Monday, December 31, 2012


Lift your chin up just a little Kelly. Stop right there. (Tara)
CLICK CLICK CLICK (Camera snapping pictures)

Now look at me. (Tara)
CLICK CLICK CLICK (Camera snapping pictures)
Oops I'm sorry. (Justin)
Justin your fine. Kelly go ahead and change into the other dress. (Tara)
Alright. (Kelly)

Hey you. (Justin)
UMMMM you smell and feel good. (Tara)
Thanks so do you. (Justin)


 I didn't know you were shooting photos today. (Justin)
I'm covering for Tariq. He hasn't got back from Indianapolis yet. (Tara)
So what's up? You didn't tell Gabby what you needed when you called. (Justin)
Can you take Justine to her doctors appointment today? (Tara)

Whats wrong with Justine?! (Justin)
She keeps having tummy aches in the middle of the night. (Tara)
When did this start? (Justin)
I don't know a little while ago. (Tara)

Why didn't you tell me? (Justin)
Because It's probably nothing and I don't want you to think I can't take care of her. (Tara )
Tara, I know you're a good Mother. And I would never think that.. (Justin)
Look I can't get away right now. Can you take her to the doctors for me? (Tara)
Of course, What time is the appointment?(Justin)

Across Town.......

Come on Ref. are you going to make a call or what? (Danielle)

Run Vick Run!!!!! (Danielle)

This is ridiculous. (Erin)
Eli is looking much better this week. (Elaine)
He sure is. (Ken)

Forget Eli.. he still a loser. (Danielle)
She always player hating. (Elaine)
HA HA HA (Erin)
I think we should host the super bowl party. (Ken)
I'm down if you are. (Elaine)

Look who decided to show up all late and wrong. (Danielle)
Hi everyone (Nikki, Taj-Ma)
HI (Ken, Elaine Erin)
Let me go get some chairs. (Danielle)
Let me help. (Taj-Ma)

Where do you want this? (Taj-Ma)
Put it by the sofa but turn it towards the TV. (Danielle)
Okay (Taj-Ma)
Thanks Taj, I'll get you a beer when your finished. (Danielle)

Why are you late? (Danielle)
Taj worked late last night and slept thru his alarm. (Nikki)
He was late and you still let him bring you over here. (Danielle)
You must really like this dude. (Erin)
Whatever!!! Where's Marcus? (Nikki)
I was wondering that myself. (Erin)
I hope he's tied up and pistol whipped. (Danielle)
What did he do? (Nikki, Erin)

Who is that? (Taj-Ma)
My Ex-boyfriend Marcus. (Danielle)


Well that's it, your all checked out. (Dr. Brown)
Can I hold your stethoscope? (Justine)
Sure, here you go. (Dr. Brown)   
This is so cool. (Justine)
Nurse Davis,  Help Justine get dressed while I talk to her father. (Dr. Brown)
I ran a few test on Justine two weeks ago. Everything came back fine.
I gave her a physical today hoping she would point something out but she didn't. (Dr. Brown)
So what are you saying? (Justin)
There is nothing physically wrong with Justine. (Dr. Brown)
Then why does her stomach hurt in the middle of the night? (Justin)
Well........ how are things at home? (Dr. Brown)
Everything is ff....OH.....I'm not living at home right now. (Justin)
You don't need to saying anything else. I think you just solved the tummy mystery. (Dr. Brown)
Thanks Doc. (Justin)

That's it precious, your ready to go!(Nurse Davis)
Thank you. (Justine)
Your welcome Precious (Nurse Davis)

Are you ready to go Justine? (Justin)
Yes, I'm ready Daddy. (Justine)
Thanks Nurse Davis. (Justin)
Your Welcome Justin have a great day. (Nurse Davis)
You too. (Justin)


Can we go get some Ice cream before you take me home? (Justine)
Sure, What flavor are you going to get? (Justin)
You know. (Justine)
 Chocolate? (Justin)
No, I don't like chocolate. (Justine)
Vanilla? (Justin)
No, I don't like Vanilla. (Justine)
Rainbow, Sherbet, Chunky monkey. (Justin)
NO that sounds nasty DADDY!!!!! (Justine)

I wouldn't open that door if I was Danielle, Marcus sounds pissed. AWWW poor Justine the seperation is giving her tummy ache's. What is Justin going to do now How will he tell Tara? Will she believe him? See you all next Monday.


  1. I bet Tara is going to feel like Justine thinks it's her fault that Justine is getting those tummy aches. At this point they have both created a situation that is impacting their child. They need to get it together.

    Marcus' has got some nerve. I guess they didn't scare him enough if he's still acting the fool.

    That living room set is great! You are really putting these rooms together and making some stylish furniture. Will you be doing any tutorials on them?

    1. Oops. That first Justine should have been "Justin."

  2. Very good episode! I love Danielle's place! Animal print is my favorite. Nikki came in fashionably late looking like the diva that she is. Lol! I just love this doll. She is one of my favorites that Mattel has created.

    I love your doctor's office diorama. It is very patient friendly. I hope to see more of Justin and Tara working on getting back together. Little Justine is probably missing her Daddy.

    Happy New Year Mustiwait!