Monday, August 18, 2014

The Sleepover pt2

I won again! (Julian)
OMG! (Nia)
 We ain't playing this game anymore! (Tariq)

I won, I won, I won.  (Julian)
Is he always like this when he wins?  (Tariq)
Yup. (Nia) 
Well, I won't let that happen again. (Tariq)
Excuse me for interrupting your victory dance,
but are you ready to watch your movie? (Nia)
Yes. (Julian)
Do you want popcorn? (Nia) 
Yes please.  (Julian)

Where are we going to put the sleeping bags Dad? (Julian)
I think we need to move some furniture first.  (Tariq)
Okay. (Julian)

Is this good?  (Tariq)
Yea, we can lay in our sleeping bags and watch the movie right here. (Julian)
Good, lets go wash up and put our pajamas on. (Tariq)

Fifteen minutes later.............

Dad? (Julian)
Yes. (Tariq)
Do you really have to leave? (Julian)
Julian, we talked about this. (Tariq)
I know but... (Julian)
Come here. (Tariq)

I have a lot of grown up stuff going on that I need to straighten out 
and I can't do it here.  (Tariq)
Can you do it here if me and Mom help you?  (Julian)
You and your Mom have helped me.  (Tariq)
Then why are you leaving? (Julian)
Because....... (Tariq)


Here's your popcorn guys!  (Nia) 
Thanks Nia.  (Tariq)
Did I interrupt something?  (Nia) 
Nope.  (Tariq)
Julian, are you okay?  (Nia) 
Yes, Mom.  (Julian)

Here's the remote.   (Nia) 
You're not staying? (Tariq)
Nope, I'm going to soak in the tub and read a book. (Nia) 
Alright, see you in the morning. (Tariq)
Good night Julian.  (Nia) 
Good night Mom.  (Julian)


Thirty minutes later................................

Mom, the TV stopped working. Can we watch the movie in here?  (Julian)
What happened?  (Nia) 
I don't know.  (Julian)

What's wrong Tariq?  (Nia) 
I think the DVD player died. (Tariq)
Oh, I have one in my room. I'll go get it?  (Nia) 
That's going to take too long. Let's just watch it in your room Mom.  (Julian)
Alright, come on.  (Nia) 

Here.  (Nia) 
You know you don't have to do this. (Tariq)
It's fine, you have to see the whole movie right?  (Nia)
That was the plan. (Tariq)
Then take this, I'll go get some fresh popcorn. (Nia) 

The Ninja turtles are cool aren't they Dad!  (Julian)
Yea they're some pretty cool dudes.(Tariq)


Two hours later.......................

That was an awesome movie Dad.  (Julian)
I'll be sure to tell Mike how much you liked it. (Tariq)
You want to watch another movie?  (Julian)
Aren't you tired? (Tariq)
Nope.  (Julian)

Can we watch another movie in here Mom?  (Julian)
I guess so.  (Nia) 
Cool, I'll be right back.  (Julian)

You know you don't have to sit on the floor.  (Nia) 
I know, I'm okay. (Tariq)
Come on up, it will be more comfortable.  (Nia) 
Do you think he's going to make it through another movie? (Tariq)
Nope.  (Nia) 

Do you have enough room?  (Nia)
Yes. (Tariq)
Shh the movie is starting. (Julian)

A short time later..............


Is he sleep?   (Tariq)
Yup. (Nia)
That didn't take long. (Tariq)


What are you going to do now?   (Tariq)
Turn this off and go load the dish washer.  (Nia)

Do you need help with him? (Nia)
Nah, I can do it.  (Tariq)

Did he go to the bathroom. (Nia)
Yup, we even brushed our teeth.  (Tariq)

Good night little man. (Tariq)

Nia?  (Tariq)
Yes.  (Nia)
Can we talk? (Tariq)

What's up?  (Nia)
I uh. (Tariq)
Tariq?  (Nia)

Tariq! (Nia)
I want you. (Tariq)
You do? (Nia)
Yes, lets go to your room. (Tariq)

Tariq wait. (Nia)
What's wrong? (Tariq)
Put me down. (Nia)
Why? (Tariq)
I'm not ready for this. (Nia)

I'm sorry Nia. (Tariq)
Don't be. (Nia)
But I just messed things up. (Tariq)
No you didn't. (Nia)
Are you sure? (Tariq)
Yes, I wanted that kiss just as much as you did.
Now just isn't the right time for anything else. (Nia)

Ten minutes later........................

Nia, are you still awake?  (Nikki)
Yes. (Nia)
I just wanted you to know I was back.  (Nikki)
Alright. (Nia)
Good night (Nikki)

Good night. (Nia)


  1. i think tariq and nia make a great couple but tariq need to cleanup the messy life he has first. nikki need to cleanup her life as well i like her with taj-ma.

  2. That surprised me. Smh @ Tariq. I'm proud of Nia though.

  3. Thank goodness Nia had sense enough to put on the breaks 'cause Tariq is a mess. He's going to spend one night with her and then bounce out the country? Dang - two women weren't enough now he has to add another one. Is he becoming Aaron 2.0?

  4. I literally jumped out my seat. OMG Nia and Tariq, I like it but a lot of things are going on in his life right know and if it didn't work between Tariq and Nia that would be just more mess. Tariq I don't think he was thinking about Julian at the time, but I'm happy nia cut that off real quick and I'm happy crazy Nikki didn't see that. And if that would have happened like that and his leaving soon that would have been just a little to much for me. And YES I agree with Muff. Can't wait to see another Phenomenal story.

  5. One more thing I can see nia falling for Tariq I mean his fathering her son.

  6. Wow! Hats off to Nia she knows what she worth! I agree with everyone else about Tariq, he need to cut out the drama.

  7. I enjoyed this story. Julian was so adorable. Kids are so innocent. I'm just glad Nikki didn't walk in on Tariq and Nia. She would have lost her mind.

  8. Tariq needs to sit down. He went straight for it. Nia is smart. She pumped those breaks real fast. Lol! Julian is too precious.