Monday, June 4, 2012

Before the Bar B Que


(Brrring Brrring)

Hello? (Juanita)
Hey did I wake you? (Marissa on phone)
That's okay whats up? (Juanita)
Can you ride to the market with me? (Marissa)
Why are you going to the market? (Juanita)
I need to get something for the Bar B Que. (Marissa)
Oh Yeah that. (Juanita)
What you mean "Oh Yeah" aren't you going? (Marissa)

I'm really not feeling that today. (Juanita)
And why not Tariq's BBQ is the best. (Marissa)
  I'ts a long story. (Juanita)
I got all day. I'll be there in 20 minutes.  (Marissa)

(At The Market)

Hello Barbara. (Barry Sr.)

Hello Barry. (Barbara)
I was hoping to say Hi to Barry Jr. (Barry Sr)
I'm sorry he is with Janay. (Barbara)
Oh okay sorry to bother you. (Barry)

I'm going to Tariq's Memorial Day BBQ you may come if you like. (Barbara)
REALLY are you sure? (Barry)
Sure why not, Barry would love to see you. (Barbara)
I would love to see him too. (Barry)
Let me pay for my food and we can go. (Barbara)

Do you believe Aaron humiliated me like that. (Juanita)
You two have been sending the wrong signals since forever. (Marissa)
Yeah I know but I love him so I keep trying. (Juanita)
Maybe its time to call in a professional. (Marissa)

Hmmm I don't know. (Juanita)
Whats to know you love each other get someone to help you talk. (Marissa)
Aaron and I talk all the time. We never understand each other. (Juanita)
I'm sure you do, but  that doesn't mean you can't use some help. (Marissa)
Hey you. (Aaron calling Juanita)
Oh Hello. (Juanita)
Look I know your still upset but I want to see you. (Aaron)

Im not ready to talk. (Juanita)
I dont want to talk about last night either I want to spend the day with you. (Aaron)
I'm already out with Marissa were headed to Tariq"s BBQ. (Juanita)

I thought we were going together. (Aaron)
Yea well we were until last night. (Juanita)
I will be dressed in 10 minutes where are you I can pick you up. (Aaron) 

Look I'm going with Marissa I will see you there. (Juanita)
Ok if thats the way you want it. (Aaron)
We will still be there together okay. (Juanita)
If you say so.......I guess I'll see you later then. (Aaron)

Janay can you bring me that spatula. (Tariq)
Here you go baby. (Janay) 

Hi Everyone. (Barbara)
DADDY !!!!!!!!! (Barry Jr.)
Hey squirt!(Barry Sr.)

to be continued.......


  1. Another great story. I love Juanita's pjs, her hat and her handbag. Great settings, too. I really like the little girl riding her bike at the picnic. Great job. I'm sending over a lady to accompany Aaron at the BBQ. I'm not going to say anything about Juanita. "Yeah I know but I love him so I keep trying." Uh, yeah. You keep trying like that and your secret wish to be single will be realized before you know it. BUT I'm not going to say anything.

  2. Hello from Spain: I like clothes Juanita is wearing clothes. The store is wonderful with the cart to make the purchase. The last photo of children playing is beautiful. A great job. You have many nice things. Keep in touch

  3. your lay out is the best. you are really doing a great job with your story.

  4. Oh no, I hope that Juanita doesn't break off with Aaron. Love all your scenes but the grocery store is really awesome.

  5. Juanita & Aaron seem like a crazy couple.
    can't wait to see where this goes.

  6. Love everything...the whole setup! The store, the barbecue scenes, outdoor shots are totally awesome. I have that grill still in th box. I need to break it out. Lol! I love your storytelling.