Sunday, December 8, 2013

Are you okay?

Tara? (Justin)
Hmmm.  (Tara)

Are you okay?  (Justin)
Yes...... Did Justine wake you? (Tara)
No, I woke up looking for you.  (Justin)
Oh. (Tara)

Is the baby okay?  (Justin)
The baby's fine, I'm not sleepy. (Tara)
What do you want to do? (Justin)

 I want to snuggle. (Tara)
Snuggle?  (Justin)
Yes, I want to snuggle on the couch. (Tara)
Alright, I'll meet you in the living room with a blanket and pillow. (Justin)

 Five minutes later.............

What are you looking at?  (Justin)
My favorite picture of Tariq. (Tara)
Your going to miss him aren't you?  (Justin)
Yes, He's never been gone for a whole year before. (Tara)

You know you can fly out to see him whenever you want. (Justin)
Are you going to come with me? (Tara)
I will if you want me too.  (Justin)

We should give him a going away party? (Tara)
When is he leaving?  (Justin)
Just before Christmas. (Tara)
Wow, that soon.  (Justin)

We can do it. We'll just keep it small. (Tara)
Sounds like a plan. (Justin)
Do you think he would like that? (Tara)
I'm sure he will love it. (Justin)

Did you hear that? (Tara)
What?  (Justin)
I think Justine is moving around up there. (Tara)

 I'll go check.  (Justin)
I can go. (Tara)
Stay there, I'll be right back.  (Justin)

See there's Mommy. (Justin)
Mommy! (Justine)

What's the matter? (Tara)
 I thought you went away with Uncle Tariq! (Justine)
I can't go away without you pumpkin. (Tara)
You promise. (Justine)
I promise. (Tara)

Are you really okay? (Justin)
I'm fine. (Tara)
I love you. (Justin)
I love you too . (Tara)

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  1. Awww, such a cute little family! When is the baby due? BTW, I just love your dio/set designs. You do an awesome job! Can't wait until next week for the next installment.