Monday, May 21, 2012

Janay's Hot Date continues

Juanita.....Are you okay? (Ben)
Yes Ben I'm fine. I am very sorry about all this. (Juanita)
It wasn't your fault. (Ben)
Look I'm not feeling very well so I'm going to go. I have settled the bill. (Juanita)
You didn't have to do that. (Ben)
Yes I did. I arranged this meeting remember. Juanita)
Okay, Can I give you a call next week so we can continue this? (Ben)
That would be great you have a good evening. (Juanita)
Excuse me Ben right? Hi I'm Aaron Markz. And I'd like to appolgize for earlier. (Aaron)
Okay! (Ben)
I'ts been a long day and I lost my head.  (Aaron)
I guess having a grand opening could get a little stressfull. (Ben)
Yes it could, Anyway when you decide to join us again please drop my name and your evening is on me. (Aaron)
Alright, Thanks. (Ben)

Is everything okay? (Janay)
Yes everything is fine. (Tariq)
That was a little scary! (Janay)
Yea I know. (Tariq)

Lets get out of here! (Tariq)
Okay. (Janay)
Buckel up beautiful. (Tariq)
Thank you I will. (Janay) 

Im going to lay me head on your shoulder and rest my eyes. (Janay)
Go ahead I got this. (Tariq)
Your home beautiful. (Tariq)
That was fast. (Janay)
I want to thank you for an amazing evening. (Janay)
Amazing Huh? (Tariq)
Yes. (Janay)

The whole day was perfect if you ask me? (Janay)
Well, Perfect is what I was going for. (Tariq)
I can tell, three dozen roses. A ballet and dinner. (Janay)
A perfect day for a perfect woman. (Tariq)

Aww your so sweet. (Janay)
Not sweeter then you. Come here. (Tariq)

I cannot believe this night. I feel so humiliated.
 Come on pick up the phone I know your there. (Aaron talking to self)

BRRRing BRRRing (Cell phone ringing)
This man has too much nerve. HELLO, I took the house phone off the hook for a reason you clown.
(Juanita talking to self)

(Speaker phone)
What is it Aaron? (Juanita)
I wanted to make sure you were okay? (Aaron on phone)
I'm fine, I will talk to you tommorrow. (Juanita)

I really need to give this relationship some serious thought before I talk to him.
We cannot continue on this way. It can't be healthy. (Juanita talking to self)

Brrring Brrring (cell phone ringing again) 
I cannot believe he is calling me again. He does not listen. UGH!!!!!


  1. Lol now that's a good episode I like it

    1. I like it too darkman wish I knew where it was going guess we will have to wait and see.

  2. Wow you're getting really good at this.
    I like your scenes and plot and everything.
    Your rooms are also put together very nicely.
    I can't wait to see if Aaron & Juanita work things out.
    Keep up the good work.You have my support.

    1. I hope they work it out too Aaron is so CUTE. Thanks for checking in Synquis.

  3. You are a very good storyteller and the photos are icing on the cake!

    1. Thank you Muff I am having a really good time please continue to check in.

  4. Cool...nice closure! I see Aaron in HOT water, thank heaven for ice. I got a feeling he is smooth under normal conditions.

    1. Im glad you approve and yes Aaron is smooth under normal conditions. Thanks for checking in.

  5. Ooh, this is getting good! Aaron is too handsome to act that way. Lol! I love the pic with Janay and Tariq in the car where she has her head on his shoulder. I am looking forward to the next episode.

    1. Aaron is too cute for words its also very hard to believe someone as fine as him could be this insecure.
      Thanks for checking in.

  6. Janay is wearing that dress! Tariq looks really good in his suit.

    So Juanita shows up at her boyfriend's restaurant. Has dinner with another man, without telling her boyfriend she is going to be there. It's Aaron's opening night. Why not be there supporting him? At the very least show some respect and let him know you are having a meeting, not a date, with someone. And she thinks SHE needs to rethink the relationship. Aaron needs to drop her like a bad habit! She's cute and all, but cute only gets you so far in my book.

    1. Both Janay and Tariq are looking very hot!!!

      I'm sure Juanita told Aaron that she had to work and would be at the restaurant to support him he just wasn't listening. If he had walked over and said hello instead of grabbing, Juanita would have introduced him and her potential client. Besides if she was creeping on him she would have chosen a different restaurant. Thanks again for encouraging me to share my doll life.

  7. Hello from Spain: I love the photo of Juanita on the bed. I also like the picture on the car mini cooper. I see a happy couple. The girls clothing is wonderful. The story gets very interesting. Good job. Keep in touch.

    1. Thanks Marta we are aiming to please and keep your interest. Thanks for checking in.

  8. Hahaha! Love this line, " HELLO, I took the house phone off the hook for a reason you clown." Still laughing! :)