Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello I See You!

Hello Beautiful. (Nana)
Mom, What are you doing here? (Marissa)
Well excuse me for missing my only daughter.  (Nana)

I'm sorry Mom. I missed you too. (Marissa)
Now, that's more like it. (Nana) 

Hello. (Nana)
Mom, this is Liam. Liam, this is my Mom. (Marissa)
It's nice to meet you Mrs. Latimore. (Liam)
Please, call me Nana everyone else does. (Nana)
Alright Nana. (Liam) 

I'm sorry the study session got cut short. (Marissa)
That's okay, I'll see you tomorrow. (Liam)
Alright, enjoy the rest of your night. (Marissa)

He's cute. (Nana)
Yea, if you like the tall, green eyed, light skinned type. (Marissa)
What does Trey think of him? (Nana)
I didn't ask. (Marissa)

Does this mean you and Trey aren't together anymore? (Nana)
I don't know what Trey and I are anymore. (Marissa)
Marissa? (Nana)
Mom........ please have a seat. (Marissa)

Whats going on? (Nana)
Trey and I broke up in October. (Marissa)
Why am I just hearing about this? (Nana)
Because, I'm a big girl and I wanted to handle it myself. (Marissa)

So you handled it by not coming home during any of your breaks? (Nana)
Trey came home, I just assumed he would tell you. (Marissa)
Trey isn't my child you are. (Nana)
I didn't want to talk about it then and I don't want to talk about it now! (Marissa)

Well, I guess you told me. (Nana)
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. (Marissa)
Yes you did, that's why you said it. (Nana)

Can we please change the subject? (Marissa)
To what? (Nana)
How's Juanita? (Marissa)
Not much better then you. (Nana)
What's wrong? (Marissa)
Well................ (Nana)

Why does Tariq have his shirt off? (Aaron talking to himself)

This is the last one Lady bug. (Tariq)
Thanks Tariq, we make a good team don't we? (Juanita)
We just ought to. We've been washing and drying dishes together for years. (Tariq)

Thanks for cooking breakfast. (Juanita)
You are very welcome. (Tariq)
Tariq? (Juanita)
Yes, Lady Bug. (Tariq)

Kiss me. (Juanita)

Why did you stop? (Juanita)
We shouldn't be kissing. (Tariq)
Why not? (Juanita)
UH, UH, Your going to be late for your doctor's appointment. (Tariq)
Are you serious? (Juanita)
Yes...... go get dressed we need to leave soon. (Tariq)

That man is so silly. (Juanita giggles to herself)

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! (Tariq)
Come on, you know it was more severe then that. (Aaron)
Aaron! (Tariq)

What the hell do you think you were doing? (Aaron)
Calm down. (Tariq)
I asked you to take her to the doctor's not give her a checkup. (Aaron)
 She was thanking me for breakfast. (Tariq)
 Was she thanking you or were you helping yourself to my woman? 
I would never force myself on her. (Tariq)
Really, then why were your lips wrapped around hers Romeo? (Aaron)
Wait a minute.....I know your two timing butt ain't questioning my intentions. (Tariq)

What I do behind closed doors is none of your business. Juanita is mine. (Aaron)
If you keep treating her the way you do she wont be. (Tariq)
Look, whatever plans you had concerning her, forget them.

It ain't going to happen. (Aaron)

I wouldn't be so confident if I were you. She kissed me Play Boy. (Tariq)
I wouldn't say that again if I were you Baldy. 
Whats the problem Aaron, afraid of a little competition? (Tariq)
Here's your shirt Shaft. Its time for you to go. (Aaron)
Fine, I'll just tell Juanita I'm leaving. 

I didn't say you could say goodbye. 
I said it was time for you to go, Camera man. (Aaron)
This ain't over. (Tariq)
You better hope it never starts! (Aaron)

What are you doing here? (Juanita)
I came to take you to the doctor's. (Aaron)
Thanks, but Tariq's here. (Juanita)
He just left. (Aaron)
Why, did something happen? (Juanita)
Nothing he can't handle. (Aaron)
That's strange. (Juanita)
Not really....Are you ready to go? (Aaron)

That's Deep...... is Juanita alright? (Marissa)
She's fine, she still doesn't remember being in a relationship with Aaron so he didn't confront her about the kiss. Tariq doesn't know which way to go. Aaron wont let him near Juanita and he doesn't know if or when he's going to tell Janay. (Nana)
Tariq should just tell Janay himself. 
He would if the kiss didn't mean something. But I think it did. 
What are you saying? (Marissa)
I think their feelings go way beyond friendship they've just been suppressing them. Juanita's head injury is going to make them make a decision one way or the other. 
That could turn into a disaster. (Marissa)
I know, but the only way to stop it is for Juanita to start remembering. 

Dang........ I ain't got nothing to say after all that. See yall next Monday!


  1. Best story ever! You sure know how to bring the drama. I don't how all this will work out, but it's freakin' interesting.

    1. I don't know how its going to work out either Muff. Personally I'm a little concerned.

  2. Great episode! Very realistic. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

    By the way, you can just buy a larger neck bob for Tariq's body and it will make it better. I don't have a specific place for you to look, but I'm sure they are available somewhere on ebay.

    1. Thanks Vanessa, I will look around for a new neck bob and see it that makes a difference

  3. Replies
    1. Was that a good AHHHH or a bad AHHHHHH? LOL

    2. Ahhh good, I simply love your story and i cant wait to see more ;)

  4. I see Aaron doesn't like when the shoe is on the other foot...He is not a very happy camper.

    1. Aaron doesn't like anything that he didn't master mind or that keeps him from being the center of attention

  5. Great episode! This is getting real juicy!

    1. I'm glad you thought it was great Georgia Girl. I sure didn't, It took some work to get those two in opposite corners.

  6. Cute! Looks like Tariq gotta a thang for Juanita!

    1. I'm with you AG Tariq has some explaining to do.

  7. A great episode, and oh my... I think Aaron actually handled things remarkably well, considering how he feels.

    I'm interested to see where this is heading... it seems like a storm is brewing!

    1. Oh my is right Heather and I agree Aaron handled himself very well especially since Aaron usually reacts first and thinks later. I wonder what made him approach with caution this time.

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  9. And the plot is THICK. Love the story line

    1. Thanks Becka and Welcome to my Blog.