Monday, April 30, 2012

A Day With The Little's

Are you finished your cereal sweety? (Barbara)
Yes Mommy. (Barry Jr.)
Then lets get this all cleaned up so we can go. (Barbara)
Here they come I better hide. I don't want her to call the police again. (Barry Sr.)
 Mommy said wait here Skate. (Barry Jr.) 
I'm almost in position. (Barry Sr.)
Looks like its going to be a beautiful day. (Barbara)
Can we go to the park Mommy? (Barry)
She looks great and he is getting so big. (Barry Sr.)
I really miss them. (Barry Sr.)
I want my family back. (Barry Sr.)

Good Morning  Marisa,  Good Morning Nana. (Barbara)
Good Morning Barbara and Barry. (Nana & Marissa)
Im going to the park today. (Barry Jr.)
I want to go. (Ryan)
Me Too. (Kelly)
Look at my new dinosaur. (Barry Jr.)
Wow he is neat. (Ryan)
Let me see her. (Kelly)
He is not a girl. GIRL! (Barry Jr.)
What are you doing here so early. (Janay)
Im taking Barry to the park so I wanted to get started. (Barbara)
Then we must not keep my god son waiting. Who's first. (Janay)

Come here pretty girl let me check your beak. (Barbara)
Cotton is our last patient for today. (Barbara)
Give her to me, I can handle wild kingdom for the rest of the day.
 Go take Barry to the park. (Janay)

Hi Nickey, Hi Amber.
Looks like everyone had the same idea. (Barbara)
Hi Barbara. (Nickey, Amber)
(children laughing and playing)
Look at me Mommy. (Barry Jr.)
Someone is down for the count. (Barbara)
In we go Skate Its been a long day.


  1. Aww cute story, with some darkest to it!

  2. Wow, you are going all out and I love it. Love your props, the story and the photography. Well done!

    1. Thank you my daughter and I really enjoyed spending the day outside.

  3. Loved it! Your photos and stories are wonderfully done. Great dios, too. I'm so glad you decided to share your doll life with us. I look forward to the next story.

    1. Thank you Vanessa all the smiling and giggling I did looking at your stories inspired me to share. Thanks for the influence and positive comments.

  4. Ditto to everyone's comments. Your dio's are very vice. I love the outdoor shots!

    1. Thank you for viewing I'm really enjoying myself.

  5. Hello from Spain: congratulations for a story, some pictures and scenes so gorgeous. All furniture is very nice. Your collection of children's adorable. The pictures are very realistic. I look forward to more. Keep in touch

    1. I will keep it coming Marta, Thanks for checking in.

  6. Deja vu all over again. Think I've been to that playground a time or two.

  7. Your story is great. I love the home and the sun lignting that comes behind. In the first photo is it real greenery or a picture ? I also love the nursery school where the children are playing. It's awesome !