Monday, July 15, 2013

Graces Grove News just keeps getting better

Ding Dong
That must be Nikki. (Janay)

Well don't you look special! (Janay)
What this old thing.  (Nikki)
Very funny. Is that what Pierre gave you after the show. (Janay)
It is. Do you like?  (Nikki)
I love. Whats in the garment bag? (Janay)
I don't know Pierre sent it.  (Nikki)
Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you. (Janay)

Pierre is so sweet. (Janay)
He can be when he wants to be. (Nikki)
What have you been up to. (Janay)
Nothing really, I want your thoughts on Tariq and Julian. (Nikki)
Tariq and Julian are fine. (Janay)
I'm talking about the Father and Son thing.  (Nikki)

What?!?! (Janay)
You don't know?  (Nikki)
Talk! (Janay)
Julian asked Tariq to be his Dad and Tariq said yes provided it was okay with Nia.  (Nikki)
When did this happen? (Janay)
Fathers day. I thought you knew. (Nikki)
No, I didn't know anything about it. (Janay)

Janay is there a problem?  (Nikki)
No,  I'm just surprised that's all. (Janay)
I can't believe Tariq didn't tell you.  (Nikki)
He can't tell me if were not talking. (Janay)

What's going on. (Nikki)
I kind of snapped and left him stranded at the theater. (Janay)
That's the kind of stuff I do. What possessed you to do that?  (Nikki)
I think I'm losing him. (Janay)
To what or whom.  (Nikki)
I wish I knew. (Janay)

You've invested alot of time in this man.  (Nikki)
I know, probably too much. (Janay)
You need to talk to him, find out where you stand.  (Nikki)
I'm afraid. (Janay)
Of what?  (Nikki)
His answer. (Janay)

Call him. Before things get worse. (Nikki)

At the News Station...............

I'm Lisa Sterling
I'm Chandra Brooks
And I'm Daniels Rhodes thanks for watching Graces Grove News.

That was a good segment! (Lisa)
Yes it was. We had everything Drama, Suspense and (Daniel)
Things that make you go. Hmmmm (Chandra)
Ha Ha Ha (Lisa)

Good Morning! (Juanita)
Good Morning! (Daniel, Lisa, Chandra)

Everyone this is Mi-Asia. (Juanita)
Good Morning. (Mi-Asia)
Mi-Asia this is Daniel Lisa and Chandra. (Juanita)
Welcome aboard. (Chandra)
Hi. (Lisa)
Howdy. (Daniel)
Grace Grove news in the house. (Tariq)
TARIQ! (Juanita, Chandra, Lisa, Daniel)

Mi-Asia this is fashion photographer Tariq of Studio It.
Tariq this is Gossip Guru Mi-Asia. (Juanita)
Nice to meet you.  (Mi-Asia, Tariq)

You guys ready to get your picture taken. (Tariq)
I am, me too you always get my best side. (Lisa, Daniel)
All I want to know is, did you bring any designer clothes? (Chandra)
I did. (Tariq)
Then I'm out of here. Me too! (Chandra, Lisa, Mi-Asia)
Hey wait for me! (Daniel)

Megan and Bradley got me here with minutes to spare. (Aaron)

You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!
If he puts his lips on her again, I'm going to beat the snot out of him! (Aaron)

How are you doing lady bug? (Tariq)
I'm fine and you. (Juanita)
I'm okay. I didn't expect to see you here. (Tariq)
Why not? (Juanita)
I thought you'd be doing damage control with Aaron. (Tariq)
Why, Markz Enterprises isn't involved with Senator Williams. (Juanita)

I'm not going to beat the snot out of him. (Aaron)
I'm not going to beat the snot out of him. (Aaron)
I'm not going to beat the snot out of him. (Aaron)
Alright so your not going to beat the snot out of him.
What are you going to do? (Voice in Aaron's head)
I'm going to....... (Aaron)
Your going to... (Voice in Aaron's head)
I'm going to....... (Aaron)
Your going to what?!/! (Voice in Aaron's head)
I'm going to...... leave! Cause if I don't, I'm going to beat the snot out of him! (Aaron)

Megan are you still at the office?  (Aaron)
Yes, but I'm heading for the door now. (Megan)
Before you go, call Juanita and tell her I'm not going to make the interview.  (Aaron)
Aaron, I got you out of here in plenty of time. (Megan)
Yes,Yes, I know you did and I appreciate it.  (Aaron)
What happened? (Megan)
Nothing. (Aaron)

What am I supposed to tell her? (Megan)
I don't care. Make something up.  (Aaron)
This isn't very professional. Shes going to be pissed. (Megan)
I don't give a Rats............  (Aaron)
Aaron! (Megan)
Just tell her, something I saw made me sick.  (Aaron)


  1. Oh, no! Poor Aaron. He's upset. Here, let me cry two tears about it! Hahaha. Ahhhh, you really know how to make my day. I know eventually he'll go back to being supreme player #1, but for now, I'm so enjoying his downfall.

    That Janay. I sorta get why she's acting out and feeling scared, but she's not helping her situation at all. Fish or cut bait, I say. He's committed to you or not. Don't give a guy or gal more effort than they are worth.

    1. Looks like Nikki is leading the horse to the water lets hope she will drink and call Tariq.

  2. Aaron, Aaron, not so fun when the rabbit got the gun! Seeing a softer side of Janay makes her more likeable. But she is being passive aggressive at the moment by not speaking to him. She may as well tie a red ribbon around him and drop him off on Juanita door step! I agree with Muff, fish or cut bait girl.

    By the way, Janay is looking great these days! Love the portriats of herself hung around the house. Although the photo over the mantle looks like a real person. Any relation?

    1. Janay is looking good thats why he needs to call Tariq so he can see what he's been missing. The phot ove the mantle was cut from a Magazine.

  3. I think we are all basking in Aaron's misery. LOL! I noticed Tariq called Juanita, lady bug. Should I read anything into that?

    1. Hey Vanessa,
      Tariq calls Juanita Lady Bug whenever they are alone. That is his child hood nick name for her. Tara is the only person he would say that in front of.