Monday, June 11, 2012



I'm so glad you guys could make it! (Janay)
You owe me big time for this you know I don't do outside. (Nikki)
It's not so bad it may even be fun. (Heidi) 
Let me take your bags then I will introduce you to everyone. (Janay)
Forget everyone who's the hottie? (Heidi)
Oh Lord here we go. (Nikki  
(Aaron looking around suddenly feeling as if he is being undressed.)
Heidi you swore you were taking a break from men. (Nikki)
I'm taking a break from boys not men there's a difference. (Heidi)
I don't want any trouble at this Bar B Que okay! (Janay)
No problem, I will just introduce myself. (Heidi)      
Hello, I'm Heidi Calder and you are? (Heidi)
Aaron, Aaron Markz how do you do. (Aaron)
Your momma should have called you super fine. (Heidi whispers) 
Excuse me I didnt hear what you said. (Aaron)

Oh nothing important. (Heidi)
Would you like to take a seat. (Aaron)
Sure if no one else is using it. (Heidi)

So your thee Aaron Markz of Markz retaurants. (Heidi)
And your a model. I should have guessed your stunning. (Aaron)
Thank you.....your not so bad yourself  Mr. Markz. (Heidi)

(Barry and Danielle playing around Barbara's legs)

Nikki if she starts some drama at this Bar B Que I'm never speaking to her again. (Janay)
I will keep an eye on her don't worry. (Nikki)
You two are my girls but these people are my family I dont want to choose sides. (Janay)
Chill out everything will be fine.  Lets get some food and mingle. (Nikki) 

Looks like your boy has a groupie. (Marissa)

(Aaron gets a chill down his spine)

(Marissa and Juanita stare at Aaron)

So what would you like to nibble on? (Aaron)
Can I nibble on you? (Heidi)
Ha Ha thats cute. We've been talking our heads off and you haven't eatin all day lets get serious. (Aaron)
 Oh I don't know what I want. What do you recommend. (Heidi)

Well these kabobs are from my restaurant and I made these sweet rolls. (Aaron)
Both of those look good for my taste buds but bad for my figure. (Heidi)
Oh come on try them. You look good and you only live once. (Aaron)
Okay but you have to share with me. (Heidi) 

That was delicious. (Heidi)
See I knew you would like it. (Aaron)
Can this day get any better I've had good food and great company. (Heidi) 
Thanks, I'm really enjoying myself too. I haven't done that in a long time. (Aaron)

Stay still you have some crumbs on your chin. (Heidi)
Oh Do I? (Aaron)
Here let me get them. (Heidi)

That's okay I need to use the restroom. I will check my face while I'm in there. (Aaron)
I was just trying to help. (Heidi)
No harm done, I'll be right back. (Aaron)
I'll be here. (Heidi)

to be continued.........


  1. I smell trouble!!!
    Wow I can't wait till
    next monday loving the pictures & plot.
    ughhh the suspense.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. I smell alittle trouble to. Wish I knew who would be on the receiving end of it.

  2. Oh my God. Its getting really Hot at that Bar B Q. Those crumbs got him going to the bathroom or is something else or someone else. LOL can't wait until next Monday. Keep up the good work.

    1. It is getting hot good thing Aaron is wearing a muscle shirt. Looks like he would be burning up if Juanita has any say in the matter.

  3. Hilarious! I smelled trouble from the very beginning. Aaron is eating up the attention. Your BBQ setting is fabulous. The trees look like they are doll sized. LOL! Great job. I can't wait to see what happens.

    1. Yes Aaron is eating up the attention. I hope he gets full soon. I dont think Juanita will continue to just stare much longer.

  4. Wondering who or what is on the dessert menu. (Maybe who is on the grass or left out to graze.) On that note, time for a restroom break myself. Til next episode.

    1. If Aaron has planted himself on the desert menu he better get off. I dont think Juanita likes to share.

  5. Hello from Spain: I love Heidi's shirt. I see by your photos that Heidi likes Aaron. I have the same shirt for my Ken. You do a great job. The furniture looks real. Keep in touch

    1. Yes Heidi has gotten very comfortable with Aaron I hope she knows what she is doing

  6. Hmm I get the distinct impression that Aaron is having a Ross moment. Does he believe he and Juanita are on a break? LOL. Judging by the looks and the stomp over he's got real problems right now. He can't be that dense or can he? LOL

    Can't wait for the next episode

    1. I see Aaron strutting round Graces Grove like he owns the whole town. He only wants what he wants and believes everything he wants is already his. The only thing we all can do is sit back and watch him work.

  7. "Your momma should have named you super fine." That line had me in hysterics! I cant stand it when men act clueless, but if Juanita is going to give him the brush off and she needs her space to reflect then she should expect that other women are going to want to pounce on her super fine man.

    1. His momma should have named him that, he is FINE. I don't think Aaron is cluless though he his expanded his family legacy well beyond his parents dreams. Aaron is just living in his own world. Juanita and Aaron have been apart of each others life since preschool if anyone can keep him in line she can. Aaron is a lion and Juanita is the lion tamer.

    2. You can't tame a lion that lives in the jungle! He rules his nest and the rest just follow him! :)

  8. Awesome diorama! Aaron has to know he is causing problems. Lol! By the way, I love Nikki. I don't do outside either....hate bugs. Great story!