Monday, August 20, 2012

Barbara's Dinner Date

Have we seated all our reserved guest. (Aaron)
We have two couples left, Their due to arrive any minute.
Anyone that comes in after that will be a walk in or picking up takeout. (Megan)
Great, I don't want anyone waiting longer then 7 minutes for a table. (Aaron)
Yes Sir, I will be sure to keep any wait time to a minimum. (Megan)

Good Evening Welcome to MARKZ. (Megan)
Hello I'm Ryan Beaver we have a 7:00 reservation. (Ryan)
Yes Sir, Please follow me to your table. (Megan)

I am so excited honey. I can't believe were about to have dinner at MARKZ. (LaShay)
I told you I would do something special for our anniversary. (Devon)

The restaurant is busy tonight.

You should have seen this cat it was huge. (Barbara)
I'm sure you have some very interesting patients. (Ryan)
You can't tell me nothing funny happens in the super market. (Barbara)
It does but I like listening to you. (Ryan)

Hello, How was everything? Aaron)
Everything was perfect, Thank you Aaron. (Barbara/Ryan)
Can I get you anything else? (Aaron)
 No thank you but, Please give our compliments to the chef. (Ryan)

Hello Sir, Hi Cutie. (Megan)
Hee, Hee, Hee (Barry Jr. giggling)
Hi, I'm Barry Little I called for takeout about 15 minutes ago. (Barry)
Let me guess, Chicken Alfredo with apple sauce, baby carrots and mashed potatoes on the side? (Megan)
That's right. (Barry)
Please have a seat, I'll be right back with your food. (Megan) 

Hey where do you think your going! (Barry) 

Barry come back here! (Barry Sr.)
MOMMY!!!!! (Barry Jr.)

Where did you come from? (Barbara)

Ohhhh (Barry Sr.)
Looks like your son is trying to get away from you. (Barbara)
That or he can spot his Mother anywhere. (Barry)
Hm mm, I didn't think of that. (Barbara)

Hello I'm Ryan Beaver. (Ryan)
Barry Little, Sorry to interrupt. (Barry)
No problem, Barry and I have played the chase game a time or two. (Ryan) 

I'm going to walk them back up front. (Barbara)
Alright, It was nice meeting you. (Ryan)
Same to you. (Barry) 

You didn't have to walk back with us. (Barry)
I know I wanted to, Are you two doing okay. (Barbara)
Yes, were fine I came to get our dinner. I didn't know you were here. (Barry)
I know....Let me hold him again. (Barbara)

You be a good boy for Daddy,  Okay. (Barbara)
Okay. (Barry Jr. sniffing back tears)

Here's your food Sir. (Megan)
How much do I owe you. (Barry Sr.)
Mr Markz took care of it enjoy the rest of your evening. (Megan)
Thank you. (Barry Sr.)
Bye Bye. (Barry Jr.)
Bye Cutie. (Megan)

Barry is getting big, He wasn't with you the last time you came in the market.
(silent pause)
Would you like some coffee to go with your cupcake?
(silent pause)
The club's been open for about 20 minutes. Do you want to head over their now?
(silent pause)
Barbara, Are you listening to me? (Ryan)

I'm sorry what did you say? (Barbara)
I asked if you were ready to go. (Ryan)
 I'm sorry but I'm not feeling very well right now. (Barbara)
Is their something I can do? (Ryan)
Can you taking me home? (Barbara)
Sure, I'll get the check. (Ryan)

Over at Barry's boarding room.

Come on where's the defense?
Don't let him block your shot like that. (Barry watching Sixers vs Celtics game)
KNOCK KNOCK  (the door)

KNOCK KNOCK (the door)
Who is it? (Barry)

See you next Monday!!!!!!!!


  1. Hello from Spain: Barry jr is very cute. I really like the restaurant. I also like Barry's room. Great job. Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta, Im glad you like the rooms.

  2. I hope it's Barbara at the door! I don't know their situation but she seems quite attuned to him, so maybe their is hope for a rekindle... and another Barry 3.0

    Barry's room is actually quite nice to be a boarding room. Love the large schematic on his wall.

    1. The wall art is spider mans web little Barry loves spider man so daddy hung it for him. Barbara still loves Barry very much, I will find a way to show what cause the divorce without confusing anyone.

  3. Nice episode! Love your restaurant. I especially loved the scene where Barry Jr. saw his mother and went to the table. I thought there was going to be drama. Lol! Barry Sr. took it like a champ.

    1. Hey Georgia Girl, Thanks for the love. Barry was smooth wasn't he. I think he has done some growing I hope Barbara takes another look.

  4. Hmm...somebody lost in thought. Barry Sr. And Jr. Nothing hits home like family. Another Ryan bites the cupcake crust...ALONE. Forget the icing tonight. Appreciate the story. Nice detail. Go Sixers!

  5. Oop! Anyone want coffee, looks like Barry has a LONG night aHEAD. Dang! Jr. RETURNED home with him...hope he's a deep sleeper. This could be good.