Sunday, November 17, 2013

I got your back.

Welcome Back Captain. (Scully)
Are the camera's on line?  (Taj)
Not yet, would you like some water? (Scully)
Thanks. (Taj)

Was all the Intel accurate?  (Scully)
Very accurate. If I didn't know any better I'd think Markz let us in. (Taj)
That's not funny Captain. (Scully)
I'm serious, this sting was too easy.  (Taj)

Gordon planted audio and camera equipment in the guess rooms, Markz master bedroom and living room. (Taj)

Devon and Andre covered the kitchen and all dinning rooms. (Taj)

I took care of the boardroom, Megan's office the receptionist area and Markz office. (Taj)
Sounds like you guys did a thorough job. (Scully)
We did. Did you? (Taj)
Excuse me? (Scully)
I said did you do a thorough job? (Taj)
No Sir.  I didn't.  (Scully)
This better be good soldier.  (Taj)
The report I turned in was not complete. (Scully)

Here's the complete report. I intentional omitted information about Aaron Markz and Nikki London.  (Scully)
Why? (Taj)
We needed you to go into that building with a clear head.
You wouldn't have if you had read this.  (Scully)

I guess I can understand that. But don't ever do it again. (Taj)
No, Sir I won't!  (Scully)
You ready to redeem yourself? (Taj)
Of course. (Scully)
 Find out what Marks did during the week.
 If he knew we were coming it wont be on the tapes Emerson is reviewing. (Taj)
I'm all over it Captain. (Scully)

Good night Scully. (Taj)
Good night Captain. (Scully)

Are we on line Emerson? (Taj)
Yes Captain. these are cameras Six thru ten. (Emerson)
What about one thru five. (Taj)
Already engaged. I'm making copies of the security systems data base now. (Emerson)
Good, Let me know if you hear or see anything suspicious. (Taj)

Across town......................

Hello, I'm looking for my nephew Julian London, can you tell me where he is?  (Nikki)
Let me check.  (Nurse Brandi)
NIKKI!  (Janay)

Janay! What are you doing here?  (Nikki)
Nia called, she said something was wrong with Julian. (Janay)
She told me the same thing.  (Nikki)


Excuse me, Julian is still being examined.  (Nurse Brandi)
Is his Mother with him?  (Janay)
No, She's in the waiting room.  (Nurse Brandi)
Can you tell me what happened to him. (Nikki)
No I can't, the Doctor will talk to the family when he completes his examination. (Nurse Brandi)

Guess we better go find Nia. (Nikki)
Yea, lets go.  (Janay)

NIA?(Nikki, Janay)


  1. Poor Nia, I hope Julian will be ok. Things are getting really interesting with the sting operation. Looking forward to next week. :)

    1. Poor Nia is right. Julian better be okay or all hell might break loose.

  2. Hmmm Taj is in for a big surprise; but, he will also get some answers as to why Nikki rejected his proposel.

    1. You said it all AG, the only thing left to discover is what he will do about it.

  3. These stories are killing me softly but I keep coming back to get my life honey. You are doing an awesome job!

    1. Hey Doll Crazy, Welcome to my blog. I'm glad your enjoying the show.

  4. I know I'm a little late. Just playing catch up. Hope little Julian is okay. Love the command center and all that's going on with the sting.