Monday, May 14, 2012

Janay's Hot Date

If I'm going to be ready at seven I better get out of here.
Im going to need a little help from my friends to pull this off.
I'ts 3'olcock and I need to be ready at 7.
Tariq didn't give me much time but Im not going to panic.
This boutique has so many beautiful things.
Let me get some measurements and see what I can do for you. (BEA)
Bea you are a life saver. (JANAY)
Your wore my clothes when no one else would, I owe you. (BEA)
Well, If you make me look fabulous tonight we will be even. (JANAY)

Can you believe Peaches has me buying her shoes to do my hair. (JANAY)
This is the purse that matches the shoes. (BEA)
With friends like her who needs enemies? (JANAY)

Hey Peaches. (JANAY)
Don't hey me where is my merchandise. (PEACHES)
Your shoes are right here you crook. (JANAY)
Watch it I'm not the one that needs her hair done. (PEACHES)
Give me the bag let me see. (PEACHES)
What you don't trust me? (JANAY)
Nope. (PEACHES) 

(Well its 6:56 and I'm ready. Tariq should be here soon.
He is always on time.)

How do I look? (JANAY)
Is that the best you can do Tiger. (JANAY)
Words cannot express how Beautiful you look. (TARIQ)

(Justine the Fairy Princess just walked onto the dance floor.)
(Justine doing her first ballet solo.)

Let me help you with your seat. (TARIQ)
This place looks wonderful. (JANAY)
(Aaron looking across the room at Juanita.)
Did you enjoy the ballet? (TARIQ)
Oh yes that was such a surprise, I didn't know Justine took lessons. (JANAY)
I asked her not to tell you so that we could surprise you. (TARIQ)
I didn't know about this grand reopening either. Its beautiful in here. (JANAY)
Your beautiful and I'm glad I made you happy tonight. (TARIQ)
You pulled out all the stops. (JANAY)
(Why is she sitting with that dude?) Aaron


Hey! Whats your problem buddy. (BEN)
Mind your business this is my woman. (AARON)
Let me go and I will talk to you. (JUANITA)

Should I call the Police. (BEN)
No please don't do that. (JUANITA)
 Is everything okay Juanita? (TARIQ)
Yes everything is fine Tariq. Please go back to your seat.
I'll be right back, Ben please excuse us. (JUANITA)
I can not believe just acted like that in front of everyone. (JUANITA)
Well its your fault, your the one that came in my restaurant with some dude. (AARON)
I told you I would be here for your grand opening. (JUANITA)
Yea be here with me not someone else. (AARON)
I told you I had to work. He was a potential client. (JUANITA)
Oh so he wasn't your date? (AARON)
No! We were discussing how I could help his career over dinner.(JUANITA)
I guess I got a little jealouse and over reacted. HUH? (AARON)

You have done more then that my friend. (JUANITA)
What is that suppose to mean? (AARON)
I'm not going to say anything else tonight I will talk to you tommorrow. (JUANITA)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you and thanks for checking in.

  2. Loved it! Janay was looking hot from the start. I love her car. Aaron is fine. I don't think I have ever seen him before. Very well done!

    1. Thanks Vanessa Aaron is a power team guy I got from big lots two years ago. He is as fine but your men still have me beat I will keep looking though.

    2. By the way Vanessa Janays car is the Barbie Wedding car that was released no more then two years ago I just removed the decals mattel placed on the hood and the driver side door

  3. Hello from Spain: The boutique is beautiful. You have lots of clothes and accessories. The dance of your Shellys is beautiful. you have a collection of gorgeous Barbie sisters. I see you have a table and chairs Mattel. They are my favorite. Congratulations for this diorama. You do a great job.Keep in touch.

    1. Thanks Marta I have seen your blog your barbie collection is pretty fierce too.

  4. How does a night for Janay become a night of drama for another? Sometimes "To Be Continued..." is a better ending to the book than "The End."

    1. I hear you Aaron but I must point out that I didnt say to be continued or the end. I just let it hang out their.

  5. Oh my God. This is to real. I really enjoy the lay outs and the clothes are nice. You go girl, can't wait until Monday night. Smile

    1. Thank you spoiled 12172000. Im glad you like it please stay tuned.

  6. i don't like cliff hangers! finish the story! hopefully, it won't be like a lifetime movie that is very anti male! :)

    1. Sorry you dont like cliffhangers I love them myself. Please stay tuned though.

  7. Lol!! Great episode. I love Peaches...she is a riot.