Sunday, April 20, 2014

At the Dojo

Close your eyes. And think of your happy place. (Bradley)
Yes Sensei. (Aaron)
Have you found it? (Bradley)
No Sensei. (Aaron)
Relax, your trying too hard. (Bradley)

Sensi. (Max)
Yes, Max. (Bradley)
Can you help me? (Max)
I'll be right there. (Bradley)

Aaron, can you excuse me for a moment? (Bradley)
Yes Sensei. (Aaron)

(Aaron starts working his sword again.)

I want to learn how to do that. (Brock)
Yea me too, He looks so cool.  (Julian)

Can you show us how to do that?  (Julian)
Excuse me. (Aaron)
Can you teach us how to use that sword?  (Julian)
Are you a student here? (Aaron)


What are you guys doing in here? (Tariq)
We were just watching him use that sword.  (Julian)
Your not suppose to be in here. Apologize for interrupting. (Tariq)
Okay Dad.  (Julian)

Were sorry. (Julian/Brock)
We didn't mean to interrupt. We just wanted to watch you sword fight. (Julian)
You didn't interrupt me, my class was over an hour ago.  (Aaron)
Lets go get your uniform fellas. (Max)


Did he call you Dad? (Aaron)
Yes, we sort of adopted each other. (Tariq)
Isn't that Nikki London's nephew? (Aaron)
Yes, Julian and Justine are best friends so
I spend a lot of time with the both of them. (Tariq)
Oh okay. (Aaron)

Hey Mister, do you know how to work these? (Julian)

They wouldn't give me a sword, they gave me these two sticks. (Julian)
Those aren't sticks they're Nunchucks.  (Aaron)
Okay, they gave me these nuck nucks. (Julian)

Not nuck nucks. Nunchucks. (Aaron)
That's what I said, they gave me this uniform too. (Julian)
 I see that.  (Aaron)
 Can you teach me how to use that sword now? (Julian)
I'm sorry, but I'm not a teacher.  (Aaron)
Julian! (Tariq)

He keeps getting away from me, I guess he's a little excited. (Tariq)
Excited is good. Eager is better I'd say he's very eager if you ask me. (Aaron)
Remind you of someone you know. (Tariq)
Just a little. (Aaron)

  Sensei says your going to teach the beginners class he just enrolled in. (Tariq)
Don't believe everything Sensei says. (Aaron)
My first class is on Saturday will you be here? (Julian)

I don't think so little man. It was nice meeting you though. (Aaron)
Aww man. I want you to be my teacher. (Julian)
Come on Julian, we have to get Brock home. See you around Aaron. (Tariq)
Yeah, see you around. (Aaron)

Why did you tell Tariq I was teaching the beginner Nunchuck class? (Aaron)
You lost your center. The fastest way to get it back is to start at the beginning. (Bradley)
How is teaching a beginner Karate class going to do that? (Aaron)

The expression on your face when you were talking to those boys
told me they hold the key to your new beginning. (Bradley)

I don't know how to handle little kids. (Aaron)
They won't be little kids on Saturday, they will be your students. (Bradley)
I'm not a teacher Sensei. (Aaron)
You mastered the Nunchuck a long time ago its time to share what you've learned.  (Bradley)

Happy Easter everyone. We missed you all last week I hope you missed us too. I have to give a Shout Out to MY FROGGY STUFF for the Karate studio tutorial it was a blast to make. See you next Monday I promise!


  1. Happy Easter! I am glad all is well with you and yours. Aaron was taken back a little bit huh? Seems as if he didnt know how to feel. I am a little taken back with how cordial Tariq and Aaron seem to be with each other. If I were Tariq I'd be secretly plotting my revenge. LOLLOLOLOL. But seriously, I am pretty sure I would be.

    1. Happy Easter Ag you are so bad. Aaron and Tariq have been close for a very long time I'd like to think they deciced to agree to disagree concerning the Juanita situation apparently they all have done something wrong.

  2. I Love your Dojo! You took My Froggy and made it your own! What body is Max on and what is Tariq on? I haven't found a new body for mine! Also I emailed you about Doll Club meeting but I didn't get a answer. I don't now if I had the right email address. Please email me at my hotmail address- leoatawbury.

    1. Thank you Ms. Leo I love My Froggy Stuff

  3. Love your Dojo. Well done. I feel I missed a couple episodes. I was a little surprised to see Aaron and Tariq so cordial to each other. Looking forward to seeing Aaron as a teacher. That should be interesting. See you next week!

  4. You'll get tired of hearing this, but ... I LOVE your dojo.

    I'll have to catch up with your characters and your stories ;-)