr Marks when he saw it. lol

  6. Marcus needs to get it together. Danny really Loves him, even being broke from his mess, his time is running out. The bathroom is out of this world, could you come remodel my bathroom? Keep up the good wool.

    1. Danny dose seem to be in love doesnt she. The bathroom did turn out nice. My hubby suggested I do a tour video of it and I just might.

  7. I said to myself " that's a manly looking woman". Lol too funny!!

    1. I was laughing too when I thought of it, while I made the dress, when I put the hair on even when I placed him in the bathroom to photograph his scenes. My stomach still hurts.

  8. Great episode!! This one had me laughing. I laughed at the first pic of Marcus. I was like "that is one husky wo-man"! Lol!

    Ditto to what everyone said about the bathroom. It is fabulous! Great color palette and the whole nine.

    I knew Tara was pregnant. : ). Yay! I am probably the only follower who wants them back together. Lol! Looking forward to next week...keep them coming!

    P.S. YES, to a video tour of the ladies room! ; )

    1. Hey Georgia Girl, you may be right all clues point to your girl being pregnant. And I want them together too, they just need to do something with Rosie first.

  9. Oh my goodness, Marcus is too much! It's a tribute to how little people actually pay attention to one another while out in public, hehe.

    New follower here, and I'm loving the story so far!
    I'll be interested to learn more about Tara and her "maybe" baby XD

    1. Welcome Heather, Im glad we have entertained you. Marcus is too much so are a few other people living in Graces Grove but you will find this out in time. see you next Monday!!!!

  10. What is there to say. Marcus has issues, but I think Danny has it BaD for him. Again, another piece of decor love the creativity. Dr. Phil may need to pay your charactes a visit...soon!

    1. Thanks Dinnerman, Doctor Phil cant help my people trust me it is best to just let them do what they do.

  11. Marcus's disguise made me lose it!! LOL And OMG your sets are AMAZING!!! I feel like I have missed out on so much. Don't worry though...I'm catching up quick! (^_^)