Sunday, December 22, 2013

Time to go home

Juanita's flight information.

See Mommy, I told you I have plenty of time. (Juanita)
Child please its 12:14, that plane will be boarding before you know it.  (Barbara)
Don't say that I'm not ready to leave you. (Juanita)
We had a whole week baby.  (Barbara)
I know, I know. (Juanita)

I had a great time. Didn't you? (Barbara)
Yes. (Juanita)
Well hold your head up and act like it. (Barbara)
I love you Mommy.  (Juanita)
I love you too baby and Happy Birthday. (Barbara)
Happy birthday to you too Mommy. (Juanita)

Grace Grove airport two hours and 50 minutes later........................

Alright now where is Tariq?  Or is it Aaron again?
I can't wait to ask Tariq what that switch was all about.
(Juanita talking to herself)

Tariq, I'm at the airport. Did you forget about me?  (Juanita talking into her phone)
I'm right here Lady bug.  (Tariq)

I thought you forgot about me.  (Juanita)
I could never do that. Is this all your luggage?  (Tariq)
Yes.  (Juanita)
Let's get out of here then.  (Tariq)

This parking lot is packed.  (Juanita)
Yup. Busy in town too. (Tariq)
Did everyone come home for the holidays today?  (Juanita)
Sure seems that way.  (Tariq)

How's your Mom?  (Tariq)
Oh, Tariq you should have seen her! She doesn't look a day older then 30.  (Juanita)
Sounds like Florida agrees with her.  (Tariq)
It does, it really does.  (Juanita)
And the birthday cruise?  (Tariq)
Best double Birthday cruise I ever had, wait tell I show you the pictures..........  (Juanita)

Yes, I really do have pictures of me and my Mom celebrating our birthdays, with Juanita and Barbara aboard Carnival's Cruise boat Victory. I hope to have the pictures ready for a story next week. Here's a picture of Me and Mommy at Dinner this pic was taken on her Birthday December 17..........

Happy Birthday Mommy I love you!


  1. Aw...happy birthday ladies! You two look amazing!

  2. Great picture of you and your mommy!!! I hope you guys had a wonderful time on your cruise. Juanita and Barbie look great in their white and gold as well. I am a sucker for stories featuring family. Juanita looked really cute at the airport in her jeans, leather jacket and tank.

  3. Loved all the pictures! Especially the one of you and your mom. Happy belated birthday to your mom and Happy New Year to you and the whole family.

  4. Great Job! Love the whole video of the fight with Tariq & Aaron... this is getting ever increasingly interesting

  5. How cool is that you and your mom get to celebrate your birthdays together? :-) The best to both of you!