Sunday, December 23, 2012

A little after dinner.

Are you guys ready for Christmas? (Janay)
I am, I've run out of hiding places. (Barbara)
I'm finished with Justine but I need one more gift for Justin. (Tara)
I'm going out one more time tomorrow. If I don't have a gift for everyone after that then BAH humbug. (Janay)
HAHAHAHA (Barbara, Tara)

Hey Beautiful, I'm going to get someone to clean this party stuff up. (Aaron)
I can do it. (Juanita)
No you can't this is your day, besides
 I want to make sure Megan is okay, she isn't answering her walkie talkie. (Aaron)
Alright. (Juanita)
Are you going to stay with me tonight? (Aaron)
I will if you want me too. (Juanita)
I want you with me every night, you know that. (Aaron)

Hey Megan. (Ty-Juan)
Hi Ty-Juan how are you? (Megan)
I'm good, I'll be better after I eat some dinner. (Ty-Juan)
That's right you called in, Let me go get your order. (Megan)

Hello Ladies! (Ty-Juan)
Hi Ty-Juan. (Lindsey)
Hello young man. (Rosie)
Rosie this is Ranger Ty-Juan Hall, Ty-Juan this is Rosie Sporting. (Lindsey)
Lindsey can I give you a call? I'd love to take you to dinner after Christmas. (Ty-Juan)
That would be nice, why don't you give me a call tomorrow afternoon. (Lindsey)
I will, you ladies enjoy the rest of your evening. (Ty-Juan)

Oh there you are. I thought you left. Heres your food. (Megan)
I'm sorry about that, I went to say hello to someone. (Ty-Juan)
I put a piece of my famous peach cobbler in there. I hope you enjoy it. (Megan)
Thanks Megan I'm sure I will. Have a great night. (Ty-Juan)

When are you going to tell him you got the hots for him. (Aaron)
I'm sorry did you say something. (Megan)
Yeah, close your mouth before you drool on my floor. (Aaron)

Hello we haven't met I'm Aaron Markz. (Aaron)
Yeah Yeah I know,  Look the food was good you don't need to brown nose me. (Marcus)
I don't brown nose, my friend, I don't need to. (Aaron)
Then what do you want? (Marcus)
I want to offer you a piece of advice. (Aaron)
What, you think you're my Pops or something?  (Marcus)
Not even close. (Aaron)
Alright, I'm listening. (Marcus)
Whatever the Senator promised you ain't going to happen, so get away from him while the getting is good. (Aaron)
I'll try to keep that in mind. Can I go now? (Marcus)

Are you going to tell me how you know that man or are you just going to keep staring at his back? (Rosie)

I met him on the trip to the zoo. (Lindsey)
And you gave him your phone number because? (Rosie)
I.. ah.. I.. thought if Justin saw us talking he would get jealous. (Lindsey)
Well, did it work? (Rosie)
No, Justin was too busy chasing Justine around. (Lindsey)
So why did you tell him to call you tomorrow? (Rosie)
I don't know, I guess I was being polite. (Lindsey)


Let me tell you something, Ms Kitchen. If you want to get back with my Son,
 You better have a damn good reason for everything you do from now on do you understand? (Rosie)
Yes Rosie. (Lindsey)
Lets get home. I need to think how we can use this Ranger to our advantage. (Rosie)

Hey man, get off my car! (Marcus)
Oh, I'm sorry is this your car?  I thought it was Senator William's flunky car. (Devon)
What did you say? (Marcus)

You heard me! (Devon)
Gotcha! (Andre Jackson)
Hey, get off me! (Marcus)
Settle down and I won't bust your head open. (Dre)

The bird is in the trap. I repeat the bird is in the trap. (Devon)
Are you coming? (Dre)
Nah, I need to catch up to the Senator before he leaves town. (Devon)
OK, see you later. (Dre)

A little later at an abandoned warehouse........

What are you doing Dre? (Gordon)
Going thru dude's cell phone. (Dre)
Why, you see anything special in there? (Gordon)
Yeah, he got some hot photos of some chick name Danielle. She must be his woman. (Dre)
Let me see. (Gordon)

Has he said anything? (Taj-Ma)
When I pulled him out the truck, he asked for his Mommy. HAHAHA (Dre)
He hasn't said anything Captain, I think he was crying though. (Gordon)
Are you okay Marcus? (Taj-Ma)

I will be, as soon as you PUNKS untie me! (Marcus)
Punk huh? I got your punk. (Dre)
Looks like your the punk, cry baby. (Gordon)
I wasn't crying and I ain't scared of you. (Marcus)
I'm glad your not scared, we just need to ask you a few questions. (Taj-Ma)
I don't know anything so I ain't telling you nothing. (Marcus)
Are you sure you won't answer our questions? (Taj-Ma)
Are you deaf or something? I SAID... I ain't telling you nothing! (Marcus)
Fellas... (Taj-Ma)


How about now Marcus? Will you answer our "punk" questions now?

Looks like Aaron advised Marcus a little too late. I sure hope he has a strong bladder cause these dudes don't look very nice.

Have a great Holiday everyone see you next Monday.


  1. Marcus has really messed up now! Lol! He sure is cocky considering his situation. Love the kidnapping scenes!

    I feel for Meagan. She has a crush on Ty Juan and he has eyes for Lindsey who is not thinking about him. Rosie is now involved so it's no telling what drama will come out of this. Rosie needs to get a life. Lol!

    Love your diorama, pics and props as always.

    P.S. For some reason I was thinking that Aaron and Juanita were married...not sure why I thought that. I remember their storyline.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    1. Looks like it Georgia Girl everyone should know your dirt will catch up to you eventually.

  2. Oh my! It's getting serious over there! Gteat dialogue. I agree with Vickey. Rosie needs a life. LOL!

    1. Im sitting back waiting for the right person to come along and put Rosie in check

  3. Finally Marcus is getting what he deserve! Rosie needs to stay out of Justine life and get her own. Lindesy needs to go out with the ranger and forget about Justine. Drama at its finest!! Keep up the good work! And by the way love the party hats!

  4. Is Rosie married? If not she needs a companion post haste! Or a book club. Something to keep her out of her child's business.

    It's going down in your town!

    1. Rosie is Happily divorced Muff. I get the feeling her husband held her in check and thats her reason for being out of control now.