Monday, May 7, 2012

Tariq's Return

(Im so glad to be home.)
(Everyone is going to be surprised to see me.)

Is this what you two call working? (Tariq)
I know he did not just go there? (Tara)
Yes he did! (Trichelle)
I'm only playing Tara, come give me a hug. (Tariq)
Welcome home big brother. (Tara)
Thanks its good to be back. (Tariq)
When did you get back? (Trichelle)
A few hours ago. (Tariq)
How long will you be home? (Tara)
I'm free for three weeks. (Tariq)

Is that bag for me? (Tara)
No! Its for my niece, where is she? (Tariq)
She and the devil dog are upstairs. (Tara)
Cool I'll be right back. (Tariq)
(Giggling at the TV)
Uncle Tariq. You came back home. (Justine)
Bark Bark (Rico)
Hey Big Bird. I got something for you. (Tariq)
I got something for you too. (Justine)

What have you got for me? (Tariq)
A great big hug.(Justine)
Then you know what I like. (Tariq)
Tariq these pictures are amazing! (Trichelle)
Thanks the Sahara Desert was picturesque. The heat was brutal though. Those models were pissed. (Tariq)
Are you hungry?  I can fix you something to eat. (Tara)
No thanks, I have a few errands to run I can grab something while I'm out. (Tariq)

Hey, Beautiful. (Tariq)

 Hey stranger. When did you get back? (Janay)
This morning. Did you miss me? (Tariq)
All day Everyday. (Janay)
Then these are for you. (Tariq)
What would you do with the flowers if I told you I hadn't missed you? (Janay)
Me, my dog, these flowers, dinner reservations and ballet tickes would be walking out the door. (Tariq)
What do I get if I missed you very very much? (Janay)
Guess you will have to be ready at 7 olcock to find out! (Tariq)

Hmmmm, Flowers Dinner and the Ballet sounds like someone missed me too! (Janay)

(Feels like I haven't been in this room for months.)
You going to help me read my mail Rico? (Tariq)

(Guess I better get ready for my date.)

That shower felt good Rico. (Tariq)
Did you find something for me to wear Rico? Tariq

(Splashing on my cologne.)

Look out GQ here I come! (Tariq)

(Can't forget the tickets.)

It's time for me to go Rico. (Tariq)

(I hope I haven't forgotten anything)

(Going to pick up Janay)


  1. Nice photo story!! You are on it! I love your diorama's. I so want a Tariq. I really hate that I let him get away years ago when he was plentiful, but I was not into the guy dolls at the time... darn it! Lol! I should have known my girls were going to need some men! Lol!

    1. I wish I had another Tariq and now that darn Vanessa has the eqyptian one. I am sooo jealous wish I was at that doll show I may have run her over for him LOL. Its okay you dont have one Your girls are beautiful. I will keep an eye out for him though my husband swears I have another but I havent seen him. Thanks for viewing

  2. These photos are great! Will you be doing video stories as well as photo ones? Your shots, composition and dios are really awesome.

    1. I'm a newbie Muff but I am willing to learn. Will discuss videos with my helpers (daughter/husband) LOL. Thanks for reading.

  3. Wow the detail is great and im blown away by the bedroom. It is the new must see drama. Your working hard keep having fun. I love it.

    1. I'm really enjoying myself thanks for watching me work.

  4. Hello from Spain: I like the suit Tariq in recent photos. He is very smart. I like bothcars, both red and blue. You have lots of beautiful furniture. The Shelly's adorablewatching TV. Keep in touch.

    1. Hey Marta, Tariq did look good enough to eat thanks for checking in.

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  6. I like your pictures they're really well taken.
    Can't wait until next Monday keep the post coming :))

  7. Hmm...wonder where this story is heading. If all goes well at 7pm...