Monday, August 13, 2012

Heidi phones a Friend

I swear if I had stayed a minute longer the man would have had me in a trance.
He gave me a lot to think about, way too much to think about alone. (Heidi)

I better call my girl Nikki for this one. (Heidi)

Thanks for hooking a sister up Peaches my hair was begging for help! (Nikki)
Yea, Yea you need to get your butt in here every two weeks instead of whenever you feel like it. (Peaches)
Buzz Buzz (cell phone)
Girl you know I'm busy, excuse me while I take this call. (Nikki)

Chello (Nikki)
Hey Nikki, are you busy? (Heidi)
I just finished getting my hair done whats up? (Nikki)
I need to talk, can you meet me at the Sweet Shop? (Heidi)
Sure, I'll be their in about 15 minutes. (Nikki)

Globe trotting again? (Peaches)
No that was Heidi, she needs to talk to me. (Nikki)
What did she do now? (Peaches)
I don't know she was fine this morning. 
I hope whatever it is doesn't cost me money she just paid me back.(Nikki)

Back at Janay's.........

What would you like to do now that we have dressed
Barbara for her date? (Janay)
I don't know..... play Barbie. (Justine)
Yea we could do that, but I have an even better idea. (Janay)

What's your idea Ant Janay? (Justine)
Do you like Ice Cream? (Janay)
Then I think we should go out for extra large hot fudge sundaes. (Janay)
Can I get extra whip cream and two cherry's on top. (Justine)
I don't see why not. (Janay)

THEN LETS GO! (Justine)
Slow down munchkin, I have to get my purse. (Janay laughing)


Is it good sweety? (Janay)
This is the best sundae I ever had. (Justine)
Looks like its the best sundae your face has ever had. (Janay laughing)

Let me wipe your face. (Janay)
But I'm not finished yet. (Justine)
I'm not taking your Ice cream, I'm just fixing your face. (Janay)
Come on Nikki where are you? The hair salon is not that far from here.
Is that Janay over their?
Shoot, I don't want her to know I went to see Aaron. 
I better say Hi and hope Nikki arrives soon. (Heidi to herself) 

Hello (Heidi)
Hi Heidi, what brings you to the SWEET SHOP. (Janay)
I'm picking out a Birthday cake with Nikki she should be here any minute. (Heidi)
The cakes here are delicious. Who's birthday is it?(Janay)
Um Um Um, there's Nikki I better go we got a lot of party planning to do. (Heidi) 

What took you so long? (Heidi)
Excuse me! (Nikki)
I'm sorry but I've been waiting forever and I ran into Janay. (Heidi)
What's Janay doing here, I thought you wanted to talk to me? (Nikki)
She must have already been here. (Heidi)
Should I go over and say Hi. (Nikki)
 No, I told her we were getting a cake and had planning to do. (Heidi)
I wonder what those two are up to? (Janay)
Can I finish my Ice cream Ant Janay? (Justine)
Sure sweety, go ahead and eat it before it melts. (Janay)

Can I have two hot chocolates with whipped cream. (Nikki)
I don't know where to start. (Heidi)
I have a date tonight so you better start somewhere. (Nikki)

I went to see Aaron Markz today. (Heidi)
Are you crazy or just stupid. (Nikki)
You don't have to be rude, I couldn't get him off my mind. (Heidi)
No wonder you were spooked about seeing Janay she is going to kill you. (Nikki) 

Why should she, he isn't her man. (Heidi)
No he isn't but she asked you to stay away from him and so did I. (Nikki)
The guy is gorgeous and rich you know I can't resist one let alone two perfect man checklist items. (Heidi)
 Yes he is gorgeous and rich but he is also self serving. He will use you then lose you Heidi. (Nikki)

Come on Nikki aren't you curious don't you want to know what makes the man, THE MAN? (Heidi)
I have heard all the rumors you have heard, none of them make me want to know him on an intimate level. (Nikki)
Well I'm not strong like you. I want to know.  No I need to know if the rumors are true. (Heidi)
Heidi Louise Calder, are you really going to fall for a big wallet and a smile? (Nikki)

I'm afraid I already have. Let me tell you what he said to me. (Heidi)
Please don't I'm not wearing boots. (Nikki)
That's not funny Nikki. (Heidi)
No its not I'm afraid your going to get hurt really bad. (Nikki) 

I want him Nikki, I can't explain why I just do. (Heidi)
I see you haven't heard a word I've said. (Nikki)
You really aren't going to help me with this. (Heidi)
No, I have to let you make this decision all by yourself. (Nikki)

UT OH......Looks like Heidi's headed for trouble see you all next Monday!!!!


  1. Hello from Spain: Nikki refuses to help her friend ... I like Nikki's hair. I also like the little girl eating ice cream. It's very real. The salon is very nice. You have many beautiful things. The convertible car is wonderful. Keep in touch

  2. Heidi is a glutten for punishment. Lol! She is grown and so is Aaron, so Nikki is right to just let her be. I love your salon and ice cream shop. Heidi's car is also very nice. Great episode! I'll be tuned in next week.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl, Are you sure Heidi is grown I can't tell sometimes. LOL The Hair salon which is called Fabulous You and the Bakery/Ice cream shop called SWEETS are permanant dios in my Barbie room, Im glad I dusted them off to share with you.

  3. Women...we chase big XXX's and a smile. And what does Heidi pursuit...big $$$ Sexy. Hmm...what a course to follow. It's all good. Like Georgia Girl said...SHE GROWN! And Aaron...he's a BIG BOI! Playaz play on...The BIG dog vs the KITTY cat. We all know once you feed the cat, they always seem to come back. Heidi, say it ain't so.

    1. Dienerman you are too funny. Thanks for checking in.

  4. yes Heidi is headed for trouble. Good luck Heidi. She is really into him isn't she?

    1. She's going to need all the luck she can get if she agrees to fool around with Aaron.

  5. "Chello?" LOL, I used to watch a sitcom where a character said that everytime they answered the phone and I would bust a gut each time. Now, for the life of me I cant remember the show.

    Oh, Heidi! Ah well, many a person has fallen for the allure of money and a sexy body... or just money. At least she has a nice car. Perhaps at the end of this he'll buy her an even better one. Bazinga!

    1. Hey Muff, JJ Evans of Good Times always said Chello when he answered the phone. Oh Heidi is all any of us can say about her, We will just have keep our eye on her. Which is what Im sure Nikki will do from afar.