Sunday, April 27, 2014

Julians Home

How do you ask someone to spend the rest of your life with them,
 than abruptly end the relationship?  (Nikki)
You hurt him, he'll come around.  (Janay)
I hope he doesn't think I'm going to just sit around and wait for him to change his mind.  (Nikki)

I don't know why not. He's been waiting around and putting up with your crap . (Nia)
I was not talking to you!  (Nikki)

I thought you were happy with him?  (Janay)
I am. I mean I was.  (Nikki)
Then go over there and say yes. That's all he wants.  (Janay)

He wants more than that. (Nia)
What else does he want Nia?  (Nikki)
He wants you to say I love you.
And he needs to know you're not going to run off when things don't go your way! (Nia)

She has a point there, Nikki.  (Janay)
Hey.... whos side are you on?  (Nikki)
I'm on your side, but relationships are hard marriage is tougher you'll have to work on it everyday. (Janay)

Taj is a good man Nikki.
 If you want him you need to apologize and pray he takes you back. (Nia)
I'm not going to pray for that. I'm Nikki London I don't need him! (Nikki)
 You are so self centered you know that? (Nia)
Forget you Nia, go back to your cake.  Nikki)

Did someone just come in the house?  (Nikki)
Mommy, I'm home. (Julian)
We're in the kitchen. (Nia)

Look at my uniform Mommy! (Julian)
Oh my goodness, you're going to be a real ninja now. (Nia)
Yup, my first class is on Saturday! (Julian)

Hey Nikki, Janay. (Tariq)
Hi Tariq.  (Nikki/Janay)
Did you have any trouble getting him signed up? (Nia)
No, that was the easy part. (Tariq)
What was the hard part? (Nia)

 He ran off with Brock and they walked in on Aaron. (Tariq)

Why was Aaron at the GG Karate School? (Nikki)
He wasn't. (Tariq)

I took Julian to Bradley's Dojo. I use to take classes there. (Tariq)
What happened to the GG Karate school? (Nikki)
I don't know the guy who runs the GG school, so why would I take him there? (Tariq)
Because that's where Nia said you were taking him!  (Nikki)

Calm down Nikki.... Max teaches the beginners doesn't he Tariq? (Janay)
Yes he does, but his class is getting crowed.
Bradley wants to split the Saturday class and give half of it to Aaron. (Tariq)
Oh my god.........please tell me your joking!  (Nikki)


No I'm not, Everyone starts with nunchucks and Aaron's the best nunchuck fighter that Dojo has. (Tariq)
That's true Nikki, I had a couple lessons with Aaron. (Janay)
I don't care if Aaron is a Nunchuck Master I don't want Julian anywhere near him! (Nikki)


Are you talking about the man with the cool sword Aunt Nikki?! (Julian)
Hush Julian. Excuse me Nikki, but Tariq did me a favor and your being rude to him.
I don't care what karate school Julian goes to so why should you? (Nia)

My life is turning into a nightmare! (Nikki)
It wouldn't be if you stop running away from things that don't go your way. (Nia)
Leave me alone Nia. I have a headache. (Nikki)

What the hell was that all about? (Tariq)
Nikki's having a rough time right now. (Janay)
She needs to mind her own business! (Tariq)

Julian means more to her then you will ever know. He will always be her business. (Janay)
She's his Aunt not his Mother she constantly crosses the line. Nia asked me to help her with Julian.
Nikki's making a big deal out of this for no good reason. I don't know how Nia puts up with it. (Tariq)

That trip to the hospital has Nikki looking at Julian differently. (Janay)
You're probably right. But that doesn't give her the right to interfere. (Tariq)

Janay, Nikki wants to talk to you. (Nia)
Where is she? (Janay)
In her bedroom. (Nia)

I'm sorry about Nikki. She's been uptight about Julian ever since he got sick. (Nia)
I see. What I don't understand is why. You're a great Mother Nia, you don't need her help. (Tariq)
Thanks Tariq. Can I get you something to eat? (Nia)
No thanks. (Tariq)

Do you want me to remove Julian from Bradley's Dojo? (Tariq)
No, he just told me all about his little meeting with Aaron.
He's looking forward to seeing him on Saturday. (Nia)
To tell you the truth. I hope Aaron doesn't show up.  (Tariq)
Why not? (Nia)
We have some unfinished business we need to discuss.
And, I don't want anything to jump off in front of Julian. (Tariq)


I guess Tariq was being cordial for Julian's sake. I hope he brushes up on his karate before he steps to Aaron again. See you all next Monday!


  1. I absolutely love your dioramas! They are always so vibrant and colorful!
    Nikki is falling apart. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you keep secrets that's deep. What's done in the darkness

    1. Nikki needs to come clean before she's too dirty to get up on her own!

  2. Ut oh...Something is about to jump off in more than one direction! lol I like Nia's blouse!

    1. You maybe right Grandmommy please feel free to let me know which way to duck if you find out who's swings first.. LOL

  3. Hmmm, so I am assuming Nikki never told her sister who Julian's father was? Hey I think Tariq can take Aaron! Aaron fought dirty at clunked Tariq upside the head with an object when his back was to him. Tariq needs to brush up on his street fighting!

    1. You may be right AG. It appears that Aaron isn't the only way missing some important info about Julian.

  4. He'd better brush up before that butt gets handed to him again.

    1. Doll crazy if Tariq is bad enough to step to Aaron he better bring it.

  5. Dang Nikki. Relax! I'm thinking you could have played that off a little better. I hope she pulls herself together. Poor Tariq. He's catching it from all everyone, and all he's trying to do is be a nice guy.

    1. I think Nikki's feelings for Taj run deeper then she wants to admit. She is sliding down the slippery slope she built.