Monday, October 1, 2012

Were going to the Petting Zoo part 1

Does everyone have their seat belt on? (Nana)
Yes Nana. (KIDS)
Then lets go to the Zoo! (Nana)
Yeah!!!!!! (KIDS)

Did they see us pull out Amber? (Nana)
Yes Nana. All three cars are behind you. (Amber)

 Meanwhile at the Petting Zoo clinic............

Good Morning Ladies. (Forest Ranger Ty-Juan Hall)
GOOD MORNING RANGER T! (Janay and Barbara shout like school children)
HA HA, Very funny. (Ranger Ty-Juan)

Were you being funny Barb I wasn't? (Janay giggles)
No we weren't being funny.  I think we sounded just like the kids. (Barbara giggles)
Are you two going to tell me about my animals or are you just going to keep making fun of me? (Ranger Ty-Juan)

Outside of Studio It..............

TARA! I'm so glad I caught you. (Trichele)
What's up you want to go to the zoo too? Tara)
No, the Mayor is on the phone. (Trichele)
Tell him I'll call him tomorrow. (Tara)
I would but he says there's a problem with the Camp Out paper work. (Trichele)
OK I'll be right in,  Let me park. (Tara)

                                           Grace's Grove National Park

Ranger Ty-Juan Hall stands outside the Petting Zoo waiting for his guest.

Petting Zoo parking area. 

Alright, Does everyone remember who their partner and grown up is going to be today? (Nana)
YES NANA!! (Kids)

I can't wait to get inside. I'm ready to chase some chicken's. (Julian)
I want to feed the baby elephant. (Justine)

Good Morning Ranger Ty-Juan. (Nana)
Good Morning Nana. (Ranger Ty-Juan)
Are you ready for us? (Nana)
Sure am, I just need to talk to the the kids first. ( Ranger Ty-Juan)

Good Morning Everyone. I'm Forest Ranger Ty-Juan Hall, but you can call me Ranger T. (Ranger Ty-Juan)
I'm glad you all came to see us today and I was hoping you could do me a BIG favor. (Ranger Ty-Juan)
What is it Ranger T? (KIDS shout)
When you get inside can you PLEASE FEED THE ANIMALS?!?! ( Ranger Ty-Juan)
YESSSSSSSSS Weeeeee Can!!!!!! (KIDS shout)

Hey Uncle Tariq. (Justine)
Hi Munchkin,  Hi Julian, Stay right their let me take your picture.
Say Cheese! (Tariq)

Slow down Justine your going to run the baby birds over. (Justin)
I see them Daddy. (Justine)

Look Daddy!  That egg just hatched. (Justine)
Wow and she's your favorite color too. (Justin)
Can we take her home? (Justine)
I don't think Ranger T would like that. (Justin) 

That's alot of pigs. (Macy)
Yup, Are you going to feed one. (Lucas)
I will if you will. (Macy)
Let's just watch them first. Lucas)


TO BE CONTINUED.............................................


  1. Love, love, loved the zoo! Great job. Yes, Nana! I could just hear all the kids saying that. Hmmm, maybe Tara won't make it after all.

    1. Thanks Vanessa, but there is more so please come back next Monday. And no I don't think Tara is going to make it and thats a good thing.

  2. hello from Spain: I like the excursion to the zoo. It's a very exciting visit for children. You have a gorgeous car collection. Your collection is also vey cute children. A great entry. I can not stop looking at your entire collection of dolls. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta the kids are the best and I love my cars so I'm glad u like my sharing.

  3. Impressive natural photography. Nice storytelling here. This appears to be the making of a fun and happy outing. For those of us who are parents, brings back fun memories. Looking forward to the next episode.

    1. Thanks Dienerman I love my back yard as you can probably tell. I smile for days when I think of a reason to shoot a story outside.

  4. Wow really like the zoo you did a good job!!! I can not wait for the next episode to see if Tara makes it there.

    1. Thanks Elaine and Welcome to my blog. Tara isn't going to make it the Camp out is important to her.

  5. I loved the zoo scenes! The kids are adorable...nice collection!

    1. Thanks Veda but there is more couldn't show it all in one day didnt want to overwhelm everyone. I was just a clicking away when I shot this story. So please come back next Monday to see the rest of the kids day at the zoo.

  6. OMG! Very creative! I absolutely love this dio!! How long did it take you to create it? Did you make the fence? I wish I had privacy in my yard. My neighbors can see every move I make. Lol! I am on a corner lot going into the cul de sac, so NO privacy for me unless I put up a fence. Lol!

    P.S. Love your fleet of vehicles! And lot of children....all are adorable!

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl Im not sure about the overall time frame I would guess about three weeks to sort thru props on hand then shopping for any need additions. Building the fence took me one weekend that includes the fence around the whole thing as well as sectioning the animals and glueing the pictures. I love my yard we back up to the golf course so Im pretty Isolated unless my neighbor is standing on their deck but I dont care I still get down in the dirt. remember Im Living My doll Life (LOL)

  7. The effort you have put into this is amazing and I very much appreciate it. Really, it's wonderful. I don't even like kids and I was awww'ing all over the place.

    1. Thanks Muff, I love doing it and we owe it all to Vanessa. She is the one that convinced me to share my dios. I use to just sit back and make rooms to only wow myself and my family while watching what you all were doing via your blogs. Starting this blog and telling stories is so much more rewarding. Thanks for commenting and giving me a reason to be more creative.

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