Sunday, May 4, 2014

Daddy's Home

Thank you for calling Markz, this is Jade speaking how can I help you? (Jade)
Can I reserve a table for Mothers day? (Customer)
I'm sorry we are completely booked. Mothers day is very busy here at Markz. (Jade)
Aww man. What am I going to do now? (Customer)
May I suggest one of our Mothers Day packages. (Jade)
What do I get if I buy one of those? (Customer)
Please hold while I connect you with a sales associate. (Jade)

Hey Megan. (Grace)
Hi Grace, how's it going? (Megan)
Busy, the phone's been ringing off the hook!
Were taking Markz Enterprises calls as well as calls for reservations. (Grace)
Is there anything pressing I need to deal with? (Megan)
Not anymore. Aaron's father said he needed to make an call,
 so I put him in his office. (Grace)
Corbin Markz is here?! (Megan)
Yes. Was I wrong to put him in Aaron's office? (Grace)
Don't worry you did the right thing. (Megan)

Is something wrong?  (Aaron)
Did you know your Father was coming? (Megan)
No, when?  (Aaron)
Now, he's in your office. (Megan)
This can't be good........ Please find out where my Mother is.  (Aaron)
Right away. (Megan)

Forget it Arthur. I'm not paying him that much for that tiny piece of property.
(Corbin Markz)
I thought you needed it. (Arthur) 
No I don't. I only offered to buy it from him as a good will gesture. (Corbin Markz)
Is it about to be foreclosed on? (Arthur)
 Yes, I can buy it directly from the bank three months from now.  (Corbin Markz)
Dad! (Aaron)

Let me call you later Arthur. My son just walked in. (Corbin Markz)
Tell Aaron I said Hello. (Arthur)
I will. Goodbye. (Corbin Markz)

It's good so see you son. (Corbin Markz)
Same to you Dad. (Aaron)

What are you doing here? (Aaron)
I.....  (Corbin Markz)
(knock, knock)
Come in! (Aaron)

Hello Mr. Markz. (Megan)
Please call me Corbin, My Dear.  (Corbin Markz)
Alright Corbin. How are you? (Megan)
I'm good and you are a sight for sore eyes. (Corbin Markz)
Oh Corbin. (Megan giggles)
Was there something you needed Megan? (Aaron)
Oh yea, your two o'clock is here. (Megan)


Can one of you tell me where I might find my wife? (Corbin Markz)
Mrs. Markz is somewhere in the penthouse Sir.  (Megan)
Thank you Megan. I'll see you later Son.  (Corbin Markz)
Bye Dad. (Aaron)

Your in big trouble. (Megan)
Why? (Aaron)
He looks like he's planning to stay a while. (Megan)
Tell me about it. (Aaron)
You need to tell them what's going on.  (Megan)

I would if I could figure out how I felt about the situation. (Aaron)
Talk to them, they might be able to help.  (Megan)
I'll think about it. (Aaron)
 Very well than, I'll be back with Mr. Davis in a few minutes.  (Megan)

Meanwhile in the Penthouse.........................................  

Apple please come sit down we need to talk about this. (Ariel)
 Mom, we talk about this every time I come to Graces Grove.  (Apple)
Were going to keep talking about it until you realize you shouldn't date the help. (Ariel)
Daddy doesn't have a problem with me hanging out with Bradley.  (Apple)
I don't have a problem with Bradley as a person.
I have a problem with Bradley the man.  (Ariel)
That doesn't make any sense Mom........ Besides were just friends!  (Apple)
I've seen him looking at you. He has more than friendship on his mind!  (Ariel)


Please tell me you two are not debating the Bradley thing again! (Corbin Markz)

Daddy!  (Apple)
Hi Princess! (Corbin Markz)

Daddy, can you please tell Mom that Bradley and I are just friends.  (Apple)
There just friends Ariel. (Corbin Markz)
So they say.  (Ariel)
She's twenty three years old, let her find her own way. (Corbin Markz)
She doesn't have a way and I don't want him to hurt her!  (Ariel)
He won't because he doesn't want to deal with me. (Corbin Markz)

  I have to go. (Kiss) Please stop worrying everything's going to be fine. (Apple)
Will you be home for dinner?  (Ariel)
I don't think so. Have a good night.  (Apple)


How does it feel to be wrapped around her little finger. (Ariel)
I'm not. (Corbin Markz)
Yes you are. (Ariel)
Why do you say that?  (Corbin Markz)
Because you told my parents that we were only friends
when we were actually dating too. (Ariel)
I'm sorry Mrs. Markz but I don't recall that. (Corbin Markz)
Do you recall getting me pregnant shortly after
you had that conversation with my parents. (Ariel)


Are you sure about that? (Corbin Markz)
I'm positive. Just like that pregnancy test. (Ariel)
Do I detect regret in your voice Mrs. Markz. (Corbin Markz)
Not at all Mr. Markz. (Ariel)
Prove it. (Corbin Markz)

I love you.  (Ariel)
I love you too. (Corbin)
Have you seen Aaron?  (Ariel)
Yes, I took a call in his office and he walked in on it. (Corbin)
Well?  (Ariel)

You're right, there is definitely something bothering him. (Corbin)
What are we going to do about it?  (Ariel)
Whatever it takes. (Corbin)
I don't think he's been closed off like this since that ridiculous wedding.  (Ariel)
 That wedding was not ridiculous. He almost lost the love of his life that day. (Corbin)
Sorry Darling, the jury is still out on that one.  (Ariel)

I'll see you later. I have some work to do.  (Corbin)
Don't get cross with me. That girl isn't good enough for him and you know it! (Ariel)
I'm not cross, your father said the same thing about me.  (Corbin)

Will you be finished before dinner!  (Ariel shouts)
Of course My Love, see you at seven.  (Corbin)
Damn, I guess he's mad at me now.  (Ariel whispers to herself)


I don't know about you all but I can now see where Aaron got his arrogant charm and good looks. Corbin is a power team guy I found on ebay for 12 bucks.  You can see what he looked like before below. I think he turn out pretty good. See you next Monday!




  1. Love how Corbin turned out! I am going to have to break down and purchase the "Aaron" Power Team action figure next time I see him. He is very handsome. So who is the picture of on the floor of the penthouse? Is that pops with his shirt off and Mrs M striking a sexy pose? Very good looking family.

    1. Hey AG Aaron is very handsome, good luck finding him. I had a hard time finding one as a back up he dosent appear on ebay or amazon often. The picture on the floor is of Aaron and Juanita laying on his bed. He gave that portrait to her for her birthday. She just never took it home. This reminds me I've never done a story with Aaron in his bedroom huh?

  2. Great photo story. You did a fantastic job on Corbin. He looks so much better with dark hair. I love your scenes as always!

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl. When I pointed this guy out to my husband he said he didnt see Aaron in him. I purchased him anyway and crossed my fingers that I was right, When I emerged from the doll room my husband and I both were impressed. Corbin looks a little spansh to me now.

  3. Corbin is sharp! His outfit, his hair etc. even his attitude! I like him!! Great job on the story, and the sets! Now for more of this story!

    1. Corbin turned out very well and is very sharp Grandmommy. I'm glad I gambled on him and won.

  4. WOW! He really turned out great! I love the brick wall you have in the last shot. Good job all the way around!

    1. Thank you Ms. Leo I had my fingers crossed the whole time hoping he would turn out at least OKAY. I got way better then that though so YEAH for me! Makes me believe I'm ready to tackel my snow white. LOL

  5. You did a fabulous job transforming Mr. Corbin. Love him! I'm glad he's in town because that Ariel seems like she's going to need a reality check every now and again.

    1. Ariel is definately a spoiled little rich girl. Corbin has her number though. He wil remind her who's the boss when he feels she is getting out of hand.