Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's Morning! (and now its time for us to say goodbye)

You're almost there, you can't quit now!  (Nia talking to herself)

Just a little bit further!  (Nia talking to herself)

Phew! I am out of shape. (Nia talking to herself)

Morning. (Nia)
What's wrong? (Nikki)
Nothing. (Nia)
You went running! (Nikki)
So! (Nia)

You only run when something's wrong or you're upset. (Nikki)
I'm fine, and why are you up so early? (Nia)
I'm hungry. (Nikki)
You can't wait for breakfast? (Nia)

This is breakfast. (Nikki)
You want to eat a croissant when you can have pancakes? (Nia)
You don't have to make pancakes for me. (Nikki)
I'm not making them just for you, there for Julian and Tariq. (Nia)
Tariq and Julian left twenty minutes ago. (Nikki)
What, why! (Nia)
Tariq had a couple errands to run. (Nikki)
How do you know? (Nia)
He left a note. (Nikki)

Is there a problem? (Nikki)
No. (Nia)
Did you have plans? (Nikki)
No, but his going away party is later today. (Nia)

Were you suppose to go to the party together? (Nikki)
Nia? (Nikki)
Huh? (Nia)
Were you going to the party together? (Nikki)


I guess not. (Nia whispers)
What did you say? (Nikki)
No. (Nia)
Are you still going to make pancakes? (Nikki)
No. (Nia)

Are you sure? (Nikki)
Eat your croissant Nikki. (Nia)

Guess I have to pretend you're chocolate chip pancake. (Nikki)

 Down the road a piece.......................

Well? (Yolanda)
Well what? (Barbara)
Can I go to the End of Summer Splash? (Yolanda)
I don't think so. (Barbara)
Aww Mom, why not? (Yolanda)

Because you haven't packed and we're going home tomorrow. (Barbara)
I'll pack after breakfast. Can I go? (Yolanda)
Who else is going? (Barbara)
Huh? (Yolanda)

You heard me, who else is going? (Barbara)
Uhh.....Marissa and Juanita. (Yolanda)
Why would Juanita be going? (Barbara)
It's all part of Tariq's going away party. (Yolanda)
Oh. (Barbara)
Does that mean I can go? (Yolanda)
Yes....... As long as your sister's going. (Barbara)

Ten minutes later.........

Jay......... can I come in? (Yolanda whispers)
No.  (Juanita)
Jay, are you still sleeping? (Yolanda whispers)

If I say yes, will you turn around and get out?  (Juanita)
No, because I need to ask you something. (Yolanda whispers)

Why are you whispering?  (Juanita)
I don't want Mom to know I came in here. (Yolanda)
Oh god, what have you done now?! (Juanita)
Relax, I haven't done anything since you bailed me out a couple weeks ago.  (Yolanda)
Yea right!  (Juanita)

I'm serious. Walking around thinking I was pregnant
 was the scariest thing that I've ever experienced.
I saw my whole life flash in front of my eyes and it was not pretty.
When Dr. Lewis told me I wasn't pregnant.
 I promised I wouldn't party like a rock star ever again. (Yolanda)
I hope you mean that Yoyo.  (Juanita)
I do Jay. I really do. (Yolanda)

So what can I do for you ex-rock star?  (Juanita)
Can I hang out with you today? (Yolanda)
 I'm not going anywhere.  (Juanita)
Your not going to Tariq's going away party? (Yolanda)
No.  (Juanita)
Why not? (Yolanda)

It's personal. (Juanita)
Do you like or love him? (Yolanda)
What? (Juanita)
It's a simple question. Do you like or love Tariq? (Yolanda)
I love him but not the way you're thinking (Juanita)
Then why are you avoiding him. (Yolanda)
I'm not. (Juanita)
Yes you are. (Yolanda)
No I'm not!  (Juanita)
Yes you are. (Yolanda)
Yoyo are you asking me to take you to the party?  (Juanita)
Yes. (Yolanda)
Fine, I'll take you to the party.  (Juanita)
Woohoo! (Yolanda)

(KISS) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (Yolanda)
Yea, Yea, can you get out now.  (Juanita)
Gladly!  (Yolanda)

Why do I feel like I just got hustled? (Juanita)


  1. That party is going to be interesting!

  2. i'm on the edge of my seat can't wait for the party. i know it will have fireworks!

  3. I like the running sequence. It looked like she was actually working up a sweat.

  4. where's tara's birth at??