Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Sleepover

Finish your milk Julian, so I can start the dish washer. (Nia)
Okay Mom. (Julian)
Let me help you with that.  (Tariq)
Thanks Tariq.  (Nia)

Can I play my Playbox when I'm finished? (Julian)
Yea I guess.  (Nia)

Did you get enough to eat?  (Nia)
Yes, I couldn't eat another bite.  (Tariq)

Here's my cup Mom. (Julian)
Thanks baby.  (Nia)
Can we play the game in the living room? (Julian)
Yes, but let Tariq hook it up for you.  (Nia)
Okay! (Julian)

Are you watching me Dad? (Julian)
I see you. Your the Turtle with the sword right?  (Tariq)
Yup.  (Julian)

Hello. (Nikki)
Hi.  (Tariq)
You staying for the festivities?  (Nikki)
Festivities?  (Tariq)
Nia didn't tell you Julian was having a sleepover.  (Nikki)
I'm sleeping over with Julian.  (Tariq)
Isn't that cool Aunt Nikki? (Julian)


I thought you said Julian was having a sleepover?  (Nikki)
He is.  (Nia)

Tariq is not what I had in mind when you said that.  (Nikki)
What's that suppose to mean.  (Nia)
When you said Julian was having a sleepover I thought a few of his little friends were coming over.  (Nikki)
He could have invited them but he asked Tariq. (Nia)
Was that his idea or yours?  (Nikki)
Excuse me! (Nia)
I'm not going to beat around the bush anymore, you cannot hookup with Tariq.  (Nikki)
I don't want to hookup with Tarig and if I did I don't need your permission.  (Nia)

I don't think you understand.  (Nikki)
I understand. He hurt Janay but that's between him and her. (Nia)
So your just going to pretend nothing happened. (Nikki)
I'm not going to be mad at him just because you want me too.  (Nia)
That means your choosing him over her.  (Nikki)
I'm choosing what makes Julian happy.  (Nia)
Does Tarig make you happy too?  (Nikki)
I'm not even going to answer that.  (Nia)

Fine don't answer me.
 He'll be on a plane the day after tomorrow anyway.  (Nikki)

Twenty minutes later............

Are you guys ready for some cookies and milk?  (Nia)
I am.  (Tariq)
Me too. (Julian)

Who's winning?  (Nia)
Him. He fights about twenty ninja's and I can't survive three.  (Tariq)
He's had a lot of practice. (Nia)

Are you okay? (Tariq)
Yea. I think there's something in my eye. (Nia)

to be continued..................................


  1. Awww. The old something in my eye excuse. LOL Wondering where this is going :-)

    1. I'm wondering too Grandmommy. I hope Nia pulls it together Tariq cannot be her rock right now!

  2. Nia is about to get shut down quick. I didn't think she had it in her to be a lil fast one.

    1. I hope Nikki has it all wrong, Tariq is not the one for Nia trust me.

  3. i think everyone would be happy if the truth comes out about julian's parents.that way everyone can move on and make the right choices.

    1. I don't think Nia is worried about Julian's parenting she definately has something else on her mind.

  4. Is Nia really attracted to Tariq? Perhaps she is developing amorous feelings because of his relationship with Julian? Maybe she wants her little guy to have a permanent dad? She may not even be aware of her feelings.

    1. I'd like the answer to these questions too only problem is Tariq will be gone the day after tomorrow just like Nikki said.

  5. I think sister girl is trying to get her a new man. Nia sure has surprised me.

    1. She is trying to get something and I hope it aint Tariq cause she will be coming up short.

  6. Wow! This was a shocker. Lol! I remember when Julian asked about calling him Dad, but I never thought that it had anything to do with Nia. You threw us a curve ball with this one.

    1. I didnt throw anything Georgia Girl these dolls really are Living their Doll Life. LOL